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Bolivia (orthographic projection).svg
Flag of Bolivia (state).svg
Location South America
Leader President of Bolivia
Evo Morales.jpg
Incumbent: Evo Morales
Since 22 January 2006
Type nation state
SubpageBolivia/1980 coup d'état

Bolivia is a nation state in South America.


Bolivia is a former Spanish colony.



Bolivia/1980 coup d'étatJune 1980

Citizens of Bolivia on Wikispooks

Hugo Banzer10 May 19265 May 2002
Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada1 July 1930
Carlos Mesa12 August 1953
Eduardo Rodríguez2 March 1956
Jaime Paz Zamora15 April 1939

Related Quotation

Oliver North“Wanted aircraft to go to Bolivia to pick up paste. Want aircraft to pick up 1,500 kilos.”Oliver North9 July 1984


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