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Group.png Aga Khan family
Membership• Aga Khan I
• Aga Khan II
• Aga Khan III
• Aga Khan IV
• Sadruddin Aga Khan
Family leading religion with 20 million adherents. Close ties to British intelligence and deep state. Noted for its great wealth and playboy lifestyle.

The Aga Khan is a title held by the Imām of the Nizari Ismāʿīli Shias, with 20 million adherents. Originally from Iran, the Aga Khan family relocated to British India in 1845, where the family was taken under British patronage.

In modern times the family relocated to Europe, where it is noted for its great wealth and extreme playboy lifestyle. It still is very much under British influence. Its charitable Aga Khan Foundation is a suspected intelligence front[1].


During the latter stages of the First Anglo-Afghan War (1841–1842), Hasan Ali Shah and his cavalry officers provided assistance to General Nott in Kandahar Province and to General England in his advance from Sindh to join Nott. For these and for other diligent efforts made by him in the service of the Empire, the British Raj recognised him as a "Prince" and he received a pension from the British Government of India. This title was less extraordinary in that time and place than it seems today, because the British while consolidating their hold on India, had been handing out similar titles liberally to any large landowner or tribal chieftain with local influence who made himself useful to them.

The Aga Khan was exceptional in that, while it was the local tribal influence that had enabled him to serve the British and gain their favour, his claim to nobility was based upon his claim to leadership of an entire sect of Islam. Imperial Britain saw great possibilities in having under their control and patronage the head of a major Shia sect; it could even be used at some later stage to counterbalance the influence of the Ottoman Caliph, the head of Islam as recognized by the Sunni sects. In pursuance of this grander narrative, and recognizing that his pretensions and Anglophilia were alike repugnant to the tribes then under his influence, he was awarded the status of "Prince" by the British government's representatives in India and became the only religious or community leader in British India granted a personal gun salute.[2]

In 1866, the Aga Khan won a court victory in the High Court of Bombay in what popularly became known as the Aga Khan Case, securing his recognition by the British government as the head of the Khoja community. The Aga Khan is also the Pir within the Nizari Ismaili community.

In 1887, the Secretary of State for India, acting through the Viceroy of India, formally recognized the title Aga Khan.


Known members

3 of the 5 of the members already have pages here:

Aga Khan IIIVery rich religious leader working for British colonial interests.
Aga Khan IVUltra-rich leader of religious sect with own secluded pleasure island.
Sadruddin Aga KhanSpecialist in running intelligence operations under humanitarian cover. Club of Rome member.
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