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A "smoking gun" internal memo as regards the October Surprise; it references a meeting about how to keep the conspiracy hidden. In particular, it mentions a cable from the Madrid embassy confirming Bill Casey's presence there.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png memo  by Paul Beach dated 4 November 1991
Subjects: October Surprise
Source: Consortium News (Link)
Local copy: File:2007-0491-F,Folder1,Part5-b(dragged).pdf

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                        November 4, 1991



SUBJECT: Meeting With Ed Williamson — October Surprise

     I began the meeting by indicating that we were in the
process of considering what arrangements, if any, should be made
to ensure that we have an accountable focal point to keep the
President informed regarding issues and information of
significance as the October Surprise investigations request and
receive Executive Branch information. I noted that one option
would be to have a "lead agency" exercise this responsibility,
and another would be to have it performed centrally. I solicited
Ed's Views.

     Ed responded first by describing State's document collection
efforts to date. He noted that document collection should be
completed by the end of this week, and that documents seem to
fall into three categories:

     — material potentially relevant to the October Surprise
          allegations. In this regard, Ed mentioned only a cable
          from the Madrid embassy indicating that Bill Casey was
          in town, for purposes unknown.
     — Operation staunch material.
     — Israeli material.

     Ed indicated that State was being careful to identify NSC
and interagency equities, and intended to coordinate directly
with the agencies concerned before producing such material. He
also indicated that State is notionally organizing its material
at three levels: materials which can be produced; materials which
will be shown only to members and staff, but not produced; and
materials which will be shown only to senior members. He did not
indicate that such a division was the product of any agreement
with the Hill.

     With regard to process, Ed then made these points:

     — Secretary Baker intends to exercise decision authority
         over privilege issues related to State Department