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Employment.png Australia/Member of Parliament
(member of parliament)
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Members of the lower chamber in the Australian parliament.

Member of the Australian Parliament

Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security

The Intelligence Services Act 2001 prevents the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PCIS) from "reviewing the intelligence gathering and assessment procedures" or "reviewing particular operations that have been , are being or are proposed to be undertaken" by the intelligence agencies. The PJCIS can review only the administration and financing of the intelligence agencies. The prime minister exercises a veto on who can be appointed to the PJCIS.[1]


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Anne Aly2 July 2016
Andrew Hastie19 September 2015
Clare O'Neil7 September 2013
Craig Kelly21 August 2010
Scott Morrison24 November 2007
Julie Bishop3 October 199818 May 2019
John Fahey2 March 19968 October 2001
Anthony Albanese2 March 1996
Barry O'Farrell25 March 19956 March 2015Redistricted in 1999
Sandra Nori19 March 19882 March 2007
Alexander Downer1 December 198414 July 2008
Philip Ruddock22 September 19739 May 2016Rescheduled in 1977 and 1993
Robert Askin17 June 19503 January 1975Redistribution in 1973
Ben Chifley21 September 194013 June 1951
Harold Holt17 August 193517 December 1967
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