Eeben Barlow

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Lt-Col Eeben Barlow, senior in CCB and founder of EO

Lt-Col Eeben Barlow was Europe Director of the South African Civil Co-operation Bureau and founder of the mercenary firm Executive Outcomes.

Civil Co-operation Bureau

While in the CCB, Barlow, who is recognisable by his one green and one blue eye, was assigned to Western Europe. There he was in charge of spreading disinformation against Nelson Mandela's African National Congress (ANC), for example, releasing propaganda in England that the ANC was working with IRA terrorists. He was also responsible for setting up front corporations to evade sanctions and sell South African weapons abroad. During this time, Barlow is suspected to have made many of his corporate world contacts that would later prove useful for EO.[1]

Lockerbie bombing

Eeben Barlow has been accused of carrying out the Lockerbie bombing on the orders of the South African State Security Council under the direction of Craig Williamson. [2]



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