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Employment.png Director of the National Security Agency 
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StartNovember 4, 1952
Leader ofNational Security Agency
DeputyDeputy Director of The National Security Agency
Leader of the National Security AgencyBoss of the Deputy Director of The National Security Agency.

Official narrative

The National Security Agency promises on its website to "protect national security interests by adhering to the highest standards of behavior"[1], so naturally its leader exemplifies such behavior.


After James Clapper infamously lied to the US Congress about mass surveillance, not only has the US Justice Department showed no interest in prosecuting him, but the commercially-controlled media has declined to make the obvious suggestion that a prosecution, or at the very least an investigation is in order.


Since 1964 the director of the NSA has had the power to fire any NSA employee at will without providing an explanation - leading the Washington Post to write: "This is the very definition of arbitrariness. It means that an employee could be discharged and disgraced on the basis of anonymous allegations without the slightest opportunity to defend himself."[2] Of course, 50 years later, in the age of persecution of whistleblowers - in which the US government admits to assassination and indefinite detention it means even more than that.

Deep State Control

The significance of the National Security Agency and its technical superiority to other intelligence agencies in key fields such as mass surveillance and cyberterrorism, together with its close support of other deep state-controlled groups leave little room for doubt that the Director of the National Security Agency is under firm control by the deep state.


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