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Person.png Charles Michel  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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BornCharles Yves Jean Ghislaine Michel
Namur, Belgium
Alma materFree University of Brussels (French), University of Amsterdam
PartyReformist Movement
Attended 3 Bilderbergs during the 2010s while Prime Minister of Belgium

Employment.png President of the European Council

In office
1 December 2019 - Present
Proposed an international treaty on pandemics in December 2020.

Employment.png Prime Minister of Belgium

In office
11 October 2014 - 27 October 2019
Attended 3 Bilderbergs during this tenure

Employment.png Leader of the Reformist Movement

In office
14 February 2011 - 10 October 2014

Employment.png Belgium/Minister of Development Cooperation

In office
21 December 2007 - 14 February 2011

Charles Michel was the Prime Minister of Belgium from 2014 to 2019. As President of the European Council he proposed an international treaty on pandemics in December 2020.[1]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/201511 June 201514 June 2015Austria
The 63rd meeting, 128 Bilderbergers met in Austria
Bilderberg/20169 June 201612 June 2016Germany
The 2016 Bilderberg meeting took place in Dresden, Germany.
Bilderberg/20187 June 201810 June 2018Italy
Hotel Torino Lingotto Congress
The 66th Bilderberg Meeting, in Turin, Italy, known for months in advance after an unprecedented leak by the Serbian government.
Bilderberg/20222 June 20225 June 2022US
Washington DC
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
The 68th Bilderberg Meeting, held in Washington DC, after an unprecedented two year hiatus during which a lot of the Bilderberg regulars were busy managing COVID-19
WEF/Annual Meeting/201521 January 201524 January 2015SwitzerlandAttended by a lot of people. This page lists only the 261 "Public Figures".
WEF/Annual Meeting/201620 January 201623 January 2016SwitzerlandAttended by a lot of people, both leaders and followers
WEF/Annual Meeting/201717 January 201720 January 2017Switzerland2951 known participants
WEF/Annual Meeting/201922 January 201925 January 2019Switzerland
WEF/Annual Meeting/202021 January 202024 January 2020SwitzerlandThis mega-summit of the world's ruling class and their political and media appendages happens every year, but 2020 was special, as the continuous corporate media coverage of COVID-19 started more or less from one day to the next on 20/21 January 2020, coinciding with the start of the meeting.


Related Document

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:‘What about the Israeli army killing unarmed Palestinian civilians’Article27 April 2018Ken LoachKen Loach asked the Belgian prime minister: “Mr Michel is a lawyer, did he wonder about Israel’s failure to comply with international law? Has he asked the question of colonisation of the Palestinian territories? Has he asked the question of unarmed Palestinian civilians killed by the Israeli army? Has he asked the question of refugees living under the protection of the United Nations?"