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Flag of Finland.svg
Capital cityHelsinki
LocationScandinavia, Europe
LeaderPresident of Finland
Sauli Niinistö Senate of Poland 2015.JPG
Incumbent: Sauli Niinistö
Since 1 March 2012
Typenation state
Member ofOECD
SubpageFinland/Ambassador to the US
Finland/Minister of Finance

Finland is a nation state in Scandinavia.

"National Security"

The Finnish Police have stated that warrants are not needed for searches in cases of "national security".[1]

Nuclear Waste

The citizens of Finland voted to dispose of all their country's nuclear waste within the borders of Finland, not to export the problem elsewhere. As of 2010, only Finland had begun construction of a permanent storage facility for disposal of nuclear waste (at Onkalo); other countries had only temporary storage.[2]

Basic income experiment

Finland basic income preliminary results 2019.png


Ambassadors to Finland

Nation stateStartDescription
Ambassador to Finland
UK/Ambassador to Finland
US/Ambassador to Finland19 March 1920





Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered Here
University of Jyväskylä


Citizens of Finland on Wikispooks

Krister Ahlstrom29 August 1940
Esko Aho20 May 1954
Martti Ahtisaari23 June 1937
Matti Apunen20 August 1960
Anne-Catherine Berner16 January 1964
Antti Blåfield22 June 1953
Kim Dotcom21 January 1974
Georg Ehrnrooth27 July 192617 October 2010
Ralph Enckell
Aatos Erkko16 September 19325 May 2012Finnish multi millionaire publisher
Dodi Fayed15 April 195531 August 1997
Laura Halminen
Jukka Harmaja
Olli-Pekka Heinonen
Eero Heinäluoma4 July 1955
Antti Herlin14 November 1956
Seppo Honkapohja
Tankmar Horn16 August 1924
Jaako Ihamuotila
Jaakko Iloniemi30 May 1932
Mirja Jarimo-Lehtinen
Jacob von Julin
Kari Kairamo31 December 193211 December 1988A Finnish businessman who reportedly hung himself, something his company, Nokia initially lied about.
Olli Kivinen
Jarl Kohler
Sixten Korkman
Johannes Koroma
Mirja Lehtinen
Sakari Lehto
Paula Lehtomaki29 November 1972
Elina Lepomäki23 October 1981
Erkki Liikanen19 September 1950
Paavo Lipponen23 April 1941
Björn Mattsson
Sauli Niinistö24 August 1948
Jorma Ollila15 August 1950
Tuomo PietiläinenA Finnish journalist who has been subject to police raids after his exposure of corruption.
Hanna Rajalahti
Reino Rossi19191985
Alpo Rusi
Martin Scheinin4 November 1954
Risto Siilasmaa17 April 1966Finnish Bilderberger and Nokia chairman
Kalevi Sorsa21 December 193016 January 2004
Ulf Sundqvist
Ilkka Suominen8 April 1939
Christoffer Taxell14 February 1948
Teija Tiilikainen
Mika Tiivola
Jutta Urpilainen4 August 1975
Pentti Vartia12 July 1943
... further results