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Born2 August 1908
Genoa, Italy
Died25 August 1994 (Age 86)
Children • Marina Gazzo
• Lidia Gazzo
SpouseMaria Ferrero
InterestsSpinelli Group
Italian journalist who was involved involved the European Federalist movement. His national affiliation is written as "international" in the 1971 Bilderberg report.

Emanuele Gazzo's national affiliation is written as "international" in the 1971 Bilderberg report. He was leader of the press agency Agence Europe in Brussels, which covers EU matters and heavily promotes European federalism[1].

He was one of the founders of the Spinelli Group.[2]


Emanuele Gazzo

Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1908. Married Maria Ferrero in 1942 -two daughters

Studied in Genoa and graduated in economics in 1931 with a liberal-inspired thesis on maritime protectionism which was firmly opposed to the political ideas of the government of the day. At the same time took an interest in international economic problems and in Italian and foreign literature. Wrote for literary magazines and translated or wrote articles about foreign writers and poets. Became involved in publishing (cultural works and works by avant-garde poets).

Naval officer during the war. In 1943 joined the resistance (CLN-Ligurian Resistance Movement), working as an information officer and writing for the (liberal) clandestine press.

Professional journalist since 1945, specializing in economic matters generally and in Europe in particular. Member of the federalist movement. Departmental editor and contributor to several daily newspapers and magazines. Editor and correspondent for the Italian ANSA press agency.

In 1953 helped set up Agence Europe in Luxembourg, and has headed it ever since. He also set up and runs "Nouvelles Atlantiques". Since 1 January 1980 he has been editorialist and Chairman of the Board of these publications. He makes regular contributions to several daily newspapers and magazines in Europe and the United States and has spoken at several international symposia and conferences.

European Journalist prize in 1970, Gold medal of the European Foundation of Merit 1973, Prix Joseph Bech awarded by the President of the Luxembourg Government in 1980.

Member of the Accademia Nazionale di Marina Mercantile, the Accademia Ligure di Scienze e Lettere, and the Boards of the Jean Monnet Foundation, the Atlantic Visitors Association and the American Common Market Club.


Grande Ufficiale al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, Commandeur de l'Ordre du Merite of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


  • "Protezionismo marittimo" 1953
  • "Cinquant'anni dell Eridania" 1949
  • "Un secolo di Storicr", l'Ansaldo, 1953
  • Co-author of "L'Europe avec un Grand E", Laffon 1973[3]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/197123 April 197125 April 1971US
Woodstock Inn
The 20th Bilderberg, 89 guests