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Natasha Barch and Vadim Stolz
Obama and the Intelligence Cabal

Last April the international group of investigative journalists burtsev.ru published an expose of an anti-Obama group of intelligence officers from the former Soviet Union whose private intelligence company Far West LLC has been the object of considerable controversy in Russian and international press. This is an updated and expanded version of the original article in Russian, published in Left.ru 4 (2009) under the title “Kto gotovit pokushenie na Prezidenta SshA?” (Who Prepares the Assassination of the US President?). It includes a follow-up interview with Vadim Stolz by Natasha Barch which she took by correspondence in the summer - autumn of 2009. Vadim Stolz is a chairman of the International editorial board of burtsev.ru. Natasha Barch is a member of its Moscow chapter.


Threatening Noises from FarWest
From the left: Uzbek-Chechen General Ruslan Saidov (Sadullaev), Ukrainian General Vladimir Filin (Litovchenko) and Rt. Colonel of the General Staff Anton Surikov of Russia (aka Turkish citizen Mansur Nathoev, aka U.S. citizen Gregory Orloff) are extremely unhappy with US President Obama and would like to see him out of the Oval Office by whatever means. Last August these individuals met with Vice-President Biden in Washington.
From the left: Uzbek-Chechen General Ruslan Saidov (Sadullaev), Ukrainian General Vladimir Filin (Litovchenko) and Rt. Colonel of the General Staff Anton Surikov of Russia (aka Turkish citizen Mansur Nathoev, aka U.S. citizen Gregory Orloff) are extremely unhappy with US President Obama and would like to see him out of the Oval Office by whatever means. Last August these individuals met with Vice-President Biden in Washington.

Our monitoring of the public statements made in recent months by FarWest LLC vice-presidents Generals Vladimir Filin, Ruslan Saidov and the board member Rt. Colonel Anton Surikov--principal liaison of the group with right-wing circles in Washington—betray more that the aggressive Obamophobia of this group. In particular, Surikov/'s recent anti-Obama statements give reasons for concern. Here are some quotes.

Surikov's statement about Biden and Gates suggests a military coup or some sort of anti-constitutional conspiracy in the United States with the goal of “removing” President Obama.

In his recent “interview” with Natalia Roeva, Surikov identified Obama as American Gorbachev bent on the destruction of his country because of his religious mentors, “famous Negro racists Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright, had brainwashed Obama with irrational hatred of America.” This statement was followed by this exchange:

Roeva: - How is it possible to eliminate (ustranit) Obama before 2012?

Surikov: - Oh, there are many ways. Leave this for Americans to choose. Mechanisms for removing (otstranit')[the President] do exist, as well as precedents. i 

Anton Surikov, board member of Far West LLC. Natalia Roeva (nee Valiahmetova), wife of a wealthy oil trader, FarWest LLC partner, specializes on organizing the “national-liberation struggle” of Ugro-Finn ethnicities in the Russian Federation.
Anton Surikov, board member of Far West LLC. Natalia Roeva (nee Valiahmetova), wife of a wealthy oil trader, FarWest LLC partner, specializes on organizing the “national-liberation struggle” of Ugro-Finn ethnicities in the Russian Federation.

The inflammatory language aside, the question that the U.S. and Russian authorities should ask is: What “ways” and “precedents” to “remove” Obama Surikov is talking about? There is only one constitutional way of “removing” a President of the United States. It is called impeachment. Surikov is supposed to know this. As naturalized U.S. citizen, he had to pass the exam on the constitution of the United States. But the US Congress did not accuse President Obama in violating the laws of the country and there is no indication whatsoever that such an accusation is forthcoming. As to Roeva's inquiry about the ways to “eliminate” President Obama, it is true that such ways do exist and the U.S. history has a plenty of “precedents” of this sort. But they are all criminal and as such are subject to state prosecution. These include calls and plans for a coup d'etat or the murder of a U.S. President. This is why public statements by and discussions between Russian and foreign citizens about “removing” or “eliminating” President Obama should attract serious attention of the U.S. Secret Service and the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

From what follows it will become clear that these statements and discussions come from the group of individuals who own the private intelligence company Far West LLC, with the head-quarters in Dubai, and include high ranking intelligence officers, both on active service and retired, of Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Britain, the United States, Belarus, and Russia. It will also become clear that this group of people has regular contacts with a set of right-wing operatives and think-tank “analysts” in Washington, DC.

But first let us hear and SEE a few more threatening noises from FarWest. What follows are graphics and statements by the Far West LLC partners that we have copied from their blog at www.far-west.livejournal.com .

* * *

Obama as the Anti-Christ is the recurrent theme of the anti-Obama hate speech by the executives of FarWest LLC. Below is one example from the blog entry by the Uzbek-Chechen General Ruslan Saidov. In the early 1990s Saidov was a Russian GRU “handler” of Shamil Basaev and other future masters of terror; then he moved to Istanbul as a deputy of Khozh Nuhaev, chief of Dudaev's and Maskhadov's external intelligence. In Turkey, Saidov cultivated relations both with a branch of the Grey Wolves (a terrorist pan-Turkist organization) and Turkish Islamists. According to some unverified sources, in 1996 he served as adviser to the Islamist premier of Turkey Necmettin Erbakan. ii 

 “Ruslan Saidov: “The demand for the immediate withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan should be a priority in the struggle of all sane political forces in the world against Obama
“Ruslan Saidov: “The demand for the immediate withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan should be a priority in the struggle of all sane political forces in the world against Obama's global perestroika.”

Our comment: The so-called “Bagram Department” of Saidov's intelligence service operates from the US Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan. By coincidence or not, the private military company KBR (formerly KBR Halliburton) – co-owner of Far West LLC with 13 percent of voting shares—has a big contract with this base. Could it be that Saidov's agents work under the cover provided by the KBR Bagram contractor? According to our sources in Germany, the Bagram group conducts “direct action” operations against the suspected intelligence assets of Germany, France, Russia, and China in Afghanistan and Waziristan. Saidov and his partners are worried that the US focus on Afghanistan and Waziristan distracts them from organizing a new Drang nach Osten with the goal of dismembering Russia.

 “FarWest: Americans can grovel before Putin as they want but they will suffer a crushing defeat in Afghanistan and won
“FarWest: Americans can grovel before Putin as they want but they will suffer a crushing defeat in Afghanistan and won't be able to prevent Iran from having nuclear arms.”

Our comment: This is an example of FarWest's nuclear blackmail of Europe and the United States – another major thread in the subversive activities of this syndicate. The rogue intelligence services and operatives, who use Far West LLC as their commercial front, have been involved in the nuclear consortium between Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, and China. Their activities included the smuggling of nuclear materials and technologies to these countries from Ukraine and Russia and the smuggling of KH-55 (Kent) cruise missiles to Iran and China in 2000-2001. According to the recent article in Australian press, this sale included four nuclear warheads 200 kiloton each. The vice-president of Far West LLC Ukrainian General Vladimir Filin was even nicknamed “the Radioactive Filin” for his advocacy of re-nuclearizing Ukraine. It is believed that rogue elements in the Soviet General Staff were able to hide an unknown number of nuclear devices during the break up of the Soviet Union. iii 

“Vladimir Filin: A "reset" in the relations between the United States and Russia will not be allowed. Nobody wants it except Summers and Chubais.”
“Vladimir Filin: A "reset" in the relations between the United States and Russia will not be allowed. Nobody wants it except Summers and Chubais.”

Our comment: By “nobody” Filin refers to the Russophobic ultra-right/neocon circles in the US and the postfascist East European power groups who hope to use the United States as their proxy to settle old scores with Russia.

Obama – Lenin commandeers an armored vehicle to trample on the American flag. The byline by Vladimit Filin says: “There is a growing understanding in the countries of Eastern Europe about the destructive consequences of Obama
Obama – Lenin commandeers an armored vehicle to trample on the American flag. The byline by Vladimit Filin says: “There is a growing understanding in the countries of Eastern Europe about the destructive consequences of Obama's global perestroika as "the road to hell".” The quote underneath the picture says: “The more representatives of bourgeoisie we shoot the better. Lenin”

Our comment: In their anti-Obama hate speech FarWest habitually exploits the deeply ingrained anti-communism of American society. This also helps to keep their ultra-right partners in Washington and London happy.

 “Anton Surikov: Barack Hussein Obama has agreed to become the leader of a global perestroika because he feels irrational hatred to his country that was taught to him by his spiritual mentors – the Black racists Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright. Like priest, like people.”
“Anton Surikov: Barack Hussein Obama has agreed to become the leader of a global perestroika because he feels irrational hatred to his country that was taught to him by his spiritual mentors – the Black racists Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright. Like priest, like people.”

Our comment: Rt. Colonel of the General Staff Anton Surikov is a naturalized US citizen who aspires to be holier than the Alabama redneck from the John Birch Society. Surikov's hate speech exploits not only the fears of the American Far Right, but also the white racism of their Russian counterparts in government, military, secret services, and business. Peaceful coexistence and partnership between Russia and the United States threaten the geopolitical dreams of ethno-nationalist Russophobic elites in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus about a new Operation Barbarossa and the dismemberment of Russia. The 'reset' in US-Russian relations also threatens to erode the profits of the US military-industrial complex, the power of the “national security establishment,” and the financial support for the Cold War ideological apparatus –the stable of “experts,” “scholars,” and “analysts” —who pimp their knowledge for the sake of the TransAtlantic imperialism. Last not least, the possibility of the pacified US-Russian relations provokes the fury of the post-Nazi nucleus in the heart of Western imperialism as threatening its historical goal of taking revanche for the defeat in World War II. FarWest calls for these forces to unite in the common cause of “removing” Obama.

“Mikhail Gorbachev to Obama: We need a global perestroika... The process has begun...”
“Mikhail Gorbachev to Obama: We need a global perestroika... The process has begun...”

