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Oriental Review's prognosis for the denouement of US-Western sponsored 'regime-change' efforts in Ukraine

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png article  by Andre Fomine dated 2014/03/01
Subjects: Ukraine Riots 2013-14, Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, US Sponsored Regime-change efforts since 1945
Source: Oriental Review (Link)

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Meet the new authorities in Kiev.
Olexander Muzychko (aka Sasha Biliy) lectures a State prosecutor
while the police skulk in the background. [1]

As of 28 February 2014, the sole remaining legal representative of the Ukraine under its constitution is its President Viktor Yamukovych who is now under the protection of Russia. Decisions of the Ukraine Parliament (the Verkhovna Rada [2]) since its takeover by violent armed and unelected insurrectionists, have no legal basis since the remaining representatives constitute a mere rump of its 450 members and in any event are making decisions under the 'supervision of men like Olexander Muzychko - see video right.

Russia has responded to appeals for protection by the constitutionally elected representatives of an autonomous Ukrainian region. Both Russia and Crimea have thus far - and in sharp contrast to the self-appointed, US supported thugs in Kiev - acted entirely with existing Ukrainian law and Treaties.

On 28 February 2014, President Obama finally crossed a Russian red-line with his threats of 'a price to be paid'. Russia is sick to the back teeth of Western-NATO - and especially US mendacity - in its relentless Eastward drive in blatant breach of assurances provided following the collapse of the old Soviet Union. The time seems to have arrived when the West and the US will be required to put-up or shut-up, because the stakes involved in the Ukraine destabilisation are orders of magnitude greater than those of Georgia-South Ossetia were in 2008 [3].

It is to be hoped that there are Western leaders - and especially German leaders - who grasp the deadly seriousness of the position they have engineered in the Ukraine. This is no longer ra-ra newspeak Russia-bashing for an infinitely gullible western public; it is the real deal. Unless they make genuine efforts to cool-it and are clear enough to be seen as genuine by a Russia totally pissed off by past broken promises and relentless ongoing demonisation as the 'cause of the problems du jour', then said leaders better be ready for the physical stuff because Russia has clearly had enough. Russia is in a position to bring Europe to a rapid halt and will probably do just that if there are ANY obvious military or even serious economic moves made against it over this. As for Obama; the playground big-cheese bully is in process of having his bluff called.

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Costs President Obama is about to pay for Ukraine

Yesterday [Friday 28 Bebruary 2014] the United States lost the propaganda war on Ukraine. President Obama made a reluctant and senseless statement which Washington Post entitled “There will be costs”. [4]

He pronounced standard phrases like “the Ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future”, proposed Russia to be a “part of an international community’s effort to support the stability and success of a united Ukraine”, lamented over the alleged “violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” and assured that “the United States supports his government’s efforts and stands for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and democratic future of Ukraine”.

Looks like the United States administration was not mentally prepared for the development of the Ukrainian crisis. The synchronized actions of the new Crimean authorities [5] and the press-conference [6]of the expelled president Victor Yanukovych [7] in Rostov-on-Don gave undeniable judicial advantage to the opposite side in Ukraine who are not ready to acknowledge the illegitimate “government” elected by the rowdy Euro-mob in Kiev three days ago. [8] The United States have no tangible tools to destabilize Crimea, de facto controlled by the Ukrainian anti-putschist resistance forces, while the judicial status of Victor Yanukovych (whatever we think about him as a person and political figure) is indubitable.

Since the very beginning of the crisis in Ukraine is was clear that the US goal was not imposing a pro-American government in Kiev, but rather making Ukraine a sticking point for the Russia-European relations. The bloody events on Independence Square were organized in order to pull Russia into the vortex of the chaos in Ukraine. The Washington strategists thought that Moscow would be recklessly involved into the dirty games with Poland, Hungary and Romania over “federalization of Ukraine” and the street battles against the fascist thugs in Kiev.

On Saturday Kremlin has unexpectedly broken its skillful political pause after the attempted last night’s assault on Crimea Interior Ministry in Simferopol by unidentified special units sent from Kiev. [9] Until that moment the Russian ‘inaction’ was much more powerful than thousands of nervous actions in Kiev and statements from Washington. The Russian move is going to be even more impressive.

Among all “interested parties” in the Ukrainian crisis Russia is the only global power that has demonstrated its ability to act within the framework of international law and to take responsible and sovereign decisions.

Ironically, today’s Crimea is probably the only region where Constitution of Ukraine [10] is still strictly implemented. The referendum on the issue of the wide autonomy, announced to be held on March 30, [11] 2014, was initiated in full compliance with the national law. The Russian military presence in Crimea is also regulated by the 1997 Russian-Ukrainian agreement on the Russian Navy base in Sevastopol. [12] New Crimean government, unlike the central one in Kiev, was appointed by the local legislative body as a result of properly performed legal procedure. [13]

Pro-Russian 20000-strong rally in Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine, March 1, 2014

So Moscow’s message to President Obama is simple. We are the real guarantors of the Ukrainian sovereignty. We are protecting the life of its incumbent president, elected by the people of Ukraine at the free and competitive poll in 2010, from the direct personal threat from illegitimate “new authorities”. For the last three months, unlike you, we were not interfering into internal political process in Ukraine while your Assistant Secretary of State was handing buns to the “peaceful protesters” in Kiev and talking smuts about your European dialogue partners. We followed the letter and spirit of the international law whether we liked it or not. And today we are giving hope to millions of the Russian Ukrainians who categorically reject banderist authorities in Kiev. [14] We are defending their right to determine their future. Therefore you will be brought to account for the billions of dollars invested for years long into the chimera project of the Orange revolution in Ukraine, [15] which in its second incarnation turned Brown. [16] You will be charged for months of explicit incitements for riots and civilian disobedience to legitimate authorities in Ukraine, [17] committed by your officials and congressmen. And you will be responsible for the recognition of the Kievan shady “cabinet”, [18] not only lacking any public support in Ukraine, but also any real resources to secure minimal level of life and the rule of law in this 45-million strong nation, lost in a non-existent “transition”, invented by your insolvent foreign policy consultants. These are the costs you are about to pay in Ukraine, President Obama.