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|image=Bismarck Congo conference.png
|image_caption=German Chancellor Bismarck leads the partitioning of Africa like a cake (contemporary cartoon)
|description=year 1884
=== April–June ===
* [[April 20]] – [[Pope Leo XIII]] publishes the [[encyclical]] ''[[Humanum genus]]'', denouncing [[Freemasonry]] and certain liberal beliefs which he considers to be associated with it.
* [[April 22]]
** A German protectorate is established over [[German South-West Africa|South-West Africa]].
* [[May 1]] – The [[Eight-hour day|eight-hour workday]] is first proclaimed by the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions in the United States. This date, called ''[[May Day]]'' or ''[[Labour Day]]'', becomes a holiday recognized in almost every industrialized country.
* [[May 16]] - [[Sweden]]'s Finance Minister [[Robert Themptander]] becomes his country's Prime Minister (1884–88).
* [[June 28]] – The [[Norwegian Association for Women's Rights]] is founded.
=== July–September ===
* [[July 1]] – [[First International Forestry Exhibition]] opens in [[Edinburgh]], Scotland.
* [[July 3]] – The [[Dow Jones Transportation Average]], consisting of eleven transportation-related companies (nine railroads and two non-rail companies, Western Union and Pacific Mail), is created. The index is the oldest stock index still in use.
* [[July 5]] – [[German Empire|Germany]] takes possession of [[Togoland]].
* [[July 7]] – Nagasaki Shipyard, as predecessor of an [[aircraft]] and [[shipbuilding]] manufacturing brand in Japan, [[Mitsubishi Heavy Industries]] was founded in [[Kyushu Island]].
* [[July 14]] – German administration is established in [[Cameroon]].
* [[August 22]] – The [[Sino-French War]] (for control of [[Tonkin]]) breaks out (continues to April [[1885]]).
* [[August 23]] – [[Sino-French War]] – [[Battle of Fuzhou]]: French Admiral [[Amédée Courbet]]'s [[Far East Squadron]] virtually destroys China's [[Fujian Fleet]].
* [[September 15]] – The invention of [[local anesthesia]] by [[Karl Koller (ophthalmologist)|Karl Koller]] is made public, at a medical congress in [[Heidelberg]], Germany.
=== October–December ===
* [[October 22]] - The [[International Meridian Conference]] in Washington, D.C. fixes the [[Greenwich meridian]] as the world's prime meridian.
* [[November 2]] – [[Timișoara]], Romania is the first town in Europe with streets illuminated by electric light.
* [[November 4]] – [[1884 United States presidential election]]: [[Democratic Party (United States)|Democratic]] Governor of New York [[Grover Cleveland]] defeats [[Republican Party (United States)|Republican]] [[James G. Blaine]] in a very close contest, to win the first of his non-consecutive terms.
* [[November 15]] – The [[Berlin Conference]], which regulates European [[colonisation of Africa|colonisation]] and trade in Africa, begins (ends February 26, 1885).
* [[December 1]] - [[Porfirio Díaz]] (1830-1915) returns as [[President of Mexico]], an office he will hold until [[1911]].<ref>https://www.buscabiografias.com/biografia/verDetalle/633/Porfirio%20Diaz</ref>
* [[December 4]] &ndash; Reformers in Korea who admire the [[Meiji Restoration]] in Japan stage the [[Gapsin Coup]], with Japan's help. China intervenes to rescue the king, and help suppress the rebels.
* [[December 10]] - The [[Third Reform Act]] widens the adult male electorate in the United Kingdom to around 60%.
* [[December 16]] &ndash; The [[World Cotton Centennial]] [[world's fair]] opens in [[New Orleans]].
=== Date unknown ===
* The first Christian [[missionary]] arrives in Korea.
* Police training schools are established in every [[prefecture]] in Japan.
* [[Parliamentarism]] is introduced in Norway.
* The [[water hyacinth]] is introduced in the United States, and quickly becomes an [[invasive species]].
* An [[Depression (economics)|economic depression]] hits the United States.
* The ''[[Fredrika Bremer Association]]'' is founded in Sweden.
* [[Thomas Parker (inventor)|Thomas Parker]] built a practical production [[electric car]] in Wolverhampton using his own specially designed high-capacity rechargeable batteries.

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Bismarck Congo conference.png
German Chancellor Bismarck leads the partitioning of Africa like a cake (contemporary cartoon)
year 1884




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A Death

TitleBornDiedPlace of deathSummary
William Hunt12 June 182327 February 1884Saint Petersburg



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Arthur Ransome18 January 1884Leeds
3 June 1967Author
Rickard Sandler29 January 1884Torsåker
Västernorrland County
12 November 1964PoliticianPrime Minister of Sweden in the 1920s. Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs in the 1930s. Attended the 4th Bilderberg
John Moore-Brabazon8 February 188417 May 1964Politician
Deep state operative
Clement Davies19 February 1884Wales
23 March 1962PoliticianAttended the first Bilderberg as Leader of the UK Liberal Party
Rachel Crowdy3 March 1884Paddington10 October 1964ActivistEnglish nurse and social reformer, with some military connections.
Walter Layton15 March 188414 February 1966Politician
Deep state operative
Harry S. Truman8 May 1884United States
26 December 1972Politician
Alexander Wiley26 May 1884Wisconsin
Chippewa Falls
26 October 1967Politician
Edvard Beneš28 May 1884Austria-Hungary
3 September 1948Politician
Charles De Visscher2 August 1884Belgium
2 January 1973Judge
İsmet İnönü24 September 1884Turkey
Aidin Vilayet
25 December 1973Soldier
Turkish PM intermittently from 1923 to 1965
Eleanor Roosevelt11 October 1884New York
United States
7 November 1962Diplomat
Camille Gutt14 November 1884Belgium
7 June 1971Central bankerFirst Managing Director of the IMF
Alexander Cadogan25 November 1884London
9 July 1968Diplomat