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some twitter reactions on the Skripal Case, half from known Integrity Initiative members

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png file of unspecified type of unknown authorship dated 21 March 2018
Subjects: Skripal Affair
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/3
Source: 'Anonymous' (Link)

The nesting of some of these tweets is not clear. I.e Tom Wright it commenting on a JC Junker tweet etc,

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Roundup 21.3.18

  • Russians continue to throw out various, contradictory theories
  • Feeling that the West’s response has been weak, which will encourage Putin to push on
  • Lot of comment about how the West needs to kick out dirty Russian money
  • Some momentum for World Cup boycott

The “Let them talk” (Пусть говорят) programme on Russian Pervy Kanal is normally devoted to scandals and sob stories. Last night it featured various experts discussing Skripal. Of course they blamed everybody else and contradicted themselves (‘Novichok never existed’ ‘Novichok definitely existed but....’). Something which was new to me though was an attempt to link Skripal’s, Yushchenko’s and Litvinenko’s poisonings to Porton Down.

 Glasnost Gone @GlasnostGone Re #MH17 & now #Skripal attack. Welcome to Russia's distraction propaganda. Moscow suggested Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic & Britain were most likely source of 'Novichok' nerve agent. Now Russia's ambassador to Sweden said it was "just a guess." Via
 Tom Parfitt @parfitt_tom RIA Novosti has now changed the text of the article to say the "toxic system" Rink helped develop was not actually called novichok, but received that name in the West. Some silly sleight of hand with terminology going on here, it seems...
 Dmitry Zaks @dmitryzaksAFP Ria Novosti 'corrects' its interview with the Soviet-era chemist who helped develop Novichok. He now says that the nerve agent he himself was creating was not called Novichok but something else. But otherwise, the interview was about Novichok... 
 C Stelzenmüller @ConStelz Interesting you should say that, RT RT@RT_com 
 Toxic nothingburger: Cambridge Analytica exposé is dangerous political attack posing as journalism
 Jeremy Corbyn is cynically cherry-picking information in the Sergei Skripal case to further his own beliefs
 Jakub Janda @_JakubJanda The Next Russian Attack Will Be Far Worse than Bots and Trolls Https://
 Dan Kaszeta @DanKaszeta The "Skripal would have been dead instantly" idea is bunk. Am reading accounts of guys literally drenched in Sarin from Tokyo. Took them a while to die, and that'd be a much higher dose.
 Paul Goble @PaulGoble1 Moscow has ‘Long’ Tradition of Killing Traitors Abroad, Russian Military Information Agency Says Stop the War hypocrisy! It rightly protests #SaudiArabia slaughtering civilians in #Yemen but refuses to protest against #Assad slaughtering Syrians. Condemns UK & US backing for Saudi but not #Russia & #Iran aid to Assad @J_Bloodworth @sunny_hundal @bobfrombrockley @JeremyJHardy
 Dmitry Zaks @dmitryzaksAFP The diplomatic snub of Russia's World Cup gathers steam as four countries say they are either not sending officials in support of Britain's partial boycott or considering the move: @AFP
 X Soviet @XSovietNews Iceland's foreign minister says the country is considering a World Cup boycott in connection with the Skripal case, which is impressive, because Iceland's World Cup qualification is huge for the country. 
 Новая Газета@novaya_gazeta Ранее частично бойкотировать чемпионат предложил министр иностранных дел Великобритании
 Nicholas Burns @RNicholasBurns Indeed. In the wake of Putin’s theft of Crimea and interference in western elections and the nerve agent attack, this is no time for the #EU to play to normalize ties with Russia. Quite the contrary. Nicholas Burns added, Tom Wright @thomaswright08 
 Truly outrageous. On so many levels.
 Tom Wright @thomaswright08 Truly outrageous. On so many levels. 
 Jean-Claude Juncker@JunckerEU Congratulations on your re-election, President #Putin. I have always argued that positive relations between the #EU and #Russia are crucial to the #security of our continent. Our objective should be to re-establish a…
 J.J. Patrick @J_amesp According to reports of Sberbank investments, Rees-Mogg may require the hat and Kremlin tint treatment. You’re welcome.

Rees mogg lens.png

 Specifically we today are reporting that the coal exports fuelling the economies of the Putin satellite republics on eastern Ukraine are being carried out through UK and Scottish shell firms.