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Something of a "third rail" topic for commercially-controlled media.

An Arms Dealer is someone who deals in weapons.

Official narrative

In 2007, Wikipedia has once had a page on "Arms Dealer", as distinct from the "Arms Industry". It contained information about a character from a video game and was deleted after 30 minutes.[1]



In his groudbreaking 2011 book, The Shadow World, Andrew Feinstein states that Basil Zaharoff (1849-1936) was the first of the modern arms dealers.

Misdirection of Controlled Media

Gerald James wrote in 2007 that
The media talk glibly of "arms dealers" as if private individuals and companies conduct business secretly and illegally. This is total nonsense. There are arms manufacturers and some middlemen or sales companies which are closely monitored by government. Occasionally there is news of some scandal which invariably involves some middleman or company disowned by his or its particular sponsor government due to embarrassment over policies and sales becoming public knowledge. It is true, however, that sometimes even elected Ministers do not know what is going on as the deals and policies are made by unelected unaccountable senior civil servants and intelligence and security officers. A typical case is the £2bn Pergau Dam related Malaysian defence deal. Secrecy is the road to corruption and the two are never far apart.”
Gerald James (2007)  [2]



Page nameBornDiedSummaryDescription
Prince Bernhard29 June 19111 December 2004Soldier
Arms Dealer
Arms dealer.
Victor Bout13 January 1967Arms Dealer
John Bredenkamp11 August 1940Arms Dealer
Rugby player
Founder of the arms trading Casalee Group
John Carbaugh194519 March 2006Lawyer
Deep state functionary
Arms Dealer
Cercle attendee linked to political double dealing, arms deals and Iran-Contra.
Carlos Cardoen1 May 1942Arms Dealer
Arif DurraniArms Dealer
Manucher Ghorbanifar1945Arms DealerArms dealer and central figure in the Iran-Contra Affair.
Rolf GraageSpook
Arms Dealer
Arms dealer, Le Cercle...
Cyrus Hashemi193821 July 1986Arms Dealer
Bernie Houghton25 July 1920Arms Dealer
Adnan Khashoggi25 July 19356 June 2017Arms Dealer
Timothy Landon20 August 19426 July 2007Soldier
Arms Dealer
Nahum ManbarArms Dealer
Gerhard Mertins30 December 191919 March 1993Soldier
Arms Dealer
A Nazi who fought for Germany in WW2. After being spotted by US intelligence as a neo-nazi, his business empire flourished as he went into arms dealing with the support of the Western intelligence agencies.
Shapoor Reporter19202005Spook
Arms Dealer
Wafic Saïd21 December 1939Arms Dealer
Al-Yamamah arms deal‎ middleman
Karlheinz Schreiber25 March 1934Arms Dealer
Paul SjeklochaSpook
Arms Dealer
Tim Spicer12 October 1952Soldier
Arms Dealer
Founder of Sandline International and former CEO of Aegis Defence Services.
Daniel StormArms Dealer
Lester Suffield19111999Arms Dealer"The [UK] government's chief arms salesman"
Frank Terpil1940Spook
Arms Dealer
Drug trafficker
A close friend of Ted Shackley who was deeply involved in arms deals and drug trafficking for the US Deep State
Marc TuriArms Dealer
Deep state operative
In an echo of the Arms for Libya case, Turi was charged in 2014 with illegally providing weapons for Libya. He too stated in his defense that although unregistered, the State Department and the CIA were aware of his arms dealing.
Mitchell Livingstone WerBell III19181983Soldier
Arms Dealer
Edwin P. Wilson3 May 192810 September 2012Spook
Arms Dealer
Deep state operative
CIA, Operation 40 member, Arms Dealer and deep insider who was caught doing selling a mammoth consignment of C-4 explosive to Libya. He was thrown under a bus by the CIA's plausible deniability policy, but eventually exposed the CIA lie and overturned his conviction after 20 years in jail.
Basil Zaharoff6 October 184927 November 1936Arms DealerThe first modern arms dealer, cunning, aggressive and ruthless.


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