Our comment: Images like this are calculated to whip up hatred to Obama among U.S. and Russian militarists, paving the way for their alliance. If these forces come to power in our countries FarWest hopes to benefit by playing the role of a back channel between them.

 “Gorbachev had called upon Obama to begin a global perestroika. The financial swindlers led by Summers have made it more sweeping by pumping hundreds billions of worthless paper into US economy. The foreign policy adventurists have imputed it with new thinking
“Gorbachev had called upon Obama to begin a global perestroika. The financial swindlers led by Summers have made it more sweeping by pumping hundreds billions of worthless paper into US economy. The foreign policy adventurists have imputed it with new thinking' by getting the US bogged down in the war they cannot win in Afghanistan and Waziristan. They have announced their readiness to negotiate with HAMAS terrorists against the wishes of the right-wing Israeli government. By declaring a reset in the US-Russia relations they have betrayed Eastern Europe, the Baltic states, Ukraine, and the peoples of the Caucasus.”

Our comment: FarWest thrives on confrontation between the United States and Russia. Ukrainian secret services--reckless, violent and uncontrolled as they are, with the leadership ideologically committed to the Banderite vision of the Greater Ukraine--would like to use the United States as a big and stupid troll against Russia in hope to profit from the spoils of war like the hyenas rather that the pan-Turkist wolves on FarWest's blog logo.

Ruslan Saidov: “Iran is de facto a nuclear power and has been for at least three years.”
Ruslan Saidov: “Iran is de facto a nuclear power and has been for at least three years.”

Our comments: General Saidov knows what he is talking about. FarWest played central role in smuggling out of the former SU (mostly from Ukraine) nuclear materials, technology, and means of delivery for the nuclear consortium of Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China and Northern Korea. According to the recent interview with Sam Haider, Saidov and his Far West LLC partners sold Iran not only six KH-55 Kent cruise missiles, but two nuclear warheads to them, 200 kiloton each.

“The Heritage Foundation has proposed to the US Administration their own plan of neutralizing Putin
“The Heritage Foundation has proposed to the US Administration their own plan of neutralizing Putin's regime.”

FarWest signals their support to the right-wing Heritage Foundation and its very own war hawk Ariel Cohen. Cohen is a part of FarWest's crowd in Washington, together with Zeyno Baran, Fiona Hill, Joshua Muravchik, Robert Kagan and some other professional Russia-haters.

“Vladimir Filin: Obama
“Vladimir Filin: Obama's Gorbachev type of politics will free the Fourth Reich from US military control.”

Our comment: Filin is a key figure of the neo-Banderite center in Ukraine's army and secret services. He and his kamaraden are full of hatred to German social-democrats for their resistance to the idea of Ukraine's membership in Nato and rational approach to relations with Russia.

The byline to this racist graphics says: “Ruslan Saidov: It is not Iran or the Taliban, not even Putin
The byline to this racist graphics says: “Ruslan Saidov: It is not Iran or the Taliban, not even Putin's Russia that embody the world's ultimate evil but the adventurer Obama and global Gorbachevism that Obama imposes on America and the world.”ivhttp://far-west.livejournal.com/160955.html#cutid1

A monkey we know, who lives in the Bronx Zoo, made this comment: “If the likes of Saidov represent Homo sapient I better stay on the tree.”

The Nazi Roots of Far West LLC. Interview with Vadim Stolz

Capable and Credible

NB. Vadim, first I would like you to discuss how serious are the anti-Obama statements by the Farwest “information agency”in their Live Journal and Pravda.info publications and whether these statements may or should be reviewed by the U.S. Secret Service which is the organization whose primary purpose is to protect the President of the United States. This is how the official Secret Service website describes their preventing activities.

  1. The protection of an individual is comprehensive and goes well beyond surrounding the individual with well-armed agents. As part of the Secret Service's mission of preventing an incident before it occurs, the agency relies on meticulous advance work and threat assessments developed by its Intelligence Division to identify potential risks to protectees.
  2. Protective research is an integral component of all security operations. Agents and specialists assigned to conduct protective research evaluate information received from law enforcement, intelligence agencies and a variety of other sources regarding individuals or groups who may pose a threat to Secret Service protectees. These agents review questionable letters and e-mails received at the White House and maintain a 24-hour operation to coordinate protection-related information.

I want to play devil's advocate. There is a lot of anti-Obama speech on the Web. Why should anybody care about a bunch of former Soviet spooks fulminating against the President of the United States? I recall how during Obama's election campaign a US law enforcement official was asked to comment on a spike in anti-Obama rhetoric on the Internet. He said that all of it was just “a lot of ranting and raving with no capability, credibility or specificity to it."

VS. This official might have been right back then. However, Filin, Saidov, Surikov and their Far West LLC partners in the United States, Ukraine and Ukrainian diaspora, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Pakistan are not harmless Internet windbags. They have all the capability and credibility in the world. Filin is a general of Ukrainian military intelligence and has under his command the Special Department “R” (for Russia), with a branch in the United States. Another resource he has there are Ukrainian nationalist circles, traditionally ultra-right and Russophobic. They don't like Obama at all, because they see him as being “soft” on Russia. Filin and his old partners from the Soviet military intelligence have “funny” businesses in Latin America – Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia – and the Caribbean and a small private army there, trained and led by old GRU hands. They do the cocaine business with FARC since the 1980s and may well have relations with Colombian and Mexican drug cartels. In the 1990s – early 2000s Filin, Likhvinsev, Saidov, and Surikov ran, under the protection of Russian General Staff, one of the largest heroin businesses in Eurasia, from Afghanistan to Kosovo. They are well-known figures in international intelligence circles. This milieu is potentially a very serious source of threat for a president who wants to make the world a more peaceful place. Vladimir Filin is not a chatterbox; he is the one Ukrainian prime minister Timoshenko reports to when discussing gas prices with Putin and the Gazprom. Filin coordinates intelligence gathering between Ukraine and Georgia and he supervised Ukrainian special operations in Georgia during its war with Russian last August, after meetings with influential neocons like Robert Kagan and a visit to Washington presumably for consultations with Robert Gates or his people in the DIA. v  According to the intelligence information, published in 2004, “Filin's Gang” had over 70 bodies on their hands by then and kept counting. Our sources in CIS intelligence community claim that FarWest's victims include Paul Khlebnikov of the Forbes Magazine, Anna Politkovskaya, and central banker Andrei Kozlov. When someone like Filin openly talks about “removing” the President of the United States it seems to deserve more than passing attention from the people responsible for his safety.

“Saidov: Obama is the expendable puppet of the Federal Reserve and Goldman Saks. Sooner or later they will sacrifice him.” viFarwest LJ <http://far-west.livejournal.com/215635.html>
“Saidov: Obama is the expendable puppet of the Federal Reserve and Goldman Saks. Sooner or later they will sacrifice him.” viFarwest LJ <http://far-west.livejournal.com/215635.html>

General Ruslan Saidov is also a career military intelligence officer. After our publications about Saidov's terrorist activities, he was officially retired from his position of the special adviser to the Uzbek defense minister Ruslan Mirzaev. vii  Saidov remains in charge of Chechnya's illegal external intelligence organization and has recently proved his “credibility” by organizing the liquidations of Ramzan Kadyrov's opponents in Moscow, Austria, Turkey, and Dubai. It is also common knowledge in Russia's intelligence community that Saidov and Nukhaev ordered the assassinations of the Forbes' editor Paul Khlebnikov and Anna Politkovskaya, carried out by the killers from Nukhaev's former “Lazan” organized crime organization. In 2006, together with Filin's men, they killed Russian Central Bank CEO Andrei Kozlov. Saidov is not only in charge of hundreds of armed and highly trained people in the Middle East and has his agents in every significant Chechen diaspora from Jordan to the United States, he is also a close associate and business partner of Prince Turki al-Faisal and the Khashoggi family, unarguably credible and capable gentlemen. Soviet GRU trained Saidov for the “deep penetration” of Middle Eastern elites, especially Sufi networks, widely used by regional intelligence services, as well as the other way around. He was quite successful in this and so was his and his partners' arms and heroin trade in this part of the world. I want to emphasize Saidov's ties not only to Saudi and Turkish intelligence, but also to Pakistan's ISI. According to our sources in Central Asia, last April Saidov brought to Tashkent Pakistani army chiefs, generals Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Ahmad Shuja Pasha, for an unannounced half day long visit. Kayani is the current Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army and the former director of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Pasha is the current Director of the ISI. In Tashkent they met with defense minister Mirzaev and President Karimov. The meetings were highly confidential, with Saidov acting as interpreter. Soon after that visit, the ISI controlled gang of Mull? Abdullo (Abdullah Rakhimov) crossed from Afghanistan into eastern Tajikistan. viii  About 200 fighters slipped into the mountainous Tavildara district where it is difficult for the government troops to catch up with them. We have information that Rasheed, Saidov, and Lunev stayed in Abdullo's base in Afghanistan right before the raid and that Lunev has been pretty much sitting on the Afghan-Tajik border since then. This can mean only one thing – Lunev supervises Abdullo's raid on behalf of the FarWest partners who had financed and prepared it. They know Abdullo since the civil war of 1992-3, when Filin, Saidov, and Lunev were on assignment in Tajikistan.

NB. Allow me to clarify that Lunev is Major-General Valery Lunev of Belorussian KGB. He was born in 1960 in the Kulyab Region of Tajikistan, fluent in Pushtu and Farsi. Served together with Filin, Saidov, and Surikov in the GRU special unit N (for narcotics) in Afghanistan. Later in the 80s Lunev was involved in the anti-COCOM network and stationed in the Netherlands. Has Dutch citizenship. Executive director of Far West LLC's central office in Dubai. Is this a fair introduction?

General-Major Valery Lunev (cover name) of Belorussian KGB.
General-Major Valery Lunev (cover name) of Belorussian KGB.

