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The documentation concerning Dinkin was released on April 2018 (or 1998?).{{cn}}
The documentation concerning Dinkin was released in 1998.{{cn}}

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Person.png Eugene DinkinRdf-icon.png
(spook, whistleblower)
Eugene Dinkin.jpg
Born 10 Jun 1938
Died 21 May 2012 (Age 73)
Nationality US
A spook who intercepted a communication about the JFK assassination

Eugene B. Dinkin was a cryptographic code operator stationed in Metz, France in Autumn of 1963 when he deciphered messages concerning the upcoming assassination of JFK. When he tried to share this information he was locked up in a psychiatric ward.

JFK Assassination

Full article: JFK Assassination

Three weeks before the assassination, Private First Class Dinkin was station in Metz, France. He intercepted and decoded two messages concerning a planned assassination of JFK, one in mid October, one on 2nd November 1963.[1] The messages contained three names connected to the assassination conspiracy: William Harvey, Jean Souetre, and Guy Banister.[2] Harvey was then stationed in Rome, Italy. Long-time CIA operative Gerry Patrick Hemming, through his association with Cuban exile groups, was privy to rumors of a super-secret assassination team based in the Florida Keys under ultimate direction from William Harvey. Jean Souetre was a French paramilitary operative with the French security service SDECE, who traveled to Washington DC to meet with James Jesus Angleton, officially for co-ordinating counterintelligence operations, and ended up in Dallas on November 22. Banister was a CIA contract operative based in New Orleans, mainly concerned with surveillance but also speculated to be a bag man for covert operations.


Dinkin was arrested when he shared his information and confined at the Walter Reed Army Hospital through the first half of 1964. He was not consulted by the Warren Commission. The Army psychiatrist declared him to be psychotic and paranoid.[3]


The documentation concerning Dinkin was released in 1998.[citation needed]


Related Document

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:CIA OUT Teletype No. 85770memo29 November 1963John WhittenA memo about the foreknowledge of the JFK Assassination evinced by Eugene Dinkin.


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