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Publication.png Forged 2022 Rand report
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Publication date2022
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A forged paper paper allegedly produced by the Rand corporation.

A document that was alleged to be a report from the Rand corporation, dating January 2022, was distributed on alternative media in September 2022.[1][2] The report, that was said to have been circling among Washington decision makers, detailed the "weakening of Germany" as an undeclared/inofficial US policy. This document was also widely discussed in German alternative media.[3][4]

Both the layout and the wording of the document was distinctly different from other reports that are freely available on their website. The forged Rand report was brazen in assessing internal U.S. two party politics, something RAND would steer clear of. The creation and dissemination of that document is most likely part of an influence operation.

Rand issued press release stating it was a fake document.[5]

Forged Rand report 2022-1.jpg

Wolfowitz Doctrine

The document, with it's focus on the German economy, follows the thought of aspects of the No Rivals Plan, better known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine.

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