From our dossier: Born 1960 in Kulyab, Tajik SSR. Experience: Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff, Defense Ministry of the USSR. Prepared for work in the Middle East. Fluent in Russian, Belorussian, Farsi, Pushtu, Arabic (Iraqi dialect), English, Dutch. Service in Afghanistan (1982-84), Western Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iraq (1990-91, 2003). Since 1995 – KGB, Republic of Belarus. Resided in the Netherlands in 1995-2006. Dutch passport. Has Chechen wife, Dudaev's relative, who served as a sniper with Basaev and Surikov during the Abkhaz-Georgian war and worked with Lunev for the GRU in Central Asia. Converted Muslim. Militant Russophobe. Said to be the leader of the pro-Nato lobby in Lukashenko's close circle of military and intelligence advisers. Since 2007 operates under the cover of the Executive Director of Far West LLC. We date this photo by the late 80s.

VS. Perhaps, a few other things can be added for those readers who have not been following our journalistic investigation. Lunev is the “funny name,” as they say in Britain, of this ethnic Belorussian. We don't know his real one. He has been much less visible than his attention-hungry partners -- Filin, Saidov, and Surikov -- and was "outed" the latest. His name was not mentioned in the "conspiracy in Nice" fake of 1999-2000, either in Surikov's or Kagarlitsky's texts. Sergei Petrov had "introduced" Lunev to the public in his interview of Janury 2004, several days before he was blown apart by a bomb in South Africa. ix 

NB. Do I recall it correctly that prior to their falling out Sergei Petrov was the second in command in Far West Ltd, wasn't he?

VS. This is correct. He used to be Filin's deputy. Then something happened between them and Petrov left the gang. Later, when he had learned that they were going to kill him--he tape-recorded their conversation--Petrov told the Germans and French about the criminal activities of his former company. x  He also began to cooperate with Russian military counter-intelligence, apparently, hoping to nail his former partners before they got to him. Hence there was a number of "leaks" published in the fall-winter of 2003-04. This is how FarWest as organized criminal society was outed and had to withdraw from big-time narcotrafficking.

NB. They were outed but not prosecuted. Why?

VS. They were not prosecuted because they were and remain a part of the System. The Intelligence Cabal was behind them in the West as were some people in the Kremlin close to Putin. They were also protected by their own secret services-- Ukrainian, Uzbek, Belorussian, Chechen, Lithuanian. Generally, people do not realize that these relatively marginal countries have inherited powerful intelligence apparatuses of the Soviet Union. Ukrainian military intelligence is not a joke at all. It's a powerful force led by old Soviet GRU cadres of highest qualification. Besides, they have at their disposal the well-organized and politically active Ukrainian diaspora around the world. Anyway, when the Germans had gotten the goods on FarWest from Petrov (including the information on the Ukraine-to-Iran KH-55 cruise missiles deal ) they realized it was way too much for them to handle and could make the relations of the SD government with Washington even worse. I suspect that something similar happened with the French.

NB. Yet, Filin had to evacuate FarWest from Europe to Dubai and himself move to Brazil when they had that problem with Goss and Foggo. Doesn't this suggest that they are not that big, after all?

VS. That's a very different situation. There was never real threat of legal persecution in that episode. The problem was that Foggo's thugs could simply whack Filin and his associates. Actually, I tend to believe Filin that they planted a bomb under Davidovich's car in Bogota. The threat was physical, not legal. xi 

Military intelligence officer Sergei Petrov (born Savchenko) aka French citizen Serge Rodin (? - 2004).
Military intelligence officer Sergei Petrov (born Savchenko) aka French citizen Serge Rodin (? - 2004).

From our dossier: Sergei Petrov (born Savchenko, ? - 2004). Former GRU officer, after 1993 served in Ukrainian military intelligence. Served in Afghanistan together with Filin, Likhvintsev, Saidov, Surikov, and Lunev. In the fall of 2003 Petrov gave German and French authorities information about the criminal activities of the "consulting firm" Far West LTD that included the sale of Ukrainian WMD to Iran and China and portable SAMs to FARC. In January 2004, he was blown up in his car while staying in Cape Town, SA. Several days later, in Cyprus, there died, allegedly in a strange accident, the international arms dealer Sarfraz Haider--key figure in the sale of the Ukrainian KH-55 (Kent) cruise missiles to Iran. That sale might have included several nuclear warheads.

NB. Let's go back to General Lunev.

VS. It is relevant in the context of FarWest's anti-Obama active measures that Petrov described Lunev as a specialist on “radical solutions.” His long list of "achievements" included the assassination of Sangak Safarov and Faizullah Saidov -- socialist leaders of the People's Front of Tajikistan. Lunev masterminded this political crime in the spring of 1993 on the orders of defense minister Grachev and the personal request of Boris Yeltsin. However, Lunev is not only a specialist on Central Asia and "radical solutions." He is also a high-class military-political analyst and consummate organization man. From what we know, his activities in the FarWest Dubai office have the blessings of President Lukashenko, who apparently values Lunev and FarWest as his back channel for a dialog and deal-making with the right-wing Republicans and neocons in the United States, not to mention "gray" and "black" arms trafficking which is another of Lunev's specialties. Just as Filin and Saidov, Lunev is very dangerous and his presence on the Afghan-Tajik border--clearly sanctioned by the Saudis, Pakistanis, and the rogue CIA partners of FarWest--should be a cause for grave concern to all peace-loving people around the world and, especially, in Asia.

NB. Going back to Mullo Abdullo. Why did FarWest and the ISI people send him to Tajikistan?

VS. They wanted to demonstrate their ability to destabilize Central Asia.

NB. But why in the world do they want to destabilize whatever? And to whom did they “demonstrate” this?

The Intelligence Cabal

VS. To answer these questions, we need to place FarWest within a bigger picture. The Russian-speaking part of this organization are senior military intelligence officers and agents, who began their service in the last decade of the Soviet Union. Their professional carriers, power and personal wealth have come from the confluence of two factors: 1) the special place of intelligence in the military-industrial complex and its covert networks abroad, and 2) the destruction of the Soviet Union that had allowed them to capitalize on their position.

Their senior partners in the US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel can be described as right-wing and post-Nazi elements from the national security state (NSS) establishments that have grown tremendously during the Cold War and whose power and wealth depend on war and international tension. In the core of this loosely-knit cabal is a group of ideologically committed people, often with the family histories of struggle against Russia and the Soviet Union, who ache to settle with us some old scores and take their revanche for our victory in 1945. The NSS establishments have behind them privileged groups and sections of their national ruling classes, which has been long established economically and politically and who traditionally have been in control of the state or its big chunks. They are right-wing Republicans, Democrats, and neocons in the U.S., Conservatives and part of New Labor in Britain, the Likud in Israel and the Saud family in SA, Turkish military and pan-Turkist underground, Pakistani military and the ISI, Sufi networks... In other words, the intelligence groups, both state and private, who are directly involved or indirectly interact with FarWest have a much broader social, economic, and political base than the Russian-speaking FarWest. To give one example, the board of Diligence LLC includes or included figures like Richard Burt, Michael Howard, Lord Charles Powell, William Webster, Edward Mathias, Thomas F. McLarty, Arnaud de Borchgrave. These guys are high level operatives of powerful Atlantic elites; they run the show while the professional intelligence hacks manage it on a day to day basis. It's different with Filin, Saidov, Lunev, Surikov and others on the former SU side. They are upstarts who do not represent any old interests. Their strongest power base is Ukraine where secret services and the military are their own masters and form a state within the state just like the military and ISI in Pakistan or the military and the Grey Wolves in Turkey. Indeed, Ukraine is referred to in Europe as the “European Pakistan.” But they are pretty much helpless on their own, without their senior partners, especially, the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. If the power of Turkish military diminishes, its bad news for Saidov, Nukhaev, and their organization, because they cannot feel safe in and operate from Turkey without the protection of the general staff and police. If Saidov looses the confidence of Saudi sheiks his construction and real estate companies in the Middle East will go belly up the next day. Same will happen to Filin's assets around the world if their relations with the US and British “partners” go sour as they did under Goss and Foggo in the CIA. These guys can have some leeway and power of decision only as long as they remain in good standing with their senior partners. Their leash may be long, but it's still a leash and no less strong for that. So, to stay in action, they have to prove again and again their worth, their ability to stir things up, especially in the areas where the US have little leverage as in Central Asia. However, these “unequal” relations are not fixed and can change. The Russian-speaking partners of FarWest play their own or partly their own games as well. Filin coordinates the anti-German activities of Ukrainian and Polish intelligence. Saidov's death squads in Bagram, sheltered and paid by the US military, roam Afghanistan, Waziristan and the Sunni Triangle in Iraq, but Saidov's killers also have been wiping out any real or potential opposition to Kadyrov, while his Sufi activities in the Middle East and elsewhere may remain impenetrable even for US and British intelligence. Also they can influence US internal politics through their agents of influence in the Ukrainian and other East European diaspora in Northern America.

NB. And how does Abdullo's last raid in Tajikistan fit into the bigger plans of this international Intelligence Cabal?

We hear from our German friends that the Republicans who are close to the military-industrial complex, the Pentagon and intelligence have conspired with the Likud to subvert Obama's foreign policy and eventually force him out of the White House. It appears they plan to attack Obama from several directions.

1. Likud will strike in the Near East, probably, at Gaza or Lebanon, with a massive "collateral damage." This will derail Obama's peace making in that region.

2. Even more important will be the proliferation of nuclear arms, with several new countries going nuclear, either officially or de facto, after the Israeli model. FarWest have played important role in the Nuclear Consortium between Ukraine, Pakistan, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea. The unknown quantities of Soviet nuclear materials and weapons were hidden in Ukraine around the breakup of the Soviet Union and later loaned to Iran or stored in Pakistan. This allows Ukrainian military to provide technical maintenance for their nuclear devices and perhaps even develop new ones while formally not violating the denuclearized status of Ukraine.

