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Concept.png Expropriation 
(legal concept,  theft)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png

See also: Civil asset forfeiture

Expropriation is the seizure of private property by a public agency for a purpose deemed to be in the public interest. Unlike civil asset forfeiture, the government does not usually require the fig leaf of a suspicion illegally gained goods. With emergency laws introduced during Covid, many governments gave themselves the right to unlimited expropriation of houses and other property under the guise of public health, with no compensation.[citation needed]

Settling refugees

In 2022, the Dutch government government reactivated the 1952 Population Relocation Act. This law gives the government the power to order a relocation of the population when a disaster has occurred or is imminent within a certain area. The government now defines the influx of a large number of refugees from Ukraine as an "extraordinary circumstance" where expropriation is possible[1].


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