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Born16 January 1969
The US lawyer whose approval of a plea deal with Jeffrey Epstein avoided a public trial.

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In office
28 April 2017 - 19 July 2019
Appointed byDonald Trump
Resigned after the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein

Alexander Acosta is a US lawyer. Together with Jay Lefkowitz he arranged a plea bargain, which has been termed a "sweetheart deal"[1] for Jeffrey Epstein in 2008.[2] He was appointed by Donald Trump as US/Secretary of Labor, but resigned in July 2019 following a torrent of criticism about the 2008 deal, which ensued after the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein.


In 2007–2008, as U.S. Attorney, Acosta worked out a plea deal with defense lawyer Jay Lefkowitz‎, in which Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to a state charge of solicitation for the purposes of prostitution involving a 14-year-old girl, a deal which required he register as a category sex offender and pay restitution to victims as part of a federal non-prosecution agreement. The prosecutors had identified 36 victims of Epstein, most of them having no prior knowledge of the agreement and no opportunity to give input. The deal has been the subject of long-term criticism by the Miami Herald and others.

In February 2019, "a federal judge ruled that the prosecutors working the case broke the law by not notifying Epstein’s victims that they were cutting him a plea deal."[3]


Acosta's involvement in the Epstein plea deal received renewed scrutiny following Epstein's arrest in July 2019, on new child prostitution charges. Acosta resigned as US Secretary of Labor on July 19, 2019.

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