One well-publicized case was the sale of 12 cruise missiles KH-55 from Ukraine to China and Iran in 2000-2001. It was recently claimed that the deal also included four 200-kiloton nuclear war heads. xii  According to Ukrainian national security figures around Yulia Timoshenko, the sales were handled by Far West LLC, with the U.S. private intelligence company Diligence LLC "supervising" it from a distance. Victor Bout's planes were used in this operation. xiii  A less known case was the theft by FarWest of two kilograms of uranium-235 from the Sukhumi Physics and Technology Institute in the early 90s. The uranium went to Iran. And this might be just the tip of the iceberg. Filin and Saidov boast that Iran already has nuclear arms and that Ukraine with Saudi Arabia will soon follow it. At the same time, they accuse Obama of "weakening America and leaving the rest of the world in chaos." This tactics subverts Obama's commitment to the non-proliferation of nuclear arms and missile technology, while providing the military-industrial complex with arguments in favor of expanding the anti-missile defense R&D and deployment.

3. Afghanistan and Pakistan will be turned into examples of Obama's failure to fight "international terrorism." At the same time, Afghanistan territory will be used to destabilize Central Asia and increase pressure against Russia and China. Mullo Abdullo's raid into Tajikistan is a test of this mechanism. xiv  Since the fall of 2008 at the latest, Saidov and Prince Rasheed concentrate on Afghanistan. They have been going back and forth between Kabul, Islamabad, Quetta, and El-Riyadh, meeting with Turki al-Faisal, Karzai, Nawaz Sharif and Mullah Omar. Their goal is to have an agreement between the United States and the Taliban through the mediation of the Saudis and Pakistanis. The Intelligence Cabal no longer needs Karzai. He has become a liability and has to go. But if Karzai makes a deal with the old anti-Taliban and anti-US warlords like Ismail Khan, Rashid Dostum, and Karim Khalili this can create a lot of problems for the Nato forces and the Cabal, making it impossible to use Afghanistan for de-stabilizing the Central Asia, China, and Russia.

Ruslan Saidov: Obama will suffer a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Ruslan Saidov: Obama will suffer a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

4. Those behind FarWest do not want Obama to have a new treaty with Russia on slashing nuclear stockpiles. They want a new arms race and they also see such a treaty as the important part of Obama's strategy to normalize relations with Russia. The U.S. militarists want Russia to remain the bogey man of Western propaganda.

5. They want to make permanent the simmering conflict between Russia and her neighbors – Ukraine and Georgia -- so that their propaganda apparatus could continue picturing Russia as aggressor and poison our relations with Europe and the United States.

6. If they "remove" Obama, they will try to crash the oil prices and keep them below $30 for a long time, speed up the development and deployment of anti-missile defense systems against Russia and China under the pretext of the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs. Using Afghanistan as their forward base and proxies like Abdullo's gang, they will provoke military conflicts in Central Asia to make Russia and China busy. In other words, the Intelligence Cabal behind FarWest wants to copycat the strategies of the Reagan-Daddy Bush period. This is what we may get instead of a "reset" if they topple Obama.

All these directions for subverting international peace and Obama's presidency are discussed by Surikov and his buddies in the FarWest blog which serves as a semi-public transmitter of their positions to their partners and supporters.

NB. Can we then conclude that this program, as you have outlined it, puts the "neo-Trotskyism" Surikov style on the back burner, at least for the time being?

VS. For the time being, yes. The resignation of Korabelnikov (head of the GRU) and the rise of oil prices make the probability of a general unrest in Russia and its exploitation for a coup d'etat less likely. This is why Surikov has replaced the theme of a “neo-Trotskyist revolution” with the "national-liberation struggle against the evil empire." But this is simply a temporary tactical shift in focus. In their thinking, the fifth column of all colors--“ethnic,” “liberal,” “patriotic,”and “left”--remains central to the “final solution of Russian question.”

The Oberländer Connection

“The Jewish proletarian is the real source of Bolshevism in Poland.”

Theodore Oberländer

NB. Don't they also use their blog to “announce” what forces have come together behind this anti-Obama program and also to coordinate and rally behind it the Russian fifth columnists like Latynina, Albats, Piontkovsky and the rest of them?

VS. Absolutely! To give the latest example, their recent celebration of Theodore Oberländer and the World Anti-Communist League is meant to be a message that FarWest had behind them the right-wing and post-Nazi elements in the U.S. foreign policy establishment. It is also the way to amplify and say openly what their partners in the West cannot. They are also yearning for the Reagan-Bush “Bitburg” years-- when the Republican “ethnic outreach” program gave much visibility to Ukrainian, Belorussian, Baltic and other fascists. This is their model for the post-Obama America. Also, the rehabilitation of "moderate" Nazis like Oberländer and Canaris is important for their base support in Ukraine, Belorussia, the Caucasus, the Baltics and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union where Hitler had found ethnic collaborators. Again, they mimic the strategy of the Reagan -Bush administration and its Republican "ethnic outreach" to mobilize the old Nazi collaborators and their heirs against the Soviet Union under the slogan of national liberation. Hence the importance of Oberländer and Canaris who in 1943 advocated more reliance on anti-Soviet and anti-Russian ethnic elements after it had become clear that Germany could not win the war in the East.

Our dossier on Theodore Oberländer (1905-1998) - Professor of Ostforschung, political agent and officer of German military intelligence, WWII commander of “ethnic units” of Nazi collaborators in the Eastern Front, West German minister and ultra-right politician. War criminal.

Three SS men: from the left: Karl Frank, Rudolf Heydrich (sitting) and Theodore Oberländer (standing)
Three SS men: from the left: Karl Frank, Rudolf Heydrich (sitting) and Theodore Oberländer (standing)

Born in Meiningen. Lutheran. Education: Universities of Munich, Berlin, Hamburg. Diplom in Agronomy. Doctorate from the University of Konigsberg. Member of Freikorps Baden and Schwarzen Reichswehr. Boasted participation in the Beer Hall Putsch. Member of NSDAP since 1933. Member of the mystic-agrarian Artamanen-Gesellschaft (Darré, Himmler, Hoess, Kammler...). Member of the SA (Obersturmführer). Member of Karl and Albrecht Haushofers' "geopolitical" circle. 1928-34: Economic and political intelligence work in the Soviet Union under the cover of Krupp's agricultural company DRUSAG (Northern Causasus). Participation in the Soviet-German military cooperation (The Reichswehr's panzer school in Kazan), contacts with Soviet military intelligence and Comintern agents. Recipient of the Ford Foundation stipend (1932). World travel (1931-32). After 1933: Leader "Bund Deutscher Osten" (BDO - "League for a German East"), which advocated radical Germanization of the eastern provinces. Organizes the fifth column in the Klaipeda (Memel) Region. Accused by Lithuanian government in subversive activities and banned from entering the country. Professor at the University of Greifswald, struggle for the "judenfrei" (free of Jews) university and the Province of Pomerania. Assistant to Gauleiter Erich Koch ( East Prussia). 1939 - Officer of Abwehr II (Sabotage and Subversion), organizes special units of ethnic Germans against Poland. Begins to specialize on Ukrainian issues. Endorses ethnic cleansing of the Polish population. 1940: Head of the German Repatriation Mission in Eastern (Soviet) Galicia, frequents Lemberg (Lwow), intelligence contacts with Ukrainian nationalists, especially with OUN-B (Stepan Bandera's faction -- Yaroslav Stesko, Mykola Lebed, Roman Shukhevich); 1941 – participates in the preparation for the invasion of the Soviet Union in the Abwehr main HQ, plans agricultural policy of Germany in the future occupation of the USSR. June 1941: Overall command of an Abwehr group of military-political units that march on Lwow where Ukrainian Batallion Nachtigall and Geheime Feldpolizei units from Oberländer's group participate in the murders and pogroms of Jewish and Polish population. 1942-summer 43: Commander of the mixed German and Caucasian unit “Sonderverband Bergmann” (Abweht II), deployed in the Northern Causasus and the Crimea. Subversions, propaganda, anti-partisan activities. Fall 1943-winter 1944: Released from the Wehrmacht, based in Prague, involved in a broad range of political, intelligence, and scholarly activities under the control and on the behalf of SS and NSDAP. Contacts with Fritz Kammler, Wernher von Braun, and Walter Dornberger in the Peenemunde Rocket Center. Was involved in the SS operations to transfer German military high-tech (V-2) and know-how to the Americans. March-April 1945: Assigned a liaison officer with Vlasov's Russian Liberation Army in Prague. In the end of April makes contact with the US military intelligence and negotiates the surrender of Maltsev's air corp to General Patton. Sent to England for intelligence debriefing. Released in 1946. After a short period of“denazification” and ideological retouching returns to politics as the ultra- right Christian-Democrat, pan-Western anti-communist, and champion of the United Europe. Member of Abendländische Aktion—founded by group of the Old Order elements and leaders of the extreme Christian-Democrat Right from several countries. 1948: Memorandum “On Psychological Warfare” -- a detailed political and social program of “a crusade against communism.” Presents himself as “oppositionist” and victim of Himmler. Leader of West German resettlers movement for the return of “Eastern territories” and their BHE party. Federal Minister in Adenauer's cabinet. 1960: A court in German Democratic Republic sentences O. in absentia to life imprisonment for his involvement in the Lwow massacre in 1941. Under public pressure resigns from Adenauer's government. Leader of the World Anti-Communist League—an international extreme right and fascist network of intelligence and military groups. Had close relations with U.S. military intelligence General Charles Willoughby (Adolf C. Weidenbach), U.S. Army Colonel John Singlaub (Operation Phoenix), Fritz Ermarth and Robert Gates of the CIA and Wernher von Braun.

NB. Let me pick up the thread on the “national-liberation struggle against the evil empire” and “the final solution of Russian question.” What are the origins of this juxtaposition of the leftish sounding slogan of “the “national-liberation struggle” with the Reaganism of “evil empire” and the genocidal Nazi phraseology of “final solution”? How does this unholy amalgam reflect on the political ideology or ideologies and histories behind the FarWest cabal? Let's talk about this and the concrete personalities who represent this trajectory.

