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Employment.png Eire/Minister/Industry and Commerce
(Minister for Industry,  Minister for Commerce)

Irish Minister for Industry and Commerce

Beef industry inquiry

In 1991 a Tribunal of Inquiry into the Beef Industry was established to investigate tax evasion, malpractice and regulatory weaknesses in Ireland’s beef industry. Part of the tribunal also involved looking into the 'unhealthy' relationship between Taoiseach Charlie Haughey and leading beef magnate, Larry Goodman.

The government were accused, by Labour TD Pat Rabbitte, of providing export insurance to him in respect of his sale of beef in Iraq and in effect, giving him favourable treatment.

When the results of the tribunal were published it uncovered many serious malpractices in the industry. The report also cleared the taoiseach of any wrongdoing and stated; “There is no evidence to suggest that either the Taoiseach at the time or the Minister for Industry and Commerce at the time was personally close to Mr. Goodman or that Mr. Goodman had any political associations with either of them or the party that they represented.[1]


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