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Employment.png France/Minister of Culture and Communications 
(Minister of Culture,  Minister of Communications)

Responsible for culture policy and media

Since 1986, and with the exception of the period 1993-1995, the Ministry of Culture has always been also responsible for Communication, that is to say for the government's policy towards the media (press, audiovisual and, partly internet). For the exercise of these powers, the Minister has the General Directorate of Media and Cultural Industries at his/her disposal. "Communications" is not always part of the ministerial title.

Own words

The mission of the Ministry of Culture and Communication is to make accessible to as many people as possible the major works of humanity, and first of all, of France. In this capacity, the Ministry develops cultural policy directed at the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage in all its aspects, and supports the creation of works of art, and the development of artistic practices.[1]

It oversees the activity of cultural industries. It contributes to the development of new broadcasting technologies and the creation of cultural heritage.


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