VS. This “unholy amalgam,” as you aptly call it, indeed reflects both the Russian and Western faces of FarWest, as well as their opportunistic tactics. Consider the political masks of Surikov, who is responsible for ideology in Far West LLC.

The director of "Trotsky Institute" is aggressive homophobe and racist who calls Obama "that Nigger," implores the Likudniks to bomb Iran, and would like to see Venezuela subverted by U.S. militarists as Nicaragua was by Reagan -- Surikov's model hero. In Turkey, Surikov has established relations with pan-Turkist circles in the military and intelligence. He was seen in the Kurdistan Front wearing Turkish military uniform. Together with Saidov and Nukhaev, Surikov have links to the Grey Wolves, the terrorist underground of Turkish fascists. At the same time, Surikov sits on the Council of the “Left Front” – a fake Moscow organization, known for its street provocation tactics. Surikov is also a leader of the “left” Party of Social Justice—a front organization of Russian secret services and army veterans—and his own fictional “neo-Trotskyist party.” In other words, Surikov presents himself as a right-winger and a leftist with equal ease, no questions asked. It may seem impossible but, as a matter of fact, Surikov takes cue from ideological amalgam of his neocon partners in Washington, like Joshua Muravchik and Zeyno Baran. Recall also that, historically, the CIA and British intelligence preferred the left masquerade for right-wing politics and anti-communism as most effective.

NB. Can you be more specific and give examples of what you call the Intelligence Cabal and its operations?

Historically, intelligence in the West has been a specialized apparatus of conservative elites, led and staffed by their own “good ol' boys.” The first leaders of the OSS and CIA, Bill Donovan and Allen Dulles, came from the Wall Street, William Casey too, and so on. They had close links with private capitalists like Prescott Bush. After the war, Donovan even tried to create a private CIA financed by capitalists and corporations. There is nothing particularly new in the privatization of intelligence and the military that we have seen in the last 10-20 years. The Intelligence Cabal arose from the murky zone between the showcase democracy and the section of the ruling class that owns the military-industrial complex. It is its secret fighting organization, free from the legal restraints, democratic controls, and moral norms of the public facade. It is not a formal organization, of course, but a a self-reproducing network of informal and semi-official relations, sufficiently open and flexible to react to the changing world.

A good example of how this network works in its mature and "globalized" stage was the creation of the Safari Club in 1976 by the ad hoc group of the intelligence chiefs of France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Iran. They wanted to help their right-wing allies in US secret services to circumvent Carter's reforms and create a kind of the private CIA. As to the historical trajectory of the Intelligence Cabal, I would highlight the dialog between the US and British agencies with the Abwehr on the possibility of a separate peace and common front against the Soviet Union, the transfer of German military and scientific know-how to the US (Operation Paperclip and others), and the “ratlines.” The Wernher von Braun-Dornberger group played a big role in the post-Nazi ideological influence on the US military-industrial complex, especially, its strategic nuclear forces component. Another important post-war development was the integration of Nazi intelligence apparatus (Gehlen.Org) into the US-British system of intelligence.

After FDR's death, the US became the heir of Nazi Germany in a number of ways. Truman undid every progressive achievement of Roosevelt's presidency; they imported thousands of Nazi criminals and tens if not hundreds of thousands of Nazi collaborators from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe who turned their old ethnic diasporas in the U.S. and Britain into rabidly anti-Soviet and Russophobic constituencies; they had their Kristallnacht American style in McCarthyism, and they had reduced the United States to the anticommunist ober crusader and the beacon of the world reaction, supporting every single reactionary force in the world, from Latin American and African dictators to Saudi feudals and jihadist mullahs to South-African and Israeli racists, Asian fascists, and so on. It was this historical transformation of the United States into the leading reactionary force, suppressing and subverting popular democratic movements and socialist countries that gave rise to the Intelligence Cabal and empowered it.

NB. I guess we can call it a kind of "Fascism Light"--democratic on surface, with a shadow government by Wall Street and the military-industrial complex.

VS. Yes, the post-war United States were all about anti-communism plus the amalgamation of corporate power with the state plus the great power chauvinism and messianism. These are classical ingredients of Fascism. Hitler and Mussolini would die of envy. But internal repressions have been comparatively mild, even in the 1950s. They were simply not needed in the absence of strong class organization by US workers. Due to its economic and military-political dominance in the post-war world, American capitalism was able to share out of its profits the proverbial "crumbles" with US workers and keep them loyal to its rule. As the result, the fascist nature of the post-war US has been reflected mostly in its international projection. Their “spheres of national interests” or “vital national security interests” is a neoimperialist equivalent of Nazi's Lebensraum. But Hitler was more modest and did not claim the entire globe for the Third Reich.

NB. What were the major manifestations of the Intelligence Cabal after the McCarthy years?

VS. The World Anti-Communist League (WACL) and its member--the Anti-Bolshevik Block of Nations run by the Banderites--was a major post-Nazi development. Essentially, it was a remake of the Hitler-Goebbels Anti-Comintern of 1939-40. WACL brought together the veterans of the Third Reich, Japanese war criminals, Nazi collaborators from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Latin American death-squads types, Pan-Turkish and East Asian fascists. All this zoo came under the umbrella of the US, Taiwanese, and South Korean intelligence services. The WACL chapter in the US, headed by Singlaub, used the organization for all kind of frauds and as money channel for Iran-Contra activities and similar operations.

The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), established in 1972, was the biggest criminal network of the Intelligence Cabal that we know of. The Bank preceded the Safari Club and financed it. The question now is what has replaced the BCCI after its debacle. Could it be that FarWest LLC is a visible part of this new structure? It's purely hypothetical, but it must exist. Just as the BCCI served to wed the Anglo-American intelligence with Saudi and other Arab intelligence networks, so in the 90s this new structure must have brought into the fold the nomadic groups of former Soviet intelligence cadres and chunks of their networks abroad. There is some circumstantial evidence that rogue elements in Soviet intelligence began to link with their Western counterparts as early as in the 1970s, especially in drugs and arms trafficking. The BCCI and the Eastern Block anti-COCOM networks could serve as umbrellas for their cooperation.

The Intelligence Cabal and Ukraine: Lebed – Kupchinsky -- Skipalsky- Filin

NB. Speaking of the World Anti-Communist League, the Anti-Bolshevik Block of Nations and the broader Republican “ethnic outreach” program. How important these political-intelligence projects of the 1970s-80s have been for the post-Soviet developments? Is it worth piecing this information together today rather than leaving it in peace for future historians?

VS. The WACL and ABN provided vital historical continuity between the Old Conservative, Nazi and Post-Nazi projects of aggression against the Soviet Union and, after its destruction, against Russia. Besides their obvious propagandist, political, and financial value for Republicans and neocons--these organizations were used by the BCCI and Iran-Contra networks for tax and insurance fraud--these were the training grounds for the younger generation of the ultra-right candidates for a place in the foreign policy establishment and the Intelligence Cabal. For this reason alone, research of the WACL network and its activities is a necessary part of any resistance to these reactionary forces that has a chance for success. And there is more.

We believe that WACL, ABN and their national affiliates served as public fronts for clandestine networks engaged in political intelligence, special operations, and even terrorist activities against the Soviet Union, other socialist countries, and progressive regimes around the world. We also believe that--while the public faces of these two-tier organizations were engaged in the war of words with official Soviet propaganda—their clandestine layers served for an uninterrupted dialog with pro-capitalist and pro-nationalists elements in the Soviet political, military, and intelligence leadership. In other words, we simply cannot understand how the Soviet Union was destroyed without considering the role of these transnational networks of ethnic struggle against socialism and the Soviet Union.

NB. Can you describe how these networks had influenced the political trajectory of post-Soviet Ukraine and give an example of their dialog with the Soviets?

VS. To begin with, we need to keep in mind the existence of two currents of Ukrainian nationalism—the old nationalism of the Diaspora based UNO and the nationalism of the Soviet Ukrainian origin. The latter has always existed on all levels of Ukrainian party and state bureaucracy and this nationalism had been getting stronger as the Soviet bureaucracy evolved ideologically and politically towards open capitalist restoration.

The contacts between these two nationalist formations never stopped and were specially intensive, to the degree of partial osmosis, in the 1940s and 1970s-80s. In the former period, for instance, a number of UPA commanders went over to the Soviet side and were protected by the MGB-KGB. To give some concrete examples, the grandfather of Filin's wife was a UPA commander in the Volhynia Region and took part in the mass murders of Jews and Poles there. In the end of the 1940s, he was arrested and sentenced to 25 years in labor camps but was set free already in the 50s. His son, Filin's father-in-law, became the chairman of a collective farm in Ukraine. Filin's own father carried out forced Ukrainization of the Russian-speaking Eastern Ukraine under Khrushchev.

The CPSU leadership after Stalin was dominated by cadres from the Ukrainian CP, especially under Brezhnev and his Dnepropetrovsk retinue.

The Ukrainian “dissident” movement provided a back channel for discussions and deal-making between Soviet Ukrainian elites and the West.

