Pulsed Strobe LTL Weapon at the London Ritz Hotel


Letter to Mohammed Al Fayed From Joe Vialls


Copyright Joe Vialls, 12 February 2002, All Rights Reserved




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                                                                                                         22 September 1997

Mohammed Al Fayed,
Harrods Department Store
Brompton Road,
London, England

Dear Mr Mohammed,


          First may I offer my sincere condolences on the tragic death of your son, although as I write these words they seem woefully inadequate in acknowledging your overwhelming loss.

          My reason for writing to you is that I am a private investigator and analyst specializing in military matters, and my most notable achievement to date was destroying the long-standing media lie that WPC Yvonne Fletcher was killed by the Libyans outside their Embassy in St. James Square on 17 April 1984.

          My investigation, which took four years starting in 1992, proved Fletcher was shot from the top floor of Enserch House, an American Multinational building located further to the west at 8 St James Square.

          During August 1994, Channel 4 Television sent me a letter asking if I would be prepared to work with them on my investigation. Then finally on 10 April 1996, Channel 4's flagship current affairs programme Dispatches ran a special on Fletcher's death called "Murder in St. James's", though ominously, more than half of the hard scientific evidence provided by me was inexplicably excluded from the programme.

          In addition Channel 4 suddenly removed me from the film credits, although I have two files full of correspondence on Channel 4 and Fulcrum Productions letterheads, proving that the controversial investigation into Fletcher's death was instigated and conducted solely by me.

          Experience gained during that extended investigation indicates strongly to me that that the root cause of the deaths of your son Dodi, and Princess Diana, is being distorted by the media using exactly the same techniques employed back in 1984 when Yvonne Fletcher was murdered in St. James Square.

          Clearly the heavyweight establishment media, or perhaps government, must have compelling reasons for this deliberately deceptive behaviour. Because of the continually shifting and conflicting reports from the media, it is manifestly obvious that foul play is either known or suspected where the crash is concerned, and someone somewhere is determined to muddy the waters, thereby obscuring the reason for the Mercedes 600 SEL suddenly losing control as it approached the entrance to the Paris tunnel.

          The "drunk driver" claims are in my view as impossible as a two-ton armoured Mercedes reaching a terminal speed of 121 mph on the short approach to the tunnel, so exactly what caused Henri Paul to lose control?
Many years ago a LTL (Less-Than-Lethal) weapon was designed at the Los Alamos National Laboratories for exactly this purpose, and what little evidence I have 10,000 miles away from the scene of the crime, indicates a high probability of its deployment near the Paris tunnel crash site.

          The term Less-Than-Lethal is deliberately misleading, because these systems are frequently designed to augment lethal weapons. One example of this technique would be the use of LTL chemical or acoustic weapons to flush terrorists out of a secure building and into the open, thereby exposing them to lethal machine gun fire.
Just after the crash it was reported that one or two motorcycles or motor scooters had been seen motionless near the entrance to the tunnel by witnesses, waiting for the approaching Mercedes, and more recently a white Fiat was reported in the same position.

          In addition there was a report of a brilliant white flash blinding driver Henri Paul at exactly the same point on the route. Media speculation (suppressed within one hour) was that Henri Paul was temporarily blinded by a powerful camera flash gun fired from one of the waiting motorcycles, and lost control as a direct result.

         As with the impossible vehicle speed cited, it seems most unlikely that a Mercedes-trained driver like Henri Paul would be unable to cope with an entirely predictable camera flash gun. What Henri Paul would have been completely incapable of coping with would be a pulsed-strobe LTL weapon operating in the visible light band of the electromagnetic spectrum, designed from the outset to look identical to a powerful camera flash gun.

          When this LTL weapon fires, it pulses high-intensity brilliant white light at brain frequencies, inducing complete neural confusion for between two and five seconds. Line-of-sight exposure is overwhelming and renders the target completely incapable of meaningful brain function. Exposure at oblique angles causes moderate to severe mental confusion.

          If this LTL system was deployed at the tunnel entrance in order to trigger a lethal event, the two-ton mass of the Mercedes colliding with a solid concrete wall at sixty mph, would have ensured lethality due to the car's inertia, which could be accurately calculated in advance. Although pulsed-strobe LTL by its very nature leaves little hard evidence of its use, there are indicators which might be useful in determining whether or not it was deployed at the Paris tunnel.

          If bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones remembers nothing about leaving the Ritz hotel, then he is probably suffering from normal retrograde amnesia. If however he remembers part of the journey, after which he has no recall of events, or remembers only mental confusion, that in itself would be a positive indicator of pulsed-strobe LTL having been deployed against the occupants of the Mercedes.

           Rather more obscure (and highly classified) are the effects of pulsed-strobe LTL on blood properties. One trusted forensic source advises that the sudden stress caused by the magnetic component of the weapon causes a sharp and measurable increase in blood serum triglycerides in the target, though the same increase can also be caused by other electromagnetic LTL systems including High Powered Microwave (HPM) and anti-personnel lasers.

         Though there is no direct relationship between serum-triglycerides and blood alcohol levels, it is instructive that doctors frequently use enhanced serum-triglyceride levels as a positive indicator of long term alcohol abuse: An accusation that was swiftly directed at Henri Paul shortly after his death.

         There are other more complicated points to consider but I will not bother you with them now, because determining which might be relevant would require access to all of the evidence existing in the case, which I do not have at my disposal.

          If you find the use of LTL weapons impossible to believe, then I for one would not blame you. But it might be wise to remember that for twelve long years, 60 million Britons believed WPC Fletcher was killed by an impossible shot fired by the Libyans, when in reality she was the victim of a premeditated assassination carried out from the top floor of an American multinational building.

          I also have documented proof that the British forensic pathologist who carried out Yvonne Fletcher's post-mortem, subsequently blatantly lied under oath at the Coronial Inquest into her death.

          My credibility and credentials can be confirmed by a single phone call to Tripoli, if required. Four months after the Channel 4 film went to air in 1996 the Libyan Government discovered that it was me who had conducted the investigation into Fletcher's murder in London.

          I was invited to visit Tripoli as the guest of the Libyan Foreign Minister, and stayed there for two weeks. I feel sure that senior diplomats xxxxx xxxx or xxxxx xxx xxxx of the Libyan Foreign Liaison Bureau in Tripoli, would be willing to provide you with confirmation of my professional expertise.

Yours sincerely,



A security back-up of this letter has been sent to the Ritz Hotel in Paris, also by registered mail.