Chappaquiddick incident

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Date18 July 1969
LocationChappaquiddick Island,  Massachusetts

“After the CIA had assassinated John F. Kennedy and framed Oswald for the assassination and after the CIA had assassinated Robert Kennedy and framed Sirhan Sirhan for the assassination, they needed a way of stopping the last Kennedy brother from ever running for the presidency of the United States. They believed that if they killed him it would look like the CIA had assassinated all the brothers so the CIA decided to allow him to live and to discredit him to stop him from being reelected by framing him at Chappaquiddick for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.”
Charles August Schlund (10 July 2001)  [1]


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A Chappaquiddick incident victim on Wikispooks

Mary Jo KopechneThe victim of the Chappaquiddick incident which stymied Edward Kennedy's presidential ambitions


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