Jean Marie Creton

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(Smuggler, spook, deep state operative?)
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Known forBelgium connected Gladio smuggler, 2004 Madrid train bombings smuggler.
A serial convicted weapon smuggler mentioned in a TV doc as mastermind between Dutch and Belgian Gladio divisions. Creton also was a supplier to the supposed perpetrators of the 2004 Madrid train bombings.

Jean Marie Creton became a person of interest when he was named as a convicted smuggler in the illegal weapons trade regarding the Belgian and Dutch parts of Operation Gladio. Creton allegedly "disappeared".

Gladio 1

Creton was prosecuted for international arms trafficking by the Brussels Criminal Court. Creton was mentioned in a TV doc by assassinated journalist Peter R. de Vries. The court in Brussels and de Vries reported that Creton led a group of 12 weapon smugglers, including police officers. Creton went missing before the trial and never has actually gone to prison, like similar convicted weapon smugglers.[1] Some of the individuals Creton was convicted with like Roger Schoep named in the court documents have matching DNA profiles with the attacks known as the Brabant Massacres.[2]

Gladio B

In 2007, although Belgian Federal Police was "unable" to find him, Creton was arrested again.[3] Creton appeared as smuggler in both the 2004 Madrid train bombings with his weapons being traced back used in that "terrorist attack" blamed on Al Qaeda. Creton is one of the first links between the Belgian Gladio division and the Spanish attack, effectively making him the sole arrested participant connecting Gladio 1 and Gladio B together.

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