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Group.png Franco-British Colloque Companies House PowerbaseRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
FounderLord Simon
InterestsFrance, UK
Membership• Pierre-André de Chalendar
• Adair Turner
• David Simon
• Janet Helen O'Hara
• Sadiq Khan
• Peter Mandelson
• Amber Rudd
• George Osborne
• Gordon Brown
• Thierry Breton
• Simon McDonald
• Simon McDonald
• Vincent de Rivaz
• Frank Petitgas
• John Scarlett
• Richard Lambert (editor)
• Rushanara Ali
• Anatole Kaletsky
• Wendy Alexander
• David Willetts
• Paddy Ashdown
• Yvette Cooper
• Jesse Norman
• Jo Johnson
• Charles Roxburgh
• Olivier Cadic
• Philip Stephens
• Michael Gove

The Franco-British Colloque is an elite networking event very much like the British-American Project, Konigswinter or Bilderberg. Big business sponsor promising politicians, intelligence leaders and top bureaucrats to a get-together in a luxury hotel.


The Franco-British Colloque was founded by BP boss Lord Simon in the 1990s, and has always been corporate-sponsored. The conference committee invite 50 British and 50 French “delegates” to come debate the big issues. Like Bilderberg, this is where corporate Establishment grandees invite younger political faces.

The Colloque typically has two “chairs” who help organise the event, one British, one French. The British chair per 2017 is Lord Adair Turner,the French chair is Pierre-André de Chalendar, boss of French construction giant St Gobain.

Labour MP Sadiq Khan gives the following account of the meeting on 19 January 2006:

I also attended a Franco-British Colloque with leading French and British Politicians, Business people, academics and professionals. Speakers included George Osborne, the Chancellor Gordon Brown, the French Economic, Finance and Industry Minister Thierry Breton and Adair Turner (Chair of the Pensions Commission). Topics covered included "Europe beyond the constitutional debacle", "Islam; integration or alienation", "China and India; economic threat or opportunity for Europe" and "Energy; between security and environment". It was a fascinating conference with plenty of food for thought for both countries. [1]

Peter Mandelson notes:

I have participated for many years on a regular basis in the annual Anglo-German Konigswinter Conference, the Franco-British Colloque, the UK-Spanish Tertulias, the UK-Italian Pontignano and other similar events. I have spoken at numerous Conferences on the future of Europe. For example in the last twelve months, I participated in the Bertelsmann International Forum in Berlin, gave the Den Uyl Lecture in Amsterdam and spoke in Warsaw, Budapest, Madrid and Paris.[2]

Not in Wikipedia, not much online presence

As usual with these kinds of conferences, there is no Wikipedia mention of it, and barely any material found on Google or in the press.

2017 conference

The 2017 conference was sponsored by 4 companies, including EDF Energy and the bank Morgan Stanley.

The British attendees from 2017 include two ministers from the Department of Business, Energy Minister Jesse Norman and Universities Minister Jo Johnson, Charles Roxburgh, the second permanent secretary at the Treasury, three top Foreign Office (FCO) officials — Sir Simon McDonald (FCO permanent under secretary), Angus Lapsley (UK Ambassador to EU Political and Security Committee) and Lord Llewellyn (ambassador to France), Simon Stevens — chief executive of NHS England, Labour MPs Yvette Cooper and Rushanara Ali, Tory MPs Dominic Grieve and George Osborne (who was still an MP then); SNP MPs Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh and Joana Cherry and independent (ex-Ukip) MP Douglas Carswell[3].

The 2017 business attendees included EDF boss Vincent de Rivaz, Morgan Stanley investment boss Frank Petitgas and former MI6 boss Sir John Scarlett, who is now a Morgan Stanley adviser.

Douglas Flint, chairman of HS BC, and [c]], CEO of Credit Suisse, also attended the 2017 event.

There was also a “special session” addressed by Home Secretary Amber Rudd and De Chalendar on “Progress in tackling climate change following the Paris climate change.” Ministers’ trips are registered at their department, but (as with Jesse Norman) there is no official record of Amber Rudd’s attendance.




Known Participants

19 of the 27 of the participants already have pages here:

Paddy AshdownChatham House President for 10 years. MI6 operative and UK politician
Thierry BretonFrench politician, WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1998
Gordon BrownUK deep state functionary. Prime Minister from 2007-2010. WHO ambassador for Global Health Financing from 2021
Pierre-André de ChalendarDouble Bilderberg French businessman.
Yvette CooperChair of the Home Affairs Select Committee
Michael GoveMinister for Intergovernmental Relations and Secretary of State in Boris Johnson's government. Reappointed by Rishi Sunak
Jo JohnsonYounger brother of Boris Johnson, Bullingdon and other deep state connections
Anatole KaletskyBilderberg economist journalist
Sadiq Khan
Richard Lambert (editor)Fettes College, Balliol, on the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England
Peter MandelsonSupranational deep state operative. Bilderberg, TLC, Ditchley etc.
Simon McDonaldUK Permanent Under-Secretary at the Foreign Office and Head of the Diplomatic Service 2015-2020.
George OsborneSuspected UK deep politician, heavy Bilderberg habit,
Amber RuddBritish Conservative Party politician. Opponent of Brexit.
John Scarlett
David Simon
Philip StephensWell-connected British editor
Adair TurnerFront man for George Soros-initiatives.
David Willetts