David Greenhalgh

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(COVID-19/Premature death, politician)
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Born25 December 1967
Died29 July 2021 (Age 53)
Cause of death
PartyConservative Party
The Leader of Bolton Council who died suddenly after opposing a central government enforced lockdown in his town.

David Greenhalgh was a British politician. He was leader of Bolton Council until his sudden death.[1]


In his youth, Greenhalgh was an actor.

He became a Conservative Party councillor in Bolton, a former stronghold of the Labour Party. He represented the ward of Bromley Cross since 2006.

He became council leader in 2019, the first conservative in 40 years to be leader of Bolton Council.[2]

The Delta variant of COVID-19 was first found in Bolton, West Midlands. Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock wanted a lockdown in Bolton to "slow the spread of the the Delta variant".[3] As council leader, Greenhalgh strongly opposed the UK Government introducing a local lockdown.[4]

Greenhalgh went on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and warned of civil unrest if the town was forced into lockdown.[5] He was undermined by the local media who promoted lockdowns.[6]


He had three kidney transplants in his life.[7] In late July 2021, he was admitted to hospital. It is believed he died while awaiting treatment.[8]