Ukrainian nationalists are very skilled in penetrating the decision-making political and intelligence groups of U.S. Ultra-Right. So when the Soviet Union was dismantled, the Ukrainian nationalists in the United States moved in full force into Ukraine and, as we now know, were able to shape the political process into the direction of a radically anti-Russian and pro-US orientation. The same story happened in the Baltics and Moldova. But in Ukraine the old radical nationalists, Banderites, from the Diaspora were in a more difficult position because they were associated with the Nazis and U.S. imperialism and people remembered their horrible crimes committed in the 1940s. The majority of Ukrainians were pro-Russian, spoke Russian, had Russian relatives and friends, lived in the common economic space with Russia. Ethnic Russians constituted about 30 percent of Ukraine's population. Heavily pro-Russian was the population of the industrially developed east of the country while the popular base of anti-Russian nationalism was in the rural and backward formerly Polish provinces in the west. The post-communist ruling elite in Ukraine—former communist bosses, industrial and military-industrial management--were not eager to surrender their commanding positions to some crazy Banderites from Chicago and Ontario and to the papists of the Ukrainian Greco-Roman Church. The post-Soviet Ukrainian elites were anti-communist and nationalist, but they were not Russophobic and not ready to turn Ukraine into a front-line Nato state against Russia. So in the early 1990s the Diaspora Banderites found themselves in Ukraine somewhat isolated and with little hope to capture the commanding heights of the Ukrainian state. And here, I think, they were helped by the intelligence networks for which WACL and ABN served as fronts. This photo (below) with the luminaries of the anticommunist international provides some some interesting hints about these networks.

On the left from the top: Slava Stetsko, Roman Zvarych, and Katherine Chumachenko (bottom).

Slava Muzyka-Stetsko was the wife of Yaroslav Stetsko, the head of the self-proclaimed national government in Lwow, that existed for a day or so in July 1941. Slava was a Ukrainian fascist who could teach a few things a hardened Nazi with a pure Arian lineage of 600 years. She served as editor of the ABN and OUN-B publications. In this capacity she wrote a glowing forward to a book, “Captive Nations,” with a glossary of political terms, including these entries:

-- Anti-Semitism: A smear word used by Communists against those who effectively oppose and expose them.

-- Fascist: An anti-Communist.

-- Nazi or Hitlerite: An active anti-Communist.

Actually, I agree with Slava on the last two. Reagan was an active Nazi by her definition and objectively speaking.

Roman Zwarycz (in Ukraine -- Zvarych) – in the 1980s served as Yaroslav Stesko's personal secretary.

Roman Zwarycz, born in the United States into a Banderite family, personal secretary of the Nazi collaborator Yaroslav Stetsko, WACL operative, Ukrainian minister of justice (2006), personal representative of Yuschenko in the Ukrainian parliament. Falsified his educational record.
Roman Zwarycz, born in the United States into a Banderite family, personal secretary of the Nazi collaborator Yaroslav Stetsko, WACL operative, Ukrainian minister of justice (2006), personal representative of Yuschenko in the Ukrainian parliament. Falsified his educational record.

As to Katherine Chumachenko, President Yushchenko's future wife, she was born and raised in Chicago, where she became a member of a Banderite youth organization and was indoctrinated in the "social-nationalist" ideology of UNO-B. In the 1980s, the nationalists planted Chumachenko in Reagan's White House as Deputy Director for Public Liaison while she was a key official with the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), the umbrella organization for OUN-B front groups in the U.S.

In the right column from the top you can see the Nazi spy master Theodore Oberländer, “the Executioner of Lwow,” and two important US intelligence figures: Major General John Singlaub and Lt. General Daniel Graham who represented the ultra-right elements in U.S. intelligence and military. Graham served as the head of the CIA and DIA (military intelligence). Singlaub organized the murderous Phoenix Program in South Vietnam and was a key Iran-Contra operative who called for "sympathetic understanding of the death squads" in Latin America and used WACL as a front for this scam operation.

The mustached man at the bottom is Yaroslav Stetsko, Stepan Bandera's lieutenant since the 1930s. On June 30, 1941 he entered Lwow with a group of the OUN-B leaders that was a part Oberländer's German-Ukrainian task force. The next day Stetsko was proclaimed the prime minister of the short-lived Ukrainian state. After the war Stetsko became the leader of the ABN, dominated by Ukrainian nationalists. He also served on the executive board of WACL.

In sum, the 1984 poster shows two generations of militant Ukrainian nationalist expatriates together with two generations of their handlers: the Nazi and U.S. intelligence.

British intelligence has been another partner of Ukrainian nationalists since the early 1930s at the latest. MI6 gave them a lot of money to prepare for an anti-Russian revolt in Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine was so important for any Western crusade against the Soviet Union and Russia proper that British and German intelligence continued to cooperate on Ukrainian nationalist movement even during WWII. One can be certain that the Anglo-American debriefing of Oberländer in London in 1945-6 heavily concentrated on his knowledge of and contacts with Ukrainian (and North Caucasian) separatists. There are two important points to keep in mind. The Banderites trusted Oberländer more than anybody else. From their point of view, he proved his loyalty to their cause in Lwow by tacitly supporting the proclamation of an independent Ukrainian state or, more likely, had planned it together with Canaris, Lah?usen (Abwehr II), and perhaps some other elements in the Nazi bureaucracy (Rosenberg?) who believed that it was in Germany's best interests to create "independent" Ukraine as a client state like Ustashist Croatia and Tiso's Slovakia. Oberländer might have imagined himself a nation-builder, a kind of Lawrence of Eastern Europe. He was also a good "handler" of his ethnic assets in the Soviet Union: protected them and sympathized with their cause to the extent it agreed with the geopolitical objectives of Pan-Germanism.

Oberländer stood also behind the second defining moment in the political history of ethnic struggle against the Soviet Union in WWII -- the semi-mythical "First Conference of the Subjugated Peoples of Europe and Asia" that supposedly took place in the Rovno Region of Western Ukraine in November 1943. There can be no doubt that the "conference" was an "active measure" conceived by Canaris and Oberländer with a tacit support or wait-and-see attitude from some elements in the Nazi leadership, including Himmler himself, who began to look for a way out of the approaching catastrophe.

Several months before the “conference” Oberländer had written the important memorandum “Alliance or Exploitation” which his friend, Waffen-SS General Felix Steiner, helped to circulate among the SS and Wehrmacht leadership. The memorandum proposed to develop an “adequate policy” in order to “to exploit not only the labor force but also the fighting force of the alien peoples.” Oberländer, whose own special regiment “Bergmann” was close to mutiny, advocated more humane treatment of local population under German occupation and sympathetic response to the political aspirations of anti-Soviet ethnic collaborators.

We know that in the end of the 1980s Oberländer met with Katherine Chumachenko, Yuschenko's future wife. Oberländer's another important and much older contact in the Ukrainian ultra-right was Lev Dobriansky. He served as a case officer in the OSS under Donovan and after the war was apparently involved in running the "rat line" for Ukrainian SS cadres and Nazi collaborators. For many years Dobriansky, a pathological Russophobe even by Washington standards, was one of the key representatives of the Banderite Center in the US. He sat on the board of his OSS buddy Singlaub's United States Council for World Freedom (USCWF) -- a crypto-fascist outfit that acted as a booster for WACL and eventually run it when Singlaub became its president. Dobriansky's daughter Paula became an influential neocon ideologue and the undersecretary of State under George W. Bush. She is a member of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)and was one of the signatories to the 1998 PNAC Letter sent to President Clinton, in which a group of conservatives advocated a US military attack on Iraq. We believe that at the State Department she ran subversive operations against Russia and China under the cover of "human rights" and that Filin was introduced to her by Kupchinsky or Ermarth.

To the group of people on the WACL photo, we should add Mykola Lebed (1909 - 1998), the chief of the feared Sluzhba Bespeki, Bandera's security service in the 1940s. Lebed was a convicted terrorist, sentenced to death together with Bandera and Stetsko for the 1934 murder of Polish Interior Minister Bronislav Pieracki. However, their death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. The intelligence services of Poland, Germany, France, and England saw the Bandera circle as dangerous but also too valuable for the secret war against the Soviet Union to be wasted in the gallows. Bandera and Lebed were released from prison when the Germans occupied Poland.

Lebed's affiliations with the Nazis were somewhat different. He was a Gestapo man (graduated from a Gestapo police-espionage training school near Krakow in 1940) rather than Abwehr's as Stesko, Bandera, and Shukhevich. But Oberländer knew him well and we have Oberländer's letter to the chief of Abwehr II Erwin von Lahausen, describing their meeting in Lwow in July during which Lebed agreed to “a long-term collaboration” with Abwehr. After the Germans arrested Bandera and Stetsko for being too hasty with proclaiming "the independent Ukrainian state" (July 1941), Lebed replaced Bandera as head of OUN-B (Central Provid).

Lebed (aka Maksym Ruban) was arguably the biggest mass murderer among the Nazi collaborators in the East. His paramilitary gangs of Polish Ukrainians, so-called “marching units,” who had previously assisted the SD units in exterminating Jews and Poles during the 1939 campaign, carried out mass murders of Jews, Polish intellectuals, and Soviet activists in Lwow, following its capture by the Nazis in July 1941. In 1943 Lebed led his Bespeka and UPA field commanders in the genocide of Polish population in Polesie and Volhynia (Pol. Wo?y?), apparently with the consent or even advise of the Governor-General of the Ukraine Erich Koch, who advocated stirring hatred between Ukrainians and Poles. Before he took clue from his Nazi partners and genocided the Poles of Volhynia, Lebed had terrorized the Ukrainians themselves. His Bespeka officers murdered those Ukrainian peasants who refused to join the "self-defense army" (Samooboronnyj Kushchovij Viddil - SKV) Lebed formed for the ethnic cleansing of Poles. These Ukrainians, who did not want to kill their neighbors, were murdered together with their entire families and their houses burnt. This guy was in blood up to his ears. But the Americans saved him from the gallows and used Lebed to kill tens of thousands more.

In the end of the war, Lebed ran to Rome under the protection of Vatican and soon became “one of the United States' most important agents inside the OUN/UPA.”  xv  He had what the Americans badly needed for their secret war against the Soviet Union– the knowledge of the nationalist underground in Ukraine and his network of Bespeka cadres. So the CIC and CIA illegally brought him to the United States. Within several years 35 thousands Soviet officers, officials, and activists were murdered in Ukraine by Lebed's terrorist network and Shukhevich's UPA, according to the estimate by Frank Wisner, the CIA's Chief of Operations who ran Lebed. No wonder that Allen Dulles defended Lebed from the INS investigation. In 1957 Lebed became a naturalized citizen of the United States and was able to travel to Europe freely for meeting with his agents. Two years later Bandera was assassinated and Lebed became the undisputed leader of the clandestine UNO-UPA, with Yaroslav Stesko presiding over its public face.

