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(Invoice for visit to Oslo January 2018)
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Proves Alex Finnen is connected to Norwegian cell

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png spooky seminar invitation list  by Alex Finnen dated 23-24 January 2018"23-24 January 2018" contains more than three components required for a date interpretation.
Subjects: invoice for influence work
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/5
Source: 'Anonymous' (Link)

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Finnen invoice.png

Finnen Services Limited 1 High Mead West Wickham Kent BR4 9AD Tel: 007951 126 367 E-Mail Work@Alexfinnen.com

Ref: Sorting Code: 20-45-45 Account Details: 23981517 From: Finnen Services Limited To: Statecraft I High Mead 2 Temple Place West Wickham London WCD2r 3BD Kent BR4 9AD

Serial Services Costs 1. Visit with Statecraft to Norway 23-4 January 2018 £ 500-00 Two days.

2. Expenses 9-90l

3. Mileage Nil

4. VAT Nil


Signature: A J Finnen Director


Finnen Services Limited. Registered Office: 1 High Mead, West Wickham. Kent BR4 9AD, Registered Number: 10406839. Registered in England

Proves Alex Finnen is connected to Norwegian cell +
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spooky seminar invitation list +
Document:Invoice Visit to Norway 23-4 January 2018 Alex Finnen +
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