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Employment.png Denmark/Social Minister
(Social Minister)

The financially heaviest of all Danish ministries.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and the Elderly is a Danish ministry that deals with the social and elderly area.

The ministry was established under its current name after the 2015 parliamentary elections, but has roots in one of the oldest ministries, the Ministry of the Interior (established 1848), and in the Ministry of Social Affairs, which was separated from the Ministry of the Interior between 1929 and 2007. In 2007 the Ministry of Social Affairs was abolished. together with, among other things, the domestic area transferred to the Ministry of Welfare, which in 2009 changed its name to the Ministry of the Interior and Social Affairs.

With a total allocation of DKK 202.9 billion (2016), the Ministry is the financially heaviest of all ministries.[1]


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Ritt Bjerregaard26 October 197930 December 1981