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|description=Subject to more restrictions than ordinary war, some of which have proved effective, some times.
|description=Subject to more restrictions than ordinary war, some of which have proved effective, some times.
'''Chemical warfare''' is the use of [[chemical weapon]]s.
'''Chemical warfare''' is the use of [[chemical weapon]]s.

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Subject to more restrictions than ordinary war, some of which have proved effective, some times.

Chemical warfare is the use of chemical weapons.


Chemical warfare has been used extensively throughout history for at least a thousand years.

20th Century

Starting in the 20th century chemical weapons have been used on a scale that has affected entire countries.

World War I

During WW1 the French and then the Germans used various gases in the trenches, most notably Mustard Gas. This acted on the respiratory tracts of the soldiers exposed and the subsequent problems often lasted life long.

World War II

During WW2 the Germans and the Japanese both used gas agents against Jews and Chinese respectively. The USA used napalm in incendiary attacks on Japanese cities.[citation needed]

Vietnam War

In the Vietnam war the Americans used two primary chemical weapons, one being Napalm.[1] Napalm caused burning and intense pain it was not meant to kill as it was more desirable to have victims being cared for which created more demands on available people and resources, none the less many people died from the acute pain it caused. The other was Agent Orange which was used on a large scale in Vietnam from 1961 to 1971 in Operation Ranch Hand. Some areas so heavily affected by Agent Orange that crops still cannot be grown to this day, the colloquial name for the problem is "American grass".


In 2009 Israel was accused of using white phosphorus shells indiscriminately in Palestine.[2] The white phosphorus was manufactured in the USA by Monsanto.


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Various companies produce chemical weapons, amongst their other products. These include:

Dow Chemical Company
I. G. Farben
Hercules Inc
Diamond Shamrock

Chemical weapons

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Chemical weapons include:

Napalm - first manufactured in 1942 in the USA and its use was outlawed in Barack Obama's first day in office as POTUS
Rainbow Herbicides - used extensively during the Vietnam war
Agent Green
Agent Pink
Agent Purple
Agent Blue
Agent White
Agent Orange
Mustard Gas - used in WW1
White Phosphorus - first used in WW1 until the present day.

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