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Concept.png Integrity Initiative/Secrecy
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The Integrity Initiative is marked by an intense secrecy and suspicion

The Integrity Initiative is marked by an intense secrecy more suggestive of a covert operation or a deep state milieu that the public charity that it purports to be. For a multi-million pound operation, it had a low profile until its 2018 leak.


The headquarters of the organisation is officially a semi-derilict mill in Fife, Scotland. A UK MP[Who?] reports after visiting there that none of the locals were aware of the presence of the group. The operational HQ appears to be Two Temple Place, London.

Integrity Initiative handbook

Passages from the leaked Integrity Initiative handbook stresses that “No contact names should be mentioned (Chatham House rules) reference conversations and spoken word. Contact the report holders for more detailed information on individuals and encounters.” [1]

“* Chris Donnelly makes initial country introduction with nominated trusted 'coordinator' & relevant II team member/s (normally 2 members minimum per country)

  • II team member/s coordinate foundation workshop to connect members, formally introduce them to II aims, establish target programme for

research, dissemination and events. Members to sign code of conduct & non-disclosure Greg Rowett to start code of conduct doc to include basic info on passwords and etiquette with social media etc – final ok should be sought from James Wilson. Debate and decide preferred methods of communication.”
 (30 May 2018)  [2]


The "Maritime Battle Staff Information Warfare (IW) Study Day" official sensitive bears security classification "Official-Sensitive". One of the key points is “7. Security Classification/Chatham House Rule. The morning session in Fisher Hall will be an academic seminar at official-sensitive. In the afternoon there will be a further plenary session at official-sensitive in the Wells Room led by Mr Peter Mattis from the Jamestown Foundation and an invitation only session at a higher classification in the MBS Briefing Room led by Mr Olivier Weatherston from Wilton Park. Irrespective of classification, the whole conference will operate under the Chatham House rules.” [3] Use of Chatham House Rules appears to be common (possibly even universal?) for Integrity Initiative meetings.

“Implementing discernment and media literacy training prog. (using Skripal as a case-study). Activity: £90k Ben Robinson, Yusuf Desai, Greg Rowett (Tallinn University, Chester University) Teachers Unions?
 (30 May 2018)  [2]

“Monocle could let us hire a studio for a price, hire ‘actors or journalists’ for podcasts”
 (30 May 2018)  [2]

The leaked Integrity Initiative handbook revealed that they had budgeted “Social media training. Activity: £5k Chris Hernon and Charlie HattonJacky Sloane to film. [1]

Concept.png Integrity Initiative/Secrecy

The Secrecy of the Integrity Initiative indicates that it might be a deep state milieu. For a multi-million pound operation, it had a low profile until its 2018 leak.

Instructions on setting up 'clusters'

The Integrity Initiative hanbook includes the following advice which raises the question of why the need for secrecy before talking about "our programme"?

[1] The same document continues:




It also points out that the "Professional comprehensive country.. can be anonymous".

Integrity Initiative Handbook

The leaked Integrity Initiative handbook emphasises secrecy.


The meaning of "etiquette" is further clarified by the perfunctory "Code of Conduct" section:

Code of Conduct (Greg to commence with internet etiquette)
Anonymity of the team remains paramount. As our activity increases we will, no doubt, attract unwanted attention.”

 (30 May 2018)  [5]
Emphasis in original

It wanrs

Beware the friendly host who wants to book travel or accommodation on your behalf. Absolutely get their tips on where to stay but avoid getting into tricky scenarios and ensure you follow company guidelines and book everything yourself. If in doubt, ask advice from another team member.
 (30 May 2018)  [5]
Emphasis in original

and reminds readers that “No contact names should be mentioned (Chatham House rules) reference conversations and spoken word. Contact the report holders for more detailed information on individuals and encounters.” [4]


The Integrity Initiative's contract with Nico de Pedro defines his duties as being "to promote the interests of the Client", but nowhere specifies what these are. Article 2.3 requires that "You must comply with all and any of our work-place policies including those on social media, and information and communications systems." It also contains a confidentiality agreement. Their contract with the University of Macedonia Research Institute of Applied Social and Economic Studies specified that "Neither Party will use, copy, adapt, alter or part with possession of any information of the other which is disclosed or otherwise comes into its possession under or in relation to this Agreement and which is of a confidential nature. "[6]


An example

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Integrity Initiative/Cluster


Related Quotations

Integrity Initiative/Leak/7“Active Measures are currently and continuously in use by Russia across what they see as a single global theatre of operations. These Measures are designed to alter population perception to create an artificial reality that benefits Russia. This includes influence at many levels through existing societal frameworks and by undermining the rules of international governance...

[Proposal of activities about purported Russian influence continues, to be staff by two experts and have a "proposed £100,00<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a> budget".]

[The advice concludes:]

This project is best undertaken outside direct government control to minimise the inevitable accusation of being part of an orchestrated state-sponsored active measure. Using the IfS extensive and trusted network, including its existing Integrity Initiative, can keep the project somewhat under the radar while still accessing state and non-state actors that may not be so open with central government approaches in this area.”
Unknown14 October 2018
Integrity Initiative/Leak/7“* Ability to handle sensitive information, an awareness of acting on behalf of HMG and acting accordingly, and be party to strict non-disclosure agreement;”Unknown14 October 2018


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