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A document from the 4th Integrity Initiative leak illustrates the relationships between Government, NGO & academia in the Lithuanian Cluster
Founder• Tomas Tauginas
• Integrity Initiative
Membership• Audrius Butkevičius?
• Eityvdas Barajunas
• Tomas Tauginas
• Vytautas Jonas Žukas?
The Integrity Initiative's Lithuania Cluster

The Lithuania Cluster of the Integrity Initiative was mentioned in the fourth Integrity Initiative Leak.[1][2]


Tomas Tauginas, a Lithuanian, was coordinator of the Baltics Cluster. The above membership is unproven.


Related Quotation

Tim Sweijs“In Lithuania, they've now switched to developing 'alternative narratives that the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence is developing together with the ministries of education and culture. If I ask Raimundas Karoblis if that isn't a form of utilizing propaganda, he answers resolute but semantically: 'It's about an alternative narrative'.”Tim Sweijs29 November 2017


Known member

1 of the 4 of the members already have pages here:

Tomas TauginasLithuanian soldier and member of the Institute for Statecraft


Related Document

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Progress report on establishing national clustersWikispooks Page2 November 2018A report on building of a network of cells to monitor and influence public opinion


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