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A Group Headquartered HereDescription
European Council on Foreign RelationsShares members with the Integrity Initiative's Spanish Cluster


Citizens of German on Wikispooks

Hannes Adomeit1942
Peter Ammon23 February 1952
Jörg Asmussen31 October 1966
Franz Josef Bach4 February 19173 August 2001A leading German member of the Cercle, who organised the 1982 meeting in Wildbad Kreuth.
Martin Bangemann15 November 1934
Rainer Barzel20 June 192426 August 2006
Hennecke Graf von Bassowitz27 January 1935
Werner Baumann3 October 1962
Theodor Benzinger23 August 190526 October 1999
Fritz Berg
Christoph Bertram3 September 1937
Kurt Biedenkopf
Gottfried von Bismarck19 September 196230 June 2007
Hans-Heinrich Herwarth von Bittenfeld
Hans-Henning Blomeyer
Eberhard Blum28 April 19199 July 2003Former BND chief
Hans-Christian Boos
Martin Bormann17 June 19002 May 1945A prominent official in Hitler's government with control over assets plundered by the Nazis.
Max Brauer3 September 18872 February 1973
Thomas Buberl24 March 1973
Hubert Burda9 February 1940
Karl Carstens14 December 191430 May 1992
Ulrich Cartellieri21 September 1937
Bernhard Dahm30 August 1932
Herta Daubler-Gmelin12 August 1943
Heinrich Deist19028 March 1964
Günther F. W. Dicke
Klaus von Dohnányi23 June 1928
Hans-Lothar Domröse28 December 1952
Marion Grafin Donhoff2 December 190911 March 2002Spooky German journalist
Kim Dotcom21 January 1974
Wilhelm Drexelius31 July 190622 March 1974
Gerry Droller19051992
Felix von Eckardt18 June 190311 May 1979
Khalid El-Masri29 June 1963Kidnapped for months by the CIA after a case of mistaken identity. His lawsuit was dismissed on grounds of "national security"
Otmar Emminger2 March 19113 August 1986
Tom Enders21 December 1958
Frederick Engels28 November 18205 August 1895
Joschka Fischer12 April 1948
Franz Froschmaier29 July 19308 January 2013
Hansjörg Geiger1 November 1942Former BND chief
Horst Gerlach19191990
Herbert Giersch11 May 192122 July 2010
Peter Glotz6 March 193925 August 2005
Marcus Goldman9 December 182120 July 1904
Herbert Gross
Johannes Großmann1981A historian interested in deep politics.
Richard Gutjahr1973A spookily prescient journalist who just happened to be situated twice in two weeks to shoot video of "terrorist" attacks.
Walter Hallstein17 November 190129 March 1982
August Hanning16 February 1946Former BND chief
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Documents originally in German

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Andreas von Buelow - Interviewinterview9-1113 January 2002Andreas von BülowFormer German Cabinet Minister Attacks Official Brainwashing On 9-11. Instead of Bin Laden, he suggests that Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington were more likely involved.
Document:Niklaus Pfluger letter to Bishop WilliamsonletterNovus Ordo27 December 2010Michael Hoffman
Niklaus Pfluger
A faux-humble example of self-important arrogance in a 'man of God'. A letter from a Catholic priest to his Bishop with an introduction by Michael Hoffman
Document:Rudolf Elmer files against Swiss banking secrecy at ECHRlegal documentBanking14 May 2008Rudolf Elmer
File:Truth for Germany.pdfeBookWorld War II
Historical revision
1965Udo WalendyScholarly questioning of the official (victor's) narrative of World War II as "The Peoples' War" or "The Good War". A narrative that is quintessentially ideological in laying blame for the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in history to date on Germany alone. The book, together with his subsequent publishing activities in the field of historical revision have earned this meek and self-effacing man one term of imprisonment and several other convictions in 'Freedom-loving' Germany.