Abu Dhabi

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Place.png Abu Dhabi
Capital city of United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of United Arab Emirates.


"Abu Dhabi has announced that soon people who haven't been vaccinated [against COVID-19] will be barred from shopping centers, restaurants, colleges, recreational facilities and other places."[1]


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Logic Industries
Covert UAE-Israel Security relationship

In 2008 Abu Dhabi authorities agreed to pay an Israeli owned company $816mn to install security systems protecting oil and gas installations in the emirate.

Through working with two partner companies former Intelligence agent Mati Kochavi has also won contracts to implement the entire emirate-wide Falcon Eye surveillance project that monitors the movements of all those living in Abu Dhabi.”



United Arab EmiratesThe United Arab Emirates has the 7th largest oil reserves of any nation state.
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