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(soldier, spook, deep politician?, deep state actor?)
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Born10 November 1946
Rochdale, UK
Alma materManchester University
Founder ofInstitute for Statecraft, Integrity Initiative
Member ofEXPOSE Network, Integrity Initiative
Victim ofparanoia?
A UK Deep state operative who set up the Institute for Statecraft

Employment.png Soviet Adviser

In office
1983 - 1989
Member of PM Thatcher's Soviet advisory team

Academic.png Lecturer Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
1969 - 1973

Christopher Nigel Donnelly is the co-director of The Institute for Statecraft and founder of its offshoot Integrity Initiative.[1] The Moon Of Alamaba said that "Donnelly seems to be obsessed with the 'Russian threat' and is determined to fight it by all means."[2]


"Donnelly was at one time adviser to Margaret Thatcher. From 1989-2003, he was a Special Adviser for central and eastern Europe to the secretary general of NATO. In fact, he served four secretaries general, including Lord Robertson."[3]


Donnelly was exposed in 2018 when internal documents of the Integrity Initiative were published online. These included a PDF of his passport and his CV. In his role as director of The Institute for Statecraft, he stated that:
“It is essential for a PM to recognise that, whatever they might claim, governmental institutions which have failed over the past decade to foresee, identify and deal with emerging crises and maintain national sovereignty, are today totally incapable of providing a solution to the crisis which is now upon the country.”
Chris Donnelly (10 May 2018)  [4]


A 7 minute long video of Donnelly in a kitchen was posted on YouTube. In it he suggests that the hack occurred because the group was effective at countering Russian disinformation.


Quotes by Chris Donnelly

Integrity Initiative/Purposes“We go to war with Russia as a whole, not just with the Russian military. They have been developing everything as a weapon, Cyber, energy, money, investment, dirty tricks, disinformation and other sorts of malign influence.”19 January 2018Integrity Initiative/Leak
Integrity Initiative/Purposes“Moreover, the “war” mindset is being pumped into the Russian population. It is one of the great successes of Putin’s propaganda offensive”19 January 2018Integrity Initiative/Leak
Integrity Initiative/Purposes“We cannot deter this current attack, only fight it. It is a pre-condition which is the baseline of a conflict. Denial, i.e. pretending that it is not happening or denying its significance, is not a sensible response... A fundamental, universally-held Russian belief is that Russia can only be secure at the expense of their neighbours’ security. All the Russian leadership and military consider that other countries' security is secondary to, and must be subordinated to, Russia's.”19 January 2018Integrity Initiative/Leak
Integrity Initiative/PurposesHow might war be deterred?

Russia is not on a wartime ‘ready to launch’ setting, but they are developing and implementing

concepts of conflict very different from those being thought about in Western countries. We cannot deter this hybrid war, it is upon us and we can only fight it.”
19 January 2018Integrity Initiative/Leak
Integrity Initiative/Purposes“the crisis which is now upon the country.”10 May 2018Integrity Initiative/Leak
Integrity Initiative/Purposes“We cannot deter this hybrid war, it is upon us and we can only fight it.”19 January 2018Integrity Initiative/Leak

Related Quotations

Integrity Initiative/Secrecy“* Chris Donnelly makes initial country introduction with nominated trusted 'coordinator' & relevant II team member/s (normally 2 members minimum per country)
  • II team member/s coordinate foundation workshop to connect members, formally introduce them to II aims, establish target programme for
research, dissemination and events. Members to sign code of conduct & non-disclosure Greg Rowett to start code of conduct doc to include basic info on passwords and etiquette with social media etc – final ok should be sought from James Wilson. Debate and decide preferred methods of communication.”
30 May 2018
Integrity Initiative/SecrecyCode of Conduct (Greg to commence with internet etiquette)
Anonymity of the team remains paramount. As our activity increases we will, no doubt, attract unwanted attention.”
30 May 2018


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