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(Economist, Stock trader)
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InterestsFinancial markets

Dirk Müller is a German stock trader, fund manager and author. He is internationally known as Mr. DAX, because his workplace was located right under the display of the DAX at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.[1] Journalists have used his facial expressions to depict the state of the market.[2]

Müller published his first book, Crashkurs, in 2009, written in response to the financial crisis of 2007–2008. The successful publication made him well-known. His second book, Cashkurs, was published in 2011 and soon became a bestseller, number 1 on the list of Der Spiegel.[3]

Müller was one of eight experts in a committee meeting of the German Bundestag on 27 June 2011, aiming at preventing speculation with agricultural raw materials ("Spekulation mit agrarischen Rohstoffen verhindern").[4] On 17 April 2015, Müller began his own stock fund, Dirk Müller Premium Aktien. While the fund lost 7% over the first year, it fared better than the DAX during the same time, which lost 16%.[5]

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