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Group.png Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Inner Core
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Parent organizationIntegrity Initiative/Cluster/UK
Membership• Duncan Allen
• Anne Applebaum
• Vladimir Ashurkov
• Chris Bell
• Jeremy Blackham
• Ian Bond
• Adrian Bradshaw
• William Browder
• Neil Logan Brown
• Catherine Crozier
• Ahmed Dassu
• Charles Dick
• Rob Dover
• David Fields
• Drew Foxall
• Keir Giles
• Euan Grant
• Joe Green
• Robert Hall
• Giles Harris
• Charlie Hornick
• Nina Jancowicz
• Paul Kitching
• Vadim Kleiner
• Kadri Liik
• Bobo Lo
• John Lough
• Ed Lucas
• Mungo Melvin
• Ben Nimmo
• James Nixey
• Craig Oliphant
• Alan Parfitt
• Andy Pryce
• Arron Rahaman
• David Ryall
• Rob Sandford
• Andrew Sharpe
• James Sherr
• Richard Slack
• Nick Smith
• Igor Sutyagin
• Joanna Szostek
• Nick Washer
• Andrew Wood
The Integrity Initiative's UK Inner Core Cluster

Not to be confused with the Outer core.

The Inner Core Cluster of the Integrity Initiative was leaked in the first Integrity Initiative Leak.

UK Deep state precedent

The Anglo-American Establishment.jpg

The name "inner core" is reminiscent of Carroll Quigley's description of the Milner Group, an earlier incarnation of the UK deep state. His posthumously published study of The Anglo-American Establishment structured the group into three concentric rings with the "Society of the Elect" at the center, followed by the "Inner Circle" and then the "Outer Circle".

Selected Examples

Several Inner Core Cluster members have senior positions in groups believed to lie close to the heart of the UK Deep state such as NATO, Chatham House and RUSI.