Irving Kristol

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Person.png Irving Kristol   C-SPAN NNDB Powerbase Sourcewatch WikiquoteRdf-icon.png
(academic, Neoconservative)
Irving Kristol.jpg
Born 1920/01/22
Brooklyn, New York
Died September 18, 2009 (Age 89)
Falls Church, Virginia
Nationality American
Alma mater City College of New York
Religion Jew
Children William Kristol
Spouse Gertrude Himmelfarb
Member of Committee for the Free World
"The Godfather of Neoconservatism"

Irving Kristol was a central figure in he emergence of neoconservatism. Acording to Jacob Heilbrunn, "Neoconservatism was turned into an actual movement by Kristol and Norman Podhoretz. Even today, the neoconservative movement is best understood as an extended family based largely on the informal social networks patiently forged by these two patriarchs.[1]

Link with Jay Lovestone

Kristol was known at College as a 'Lovestonite' i.e. a follower of the CIA-linked ex-communist labour leader Jay Lovestone.[2] Lovestone strongly praised Kristol's March 1952 Commentary article'Civil Liberties', 1952—A Study in Confusion in a letter to the magazine.[3]



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