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InfraGard is a non-profit, public-private partnership between the FBI and private businesses. The organization is an information/intelligence sharing and analysis effort serving the interests, and combining the knowledge base of, a wide range of private sector and government members; among them academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies.


The InfraGard program traces its formation back to 1996 when the FBI’s Cleveland Field Office engaged experts from private industry to provide expertise for a cybersecurity investigation. The collaboration was so successful that the program quickly expanded to other Field Offices, leading the FBI to assign national program responsibility for InfraGard to FBI Headquarters in Washington DC and local program responsibility to the FBI’s 56 field offices. In 2003, InfraGard’s private sector members officially incorporated InfraGard National as nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that retains its affiliation and partnership with the FBI.[1]


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Analysis by InfraGard in 2019 has pointed out that America’s “anti-vaxxer movement” would pose a threat to national security in the event of a “pandemic with a novel organism” and warned the US anti-vaccine movement would also be connected with “social media misinformation and propaganda campaigns” orchestrated by the Russian government.[2][3]


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