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9-11 E4B.jpg
Linda Brookhart's photo of the E4B
Date 2001-09-11 09:44 - 2001-09-11
Location White House,  Pentagon,  Washington DC,  USA
Description An E-4B was spotted over the White house and the Pentagon on 9/11. The official narrative has nothing to say on the matter, but it was reported on CNN and video, photos and eye witnesses exist.

An E-4B is a highly modified Boeing 747 equipped with advanced communications equipment, capable of carrying a crew of up to 112 people and intended as a flying military command posts. One was flying in restricted airspace over the White House on the morning of 9/11. This makes the Pentagon to know nothing of the plane all the more remarkable.

Official narrative

As of 2007, the US military had not admitted to knowing anything about the large plane circling over Washington on 9/11. It may still deny knowledge.[citation needed]


Several witnesses testified to seeing a large white plane fly over the Whitehouse. At 9:54 a.m., correspondent John King, standing near the White House, reported that about ten minutes earlier (i.e. ~9:44 a.m.), there was "a white jet circling overhead."[1] Dan Verton, a former intelligence officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and former senior writer for Computerworld magazine, wrote that "on the morning of September 11, an E-4B was launched from "an airfield outside of the nation's capital." (He did not, however, state which specific base.) This plane was carrying "civilian and military officials," and was going "to conduct a previously scheduled Defense Department exercise." This exercise would involve "the use and testing of the aircraft's various advanced technology and communications equipment."[2]


Cover of The American Deep State showing the E-4B

The [plane appears to have been an E-4B, a National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC) plane, launched by the US military establishment. E-4Bs are highly modified Boeing 747s that act as flying military command posts. The plane was quite possibly participating in Global Guardian.[2] Some[Who?] have suggested that the E4B may have served as the command center for the 9/11 operation.

The first edition of Peter Dale Scott 2014 book The American Deep State features a ghostly looking E4B over the Whitehouse to draw attention to the E4B which flew in restricted airspace on September 11th, 2001, and symbolize the subordination of "democratic" government to the military industrial complex.


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