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The Greek cell ('cluster') conspires against the elected Syriza government.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png cluster meeting  by Integrity Initiative dated 25 June 2018
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/2
Source: 'Anonymous'

Some last names changed from initials to full name. Memo possibly written by Simon Bracey-Lane.

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Greek Cluster Meeting

Cluster Meeting:

Scheduled for the 07/06/2018 [However this may change depending on schedules of invitees]

Location: @Sissy’s house in Athens.


II: Simon Bracey-Lane/Chris Donnelly/Charlie Hutton/Chris Hernon/Nico De Pedro/David Adelente/Andja Petkovic [CEAS Serbia]/Armin? anyone else? Let me know and I will get the email invites asap

Greeks: Sissy Alonistiotou/Elias/Despina [waiting to hear who they would like to have at the meeting.]

Nikos Maranzidis:

Relationship between them has soured, Sissy & Elias are “reluctant” to meet with him and “do not feel safe” meeting him. I will be receiving a more thorough briefing on why shortly. But here are the bones of it:

- Nikos was beaten by Far-Left Syriza radicals in a restaurant [this we knew]

- Nikos produced several studies on voter turn out that questioned the political viability of the New Democracy Party.

- New Democracy tried to squash the report and succeeded.

- Nikos, feeling deeply betrayed, has moved to writing articles very supportive of Syriza, describing them as now being an EU friendly Social Democratic party, Which is deeply untrue and is very opportunistic.

- It is well known in Greece that Syriza are close to the Kremlin.

- His sudden turn around to support the party that organised his beating is raising real questions. Sissy & Elias were very firm that they do not want to meet with him, nor should we bring others to meet with him.

- It was advised we meet him separately.

In my opinion – this news alone warrants my travel here. Without knowing that I would have invited Nikos to Athens and perhaps have caused irreparable damage to our relationships with Sissy & Elias.


Hash out payment/costs when we meet in June.

They have three different outlets they can publish Greek language material and were very happy at prospect of using these.

System we hashed out at our meeting was for them to write an extended abstract in English, with the paper in Greek – so we are aware of key themes and topics. But the bulk of the content is Greek & is sent to Greeks.

Elias has translated several books from English into Greek – I think we could facilitate him translating several of our papers into Greek to be distributed on their networks & social media accounts.

Proposed a longer paper [sounded a lot like what we originally wanted]