Dixie Mafia

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Group.png Dixie Mafia
(Deep state factionCavdefRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Dixie Mafia.png
George H. W. Bush in 1983 with Bill Clinton and George Wallace at a lobster bake at his house.


Related Quotation

William Pepper“that J. Edgar Hoover used his number two, Clyde Tolson, to come into Memphis on a regular basis and liaise with the Dixie Mafia and organize the on the ground killing of Martin King. It shows that Tolson carried $25,000 in, and that money was carried to the prison where James Earl Ray was. He - James - had been profiled and never knew this. That given to the warden, Swenson, and James was allowed to escape, and then he became part of their network. He was under a handler whom he knew as Raoul and who I later came to know as Raoul Coelo. He was an ex Portuguese intelligence officer who lived in Yonkers New York."”William Pepper