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Employment.png Austria/Minister/Transportation 
(Minister of Transportation)


Austria is situated on several important transit routes, including from Central Europe to the Mediterranean (especially Germany to Italy, through the Alps) and from Germany to the Balkans, by road and rail.

The maintenance and expansion of these motorways and rail lines are of interest to the entire European Community, not just Austria.

These routes were also of high strategic importance during the Cold War, when Austria was nominally neutral, but in reality working with NATO.

Erwin Lanc, the former minister for transport who attended 1979 Bilderberg, was also involved in the Lucona-affair, where a freight ship sunk in an explosion in the Indian Ocean on January 23, 1977, in the course of what is said to be an attempted insurance fraud. Indications of any involvement of foreign secret services in this affair and the associated sham deals were brought before a German court, but not pursued further.


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Erwin Lanc17 September 19738 June 1977