Drug overdose

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Concept.png Drug overdose 
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A drug overdose is the taking of an excess of drugs with damaging, often fatal consequences.


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In USA, fatal drug overdoses, particularly by opioid pain killers, is an increasingly common cause of death. In 2015, over 33,000 people in USA died of an opioid overdose, more than any earlier year.[1] This trend has continued.

Clandestine assassinations

Lack of evidence as to peoples intent when taking drugs, and the possibile clandestine (or posthumous) administration of drugs allow fatal drug overdoses to be used to mask assassinations.


Drug overdose victims on Wikispooks

Troy BonerA child victim of the Franklin child prostitution ring who testified to Gary Caridori. Found dead of a drugs overdose.
Diana ChurchillDaughter of Winston Churchill, died of a drug overdose
Corey HaimCanadian actor who died of an "accidental drug overdose" after making accusations relating to Hollywood/VIPaedophile.
Jimi HendrixA guitarist and singer who died of a drug overdose.
Lisa HowardActress and journalist who worried the US deep state
Bruce IvinsA biodefense researcher at Fort Detrick, Maryland who, the FBI concluded, sent anthrax letters with crude anti-Zionist messages to the US politicians who were holding up the rollback of civil liberties in the wake of 9/11. After an investigation costing around $100,000,000 Ivins was declared to be a "lone nut" responsible for the crime shortly after he was found dead.
Natacha JaittAssassinated model who became a whistleblower for child sex abuse by Argentina's elite class
Dorothy KilgallenA famous journalist who became interested in the JFK assassination and who died in suspicious circumstances of a drug overdose
Adrian LamoAmerican hacker who committed "suicide" in 2018.
Marilyn MonroePopular US entertainer who reportedly died of an accidental drug overdose aged 36.