Iris Adams

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(COVID-19/Premature death, nurse)
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Nurse Iris Adams
BornIris Adams
28 September 1956
South Africa
Died18 September 2021 (Age 64)
South Africa
Cause of death
NationalitySouth African
The first nurse to have the COVID-19/Vaccine at the hospital she worked at. Months later she died from COVID days before retirement.

Iris Adams was a South African nurse who was employed at Karl Bremer Hospital in Cape Town during the COVID-event.[1]


Her nursing career started since on January 1978.

She started working at Karl Bremer Hospital on 1 May 1997.

She received the COVID-19/Vaccine in February 2021. She was the first nurse at the hospital to have it.[2]

She died of COVID-19 days before turning 65 and beginning her retirement.[3]