Felix Rodriguez

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Felix Rodriguez in the Operation 40 photo
Havana, Cuba
Member ofOperation 40

Felix Rodriguez was a vice cop in Havana during Batista's Mob-run regime. He joined Operation 40.

JFK Assassination

In a 1994 letter, Bradley E. Ayers claimed that Felix Rodriguez was one of 9 people based at JM/WAVE had "intimate operational knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the assassination" of John F. Kennedy. The others were Gordon Campbell, Edward Roderick, Grayston Lynch, Theodore Shackley, Thomas Clines, David Morales, Rip Robertson and Tony Sforza.[1]

CIA Drug Trafficking

In 1970 Felix Rodriguez joined Air America.[2]


Full article: “Iran-Contra”

Felix Rodriguez was an Iran Contra operative who under the alias of 'Mr. Gomez' "ran the Mexican portion of the Iran-Contra guns and drug running operation."[3] He was a close confidant of George H. W. Bush[4], who may have directed the Iran-Contra operation.