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Below moved from Main file page information

by --Peter P 11:56, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

29 December 2010. User Infobee says:

I have seen this document and am confident that this is the handiwork of certain persons with malicious interest. These are Persons with no respect for the judicial system and are misusing sections of the press and internet to malign the SP Mandali trust that runs over 40 reputed educational institutions in Maharashtra. These persons with malafied intent are keen to specifically target individuals who have contributed to the growth of the trust and it’s Institutes by circulating incorrect and/or part information to defame the Trust, its institutes and its office bearers.

A “Confidential” document of the AICTE dated February 12, 2010 based on an enquiry into “allegations” made against the S P Mandali and the L N Welingkar Institute of Management, is being circulated among sections of the press and on the internet to create a doubt and distrust about the Trust and its members. The persons who have leaked this report intended to discredit and harm the reputation built over a century, and conveniently disregard the fact that there is PIL in the High court on the same subject. IT is common knowledge that discussing/sharing of any content/details related to subjudice matter in public is a clear violation of law.

Who is behind the malicious campaign targeting SP Mandali and its office bearers?

The fact of the matter is:

In November 2009, Mr. Baburao Jambulkar filed a complaint with the AICTE for an enquiry, in connection with the approval of Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe as Director, an appointment that was made in the year 2000, (over 9 and half years after his appointment!). This particular document being circulated in the media is actually the report that was submitted on the basis of the said complaint.

Whereas the leading national daily, The Times of India on 29 March 2008 carried a report titled: Only two Directors of management Colleges have Varsity nod. The article quotes a response provided by the University of Mumbai in the Senate which mentions that merely 2 of the 36 directors of Mumbai management colleges including Dr. Uday Salunkhe of Welingkar Institute were approved by the University.

Now, despite the matter being subjudice, anonymous uploads, emails, letters etc related to the matter are being freely circulated to media and on the internet. Is this not contempt of court?

The question is why someone wants to disrepute Dr. Salunkhe, even after the University reporting him as approved Director. It is left to the reader’s discretion to read between the lines on the motivation for such selective attention on Welingkar Institute when there are over 400 Management Institutes.

It is evident that the people who have acted thus are sure that their allegations do not hold any water and hence are trying all possible means to create sensationalism and defamation through media.

For those uninitiated and/or interested to know more, here are some facts,

  • University of Mumbai in its letter dated September 22,2009, had clearly approved the appointment of Dr. Salunkhe as Director and in its letter dated June 25, 2010 has reiterated that the “appointment of Dr. Salunkhe as Director of the Institute stands approved” and no irregularities are found for appointment of Director of Prin. L.N.Welingkar Institute of Management Studies, Matunga, Mumbai – 400019.
  • The letter also mentions that the University has filed affidavit in the matter and the same is now pending with the Court (thereby subjudice)
  • It would therefore be appreciated if all members of press and public would disregard the slander that is being indulged in this case and wait for the judicial outcome.