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(seminar with a mix of media, academics and lots of spooks)
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Seminar with a mix of media, academics and lots of spooks

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png spooky seminar invitation list  by Integrity Initiative dated 26 02 2016
Subjects: spooky seminar, deep state, UK, propaganda, Integrity Initiative
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/5
Source: 'Anonymous' (Link)

The list has been edited a bit for clarity, to make cross-references easier

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5 July Seminar; Potential guest list for discussion

5 July Seminar; Potential guest list for discussion

Draft as at 12 06 2017

SD additions in red

New CND additions in brown

JM additions in blue

Active Military

General Staff

Ben Cattermole Army CGS CIG Col (Cattermole, Ben Lt Col) <ArmyCGS CIG Col@mod.uk>;

Rob Sandford 'armystrateng' <armystrateng@gmail.com>; 'Rob Sandford' <aset.ogd@gmail.com>;

Jason Kerr <armystrat@mail.com>

1ISR Bde

Brig James Bowder, 1ISRX COMD PA 1 (Graham TMO, Patricia Contractor 1ISRX COMD PA 1@mod.uk

Thomas Simon SGMI HQ Comd (Thomas, Simon Lt Col) <SGMI HQ Comd@mod.uk>;

Alexander Finnen SGMI HQ XO (Finnen, Alexander Maj) <SGMI HQ XO@mod.uk>;


Alexander Clarke HQ Ops Offr (Clarke, Alexander Capt) LIFC HQ Ops Offr@mod.uk

Permanent Joint HQ

Nicholas Baker 'PJHQ-J2 ACOS (Baker, Nicholas Brig' <PJHQ J2 ACOS@mod.uk>;

Annabel Janes 'PJHQ-J2 OPS SO1 1 (Janes, Annabel Lt Col)' <PJHQ J2 OPS SO1 1@mod.uk>;

Paul Kitching PJHQ-J2 EURASIA SO3 3 (Kitching, Paul Lt) PJHQ J2 EURASIA SO3 3@mod.uk

77th Brigade

Christopher Bell 77X-CGP COMD (Bell, Christopher Col) <77X CGP COMD@mod.uk>;

Dawn Singleton(Singleton, Dawn) 77X CGP ComdPA@mod.uk

Paddy Nicoll <paddy@commonbarn.com>;

Cristina Wade <cristina@commonbarn.com>


Hybrid warfare team

Stratcom team

Captain David Fields RN (DAVID.FIELDS163@mod.uk

FCO Stratcom/Russia

Andy Pryce Andy.Pryce@fco.gov.uk;

CatherineCrozier Catherine.Crozier@fco.gov.uk;;

Richard Slack Richard.Slack@fco.gov.uk

Defence Reform/lobby


James Glancy <jamesglancy@gmail.com>; James Glancy <j.glancy@another--day.com>

Deborah Haynes deborah.haynes@thetimes.co.uk

Jeremy Blackham jeremyblackham@hotmail.com

Lord Ashcroft

Isabel Oakeshott <isabeleoakeshott@gmail.com>; Isabel Oakeshott <Isabel.Oakeshott@dailymail.co.uk>

Votes in Defence

Nigel Grinyer nigel.grinyer@hsbcib.com yer@hsbcib.com;;

Richard Barrons <richard@wychwood.io>; Richard Barrons richardbarrons825@gmail.com

Con Coughlin con.coughlin@telegraph.co.uk

Harry Gwynne harrygwynne@gmail.com


David McOwat <d.mcowat@ntlworld.com>;

Roderick Collins roderick.collins@solentsis.com

Nick Childs (admiral534@yahoo.com)

Richard Watson, Author, lecturer and futurist, Imperial College London ??

Still looking for anthropologist

Think Tanks

Sophia Besch, Research fellow, Centre for European Reform, sophia@cer.org.uk

Bastian Giegerich, Director of Defence and Military Analysis, IISS, giegerich@iiss.org

(would it be a problem that these two are German? I think total coincidence :) -- really)


Sam Jones sam.jones@ft.com

Jonathan Marcus (jonathan.marcus@bbc.co.uk)


JULIAN LEWIS j1nfe@btinternet.com

Madeleine MOON adeleine madeleine.moon.mp@parliament.uk

Richard BENYON richard.benyon.mp@parliament.uk

Ruth Smeeth

Bernard JENKIN bernard.jenkin.mp@parliament.uk

Tom Tugendhat tom.tugendhat.mp@parliament.uk

Damian COLLINS <damian.collins.mp@parliament.uk>; damian2017@damiancollins.com;

Lorraine Pitcher lorraine.pitcher@parliament.uk

Ben Bradshaw (ben.bradshaw.mp@parliament.uk)


James Wilson <James.Wilson@hfw.com>

Younger military people not currently on radar screen:military people not currently on radar screen:

James Elliott, British Army Logistic Officer, The British Army Intrapreneurs' Network (BrAIN The British Army Intrapreneurs' Network (BrAIN –– https://brainarmy.org),), jameselliott82@gmail.com


Béatrice Heuser, Historian, University of Reading, d.b.g.heuser@reading.ac.uk

Gary Sheffield, University of Wolverhampton, g.sheffield@wlv.ac.uk

Christopher Coker, LSE (is currently on sick leave), c.coker@lse.ac.uk

Hew Strachan, shfas@stshfas@st--andrews.ac.ukandrews.ac.uk

Colin Gray, University of Reading, c.s.gray@reading.ac.uk

Laurence Freedman, lawrence.freedman@kcl.ac.uk


Yves Boyer, Fondation pour la recherche stratégique (FRS), yboyer41@yahoo.fryboyer41@yahoo.fr

Alexander Mattelaer, Alexander.Mattelaer@vub.ac.be

Luis Simon, luis.simon@vub.ac.be

Ryan Evans, War on the Rocks, ryan.evans@warontherocks.com

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