Since then Lebed conducted his activities behind the CIA-DIA front called the Prolog Research Corporation. He served as its president from 1952 to 1975 and vice-president in 1982-1985. The strangest aspect of Lebed's career was his relations with Soviet secret services and party elite. (The Soviets never demanded to extradite Lebed for his crimes even though in the United States his lived openly under his own name). During WWII he occasionally cooperated with the Soviet partisans of Kovpak and Medvedev. In the 1950-60s Lebed had regular meetings abroad with GRU representatives. Also in the 60s he made at least two trips to the Soviet Union where he met with high party, state and intelligence officials in Moscow and Kiev. We don't know what was the nature of Lebed's relations with the Soviets. But these relations were strong and lasting.

In the 1970s Lebed was succeeded in Prolog by Roman Kupchinsky, former senior analyst and director of the Ukrainian service at RFE/RL. He earned the nickname “Butcher of Vietnam” during the military service in that country. Kupchinsky is radical Ukrainian nationalist with the Banderite family history. His parents brought him to the United States in 1949, the same year Lebed was brought there by the CIC. Kupchinsky recently acknowledged the CIA sponsorship of the Prolog Research Corporation. xvi  According to our sources, he is close to Ermarth and Gates and serves as the unofficial representative of GUR in the United States. Filin does business with Washington and US Ukrainian diaspora through Kupchinsky.

 Mykola Lebed ("Devil"), Roman Kupchinsky, Alexander Skipalsky.
Mykola Lebed ("Devil"), Roman Kupchinsky, Alexander Skipalsky.

In the 1990s Lebed several times visited Kiev and met with Filin who worked for Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) and was helping to finance paramilitary nationalist organizations, fighting Russians in Chechnya, by money from trafficking in drugs, Soviet arms and military technology. Back then Filin's boss was Alexander Skipalskyi - the founder and first head (1992-1997) of GUR. Presently, the Lieutenant-General Skipalskyi is a partner in Kupchinsky's private intelligence company AZEast Group. Recently he has announced that he was going to run for president. We believe that the Intelligence Cabal and the Banderite Center in the Ukrainian army, intelligence and Diaspora field Skipalsky just in case the elections do not go the way they plan. They want to put some heat on the front runners--Timoshenko and Yanukovich--as well.

NB. Do you belive that a Banderite coup d'etat is a real possibility in Ukraine? And does it somehow relate to the question of Ukraine's military going nuclear?

VS. Absolutely. If they decide that Timoshenko cannot be trusted to follow their agenda they will go for a fascist coup under the populist slogans of fighting corruption, oligarchs, and the "traitors of the Ukrainian nation." Filin openly writes about their plans to "eliminate" pro-Russian politicians and intelligentsia in Ukraine. And he does so while meeting with Vice-President Biden in the White House and conferencing with the defense minister Gates and Fritz Ermarth. This is very serious and very dangerous not only for the Ukrainians and Russians but for the American people as well. They also blackmail the US and Europe by threatening to exit the Budapest agreements under which Ukraine had renounced her nuclear status. Or they can opt for doing this de-facto, like Israel. In any case, they have nuclear devices already, most likely stored in Pakistan or even in Ukraine, and knowing the mentality of Ukrainian fascists one cannot rule out anything.

NB. How do you explain Filin's increased activities in the United States, especially, in the Ukrainian diaspora?

VS. It's not only Filin and the Ukrainians. Saidov, Surikov and Rasheed also met with Biden last August. They have intensified their work not only with Ukrainian and Polish diasporas but also with the Saudi Lobby, the Turks, and the Chechen-Ingush community in the US. They have also established close working relations with the so-called UNPO - Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation, founded by the CIA through their Estonian fronts in 1991. Filin has been recently mixing with the Austrian citizen Karl Hapsburg, UNPO's president. We believe there are several reasons for these activities. FarWest and the right-wing Republicans want to use ethnic diasporas to put pressure on Obama. They hope to repeat the trick with the National Republican Heritage Groups Council, or the ethnic outreach program they used under Reagan and Bush. On the other hand, it is important to mobilize the diasporas resources for stirring the ethnic strife in Russia. Indeed, this seems to be the evolving new strategy of the intelligence cabal against our country. At least, the recent activities of FarWest point in this direction.

Now look again at these photos on the WACL poster above. Two of these individuals, Katherine Chumachenko and Roman Zwarycz, became very influential in Ukrainian politics: Chumachenko as Yuschenko's wife, Zwarycz as his closest adviser. This did not happened by accident. We believe that Yuschenko's road to power was paved by the older generation of Banderites and the second generation of people like Oberländer, Singlaub, Graham, and Dobriansky.

The key event that had delivered Yuschenko to their hands was the “removal” of Vadim Getman (Vadym Hetman), former head of the National Bank of Ukraine, and Yuschenko's fatherly mentor. His murder in Kiev in April of 1998 was never solved. But according to our well-informed sources in the CIS, Getman was “eliminated” by the GUR people and the hit was organized by Sergei Petrov –military intelligence officer, Filin's old partner and his deputy in "consulting agency" Far West LTD that was founded the same year in partnership with KBR Halliburton. By pure coincidence, Getman was assassinated soon after Yushchenko had married Chumachenko. As the result, Zwarycz replaced Getman as his closest adviser. Several months later Vice-President Al Gore told Kuchma that the United States wanted to see Yuschenko as his successor. It was a good choice of the "horse." Yuschenko was handsome, vain, popular with the electorate and the press, weak-willed, pliable and, above all, pathologically Russophobic. Getman was a seasoned and very well-informed bureaucrat who knew his way in the post-Soviet jungles and would have never allowed Banderites to use Yushchenko as their pawn. So he had to go.

NB. Didn't something similar happen to Alik Grek?

VS. Yes, the names of Petrov, Filin and Likhvintsev have been also mentioned in connection with another politically far-reaching assassination of Alik Grek. Alik (Ahat Bragin) was the “godfather” of the powerful Donetsk criminal clan. In October 1995 he was blown into pieces by a ten-pound charge of TNT at the Donetsk stadium, exactly like the Chechen president Akhmat Kadyrov nine years later in Grozny. The "removal" of Alek allowed the neo-Banderite leadership in the GUR to put in charge of the Donetsk mafia his relative Rinat Ahmetov, whose friend was a peripheral member of Alik's "family," local middle-level manager Viktor Yanukovich. Soon after that Yanukovich's political career skyrocketed.

The assassination of influential banker and politician Vadim Hetman (left) and the Donetsk criminal boss Alik Grek helped the Banderites and their U.S. sponsors to enhance their control over the political process in Ukraine.
The assassination of influential banker and politician Vadim Hetman (left) and the Donetsk criminal boss Alik Grek helped the Banderites and their U.S. sponsors to enhance their control over the political process in Ukraine.

NB. In other words, by "removing" Vadim Getman and Alik Grek, the Banderite Center was able to put in power the men they could control?

VS. Yes, they had their man Yuschenko, open Banderite, for the electorate in the western and central Ukraine and the "pro-Russian" Yanukovich for the east and south of the country.

NB. And what about Timoshenko? They had problems with her, didn't they?

VS. Timoshenko, who began her career as Lazarenko's lover, came from Dnepropetrovsk. In the 1990s it was a more serious place than Donetsk or Lwow. The city was the centre of Soviet military-industrial complex and the "greenhouse" for the CPSU leadership. She is Yuschenko's opposite: great communicator and leader, cunning and intelligent, and, no doubt, accomplished sociopath; has strong character, will-power, and a criminal bent of mind. As a type, she is Filin's feminine double. But Timoshenko has one problem -- she is alone, has no following in the army and secret services and can be "removed" by them any moment. Moreover, since Lazarenko's fall and imprisonment in the US, Timoshenko has been held on the hook by the Americans who received the information about her criminal activities from Lazarenko and can use it against her the same way they had used Melnichenko's tapes against Kuchma. Yet both the Banderites and the US need Timoshenko because she is the only politician who can win both in the West and the East. So the Banderites hope that she will take Ukraine in the direction they want without risking to break the country in half. She used to have very tense relations with Filin and Likhvintsev. She even complained to Putin that she was afraid they would kill her if she failed to do their bidding. So far it seems that she had promised them to be a good girl and has kept her word. But will she stay a good girl if elected president I don't know. This must be a big question in Filin's mind.

The Post-Nazi Connection: Fritz Ermarth

Wish I had a needle and thread
Fine as I could sew.

NB. You locate the post-Nazi formation at the ideological core of the Intelligence Cabal. You have also mentioned the relevance of the family tradition in forging these post-Nazi characters. Can you elaborate your concept of post-Nazism? Also I know that you've been involved in research on Fritz W. Ermarth's family history and that it has to do with post-Nazism? Could you share with us your findings?

VS. Let me begin with the last question because it provides a good example of what the International editorial board understands by post-Nazism. The research on the political history of the Ermarth family, or, to be exact, of the Ermarth-Sittler family began as a part of our inquiry into the Nazi connection of Far West LLC. I have mentioned the importance of Canaris and Oberländer for the political and, in some cases, even the biographical history of the Russian-speaking directors of FarWest and their partners. No less important was Major General Karl Haushofer, who in the interwar years taught geopolitics in Munich and made vital contribution to Hitler's thinking on conquering Lebensraum in the East. Haushofer's idea of a German “Heartland” rested on the his view that the Soviet Union was not a national state but an agglomeration of many racial minorities. If it is broken up into ethnic states: Ukrainian, German-Baltic, Caucasian Confederation, Ural-Idel, and so on --these states will become vassals of Germany and form its heartland empire “from the Elbe to the Amur.” Haushofer was immensely popular and had many students and collaborators not only in Germany, but around the world. One of his students and personal friends was Rudolf Hess, another – Theodore Oberländer, who incorporated some of Haushofer's ideas into Ostforschung—the German precursor of Anglo-American “Russian Studies.” In the pre-war years Professor Oberländer's specialty in Ostforschung was “Grenzenkampf” -- “border struggle” of ethnic Germans living under the “alien rule” of Polish and Lithuanian governments. Haushofer argued that these Germans had the right to national self-determination, i.e., joining the Reich. When the Nazis appointed Oberländer the head of the Bund Deutscher Osten (BDO) - “League for a German East," he put Haushofer's ideas to practice by organizing the fifth column of ethnic Germans in Western Poland and the Baltics. His activities in the Klaipeda Region (Memel) were deemed so dangerous that the Lithuanian government banned him from entering the country.

Oberländer was close to Haushofer personally and regularly corresponded with him. Another former student and correspondent of Haushofer was one Fritz Ermarth who received his doctorate in law from Heidelberg in 1932 and another, in political science, from Harvard in 1933. The same year Ermarth moved to the United States, supposedly because the new Nazi regime fired him from his position in the Baden court for “political untrustworthiness.” However, Ermarth's previous membership in the ultra-right militarist organization Stahlshelm makes this unsubstantiated claim somewhat improbable. It is more likely that Ermarth, among many others, was planted in the United States by the German Intelligence as a “sleeping agent.” His later activities there strongly suggest that he was a Nazi agent of influence and worked first for Canaris and later, after the dissolution of the Abwehr, as a double agent for Donovan and the leadership of the SS. There are some indications that by the end of 1944 Oberländer took part in these arrangements.

It is not the right place to go into the particulars of Ermarth's career as a secret agent of Nazis and their war time allies in the Anglo-American intelligence. We'll be writing about this separately. Suffice it to say that he was able to develop sufficiently strong links with influential right-wingers like the Dulles brothers to protect himself from arrest or internment by the FBI for some very suspicious activities during WWII. What is relevant to our present discussion is that Ermarth was a student of Karl Haushofer and the war-time press in the US sometimes referred to him as a "geopolitician."

Canaris “woke up” Ermarth in the summer-fall of 1938, when the modest instructor from a backwater Oklahoma university made a “geopolitical” world tour along the route: San Francisco – Hawaii—Japan—Northern China (Japanese Occupation Zone)--Burma--India--Egypt--the Balkans—Germany. A year later Ermarth privately printed a book under the title From East to West. A Traveller's Reflections on Politics and Peoples. In it Ermarth called for Munich-2, as this more ambitious plan of aggression against the Soviet Union has been known in the narrow circles of political intelligence and its historians.

Immediately after the Munich Agreement in September of 1938, Canaris received Hitler's sanction to put feelers in the West for another agreement with Britain and France. The "moderate" and “decent” Canaris was his back channel for deal-making with Western "democracies." This was the main secret of Canaris's "resistance" to Hitler. The Fuhrer wanted to annex Danzig and Memel, give Poland the rest of Lithuania in return and make it a military satellite of Germany. Similar arrangements were envisioned for Romania. In this way Munich-2 would pave the way for a war against the Soviet Union, with Japan attacking it from Manchuria. The Soviet Union was to be divided between Germany and Japan approximately along the longitude of Novosibirsk.

Canaris put out the word through his channels and for several months felt out the reaction. No definite answer came and Hitler decided to act on his own. Ermarth's book contains the major ingredients of Hitler's proposal and we believe it was a part of the Abwehr's probe.

In sum, Ermarth argued that a new world war could be averted by an agreement between Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan that would allow the Axis powers to become empires through their conquest of the Soviet Union, Northern and Middle China, and Asia Minor. Just as Ermarth's later publications in US press, it was a blatant geopolitical blackmail worthy of Hitler, but dressed in the Spenglerian rhetoric of "The Hour of Decision" kind, more appropriate for Ermarth's conservative audience in the US. Indeed, Ermarth's style mimics Haushofer's long-winged rhetoric. The book was addressed to those pro-Nazi circles of the US Right who had helped rearming Wehrmacht and supplying Hitler with raw materials and technology for war against the Soviet Union. Here is a few samples from his “travel book” of 1939.

NB. In essence, nothing has changed since Ermarth wrote this 70 years ago. And the fact that his son now serves as main liaison between the descendants of Nazi collaborators in the Soviet Union and the post-Nazi and ultra-right elements in US intelligence community testifies to this with a kind of ominous symbolism.

VS. Nothing has changed not only in essence but in detail as well. Filin's map of the future Great Ukraine match the one that Canaris proposed to Himmler in the end of 1941. And there is good reason to believe that on this account too Filin was enlightened by Mr. Fritz W. Ermarth who continues his father's struggle for Lebensraum in the East.

NB. I want to mention that on your request I wrote Professor Von Klemperer, who briefly discussed Ermarth's “anti-Nazi” activities in the United States in his book on the so-called German Resistance. I brought Ermarth's book to his attention and pointed to some inconsistencies in his account of Ermarth's correspondence with John Foster Dulles, as well as his rather peculiar characterization of him as an “anti-Nazi exile.” In his kind, if brief, reply the Professor explained to me that “there were different forces of resistance to Hitler.”

VS. Well, I am not surprised. The Cold War and the so-called "crisis of the West" on the wake of Auschwitz had brought to life a cottage industry of 'German Resistance' in Western academy and mass culture. The Nazi war machine was broken by the Soviets and most of the fighting against Hitler in the occupied Europe was done by communists. The communist parties in the post-war France and Italy were very popular and denied governmental power only because of the CIA led conspiracies. The moral standing of communism was at its highest while the old conservative elites of Europe were badly compromised by their cooperation with and surrender to the Nazis. European masses remembered Munich and "the phony war in Europe." The word “Stalingrad” said it all to them. The Cold Warriors desperately needed their own anti-Nazi heroes -- conservative, anti-communist, imperialist and Russophobic--for a new ideological re-alignment. Allen Dulles--who was blessed by Donovan to communicate with the Nazis behind FDR's back long before his negotiations with Gruppenfuhrer SS Karl Wolf--started the "German Resistance" business as early as 1947 with his book Germany's Underground. The Canaris Myth is a key part of this ideological operation. In mass culture, Spielberg's Schindler's List is a prime example of the post-Nazi realignment. Schindler is a symbolic figure standing for "decent" capitalism and conservatism, who first let the door open for the Nazis to "save Europe from communism" and destroy the Soviet Union and then tried to save a few Jews from Auschwitz while making a lot of money on their slave labor. All in all, the “German Resistance” discourse has been instrumental in legitimizing and empowering the post-Nazi trend in Western imperialism.

NB. So, in essence, post-Nazism is Nazism minus Antisemitism?

VS. It is, in part. Anti-communism, anti-Sovietism, and Russophobia were shared equally by all conservative groupings in the ruling circles of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, and Japan. They played with Nazism and fascism as the weapons of last resort against communism. Hitler was an aberration in two ways: 1) he wanted to bite a piece of the world too hard to chew for the Germans, and 2) he made Antisemitism central to the Nazi doctrine along with anti-Bolshevism and anti-Sovietism. However, Antisemitism is entirely accidental to Nazism and Fascism. Italian fascism was not anti-Semitic. Romanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Estonian, and Lettish fascists were zoological anti-Semites, but Spanish, Finish, French, and English fascists were not. It were the three phobias of anti-Bolshevism, anti-Sovietism, and Russophobia that inited them all--Nazis, Fascists, and conservative, without exception. This is why it was so easy for Churchill and Truman to begin a new crusade against the Soviet Union immediately after Hitler's had failed.

In practice, many post-Nazis are blood descendents of the ideologically committed Nazis or traditional German imperialists who made peace with Jewish elites and formed a common front with Zionists against the Soviet Union in the Cold War. What distinguishes the FarWest post-Nazis like Fritz Ermarth, Robert Gates, and Ruslan Berenis (the decendant of Hitler's North Caucasian mountaineers) from the traditional Anglo-Saxon ultra-right is that their goal has been the destruction of Russia proper, not just the Soviet Union, and the creation on her territory a number of client states of Western imperialism. The present day post-Nazis are not pan-Germanists as Haushofer and the conservative elites of the post-Bismark Germany were. Nor do they fancy Germany in the role of a New World Order master. They are happy with the “fascist-light” United States at the helm of Western ultra-imperialism. In their political imagination, this U.S.-dominated “West” has replaced the Third Reich of their ancestors, just as the latter's “Rassenkampf” and “Kulturkampf” cum “Ostforschung” have been replaced by the “clash of civilizations” and “Western civilization” cum “Russian Studies” curruculum. It's just that the post-Nazi idea of “the West” demands the “final solution of Russian Question.”

NB. In other words, post-Nazis represent the most extremist trend within Western ultra-imperialism.

VS. Yes, and historically speaking, as I've just argued, post-Nazis owe not only to German imperialism and Nazism but to conservative Atlantic elites as well. Let's recall that British intelligence—the fighting vanguard of British conservatives--was overwhelmingly pro-German, fanatically anti-Communist and anti-Russian. Even in war with Germany they collaborated with Nazi secret services and the military in Finland and Ukraine against the Red Army. The only difference between Churchill's “opposition” and Chamberlain's “appeasement” was that of tactics. All of them hated the Soviet Union and wanted to destroy it, but Churchill did not believe that Britain could do this by using Hitler as its proxy. Born imperialist, Churchill had the unerring instinct as to what imperialism was all about. He felt that the “appeased” Germans would be playing their own game against the British Empire. Churchill and his group of imperialists hoped to create a common front against the USSR while keeping down the Teutons. Hitler was their rival for world hegemony. The Soviet Union will be subverted through British and French proxies in the Eastern Europe, the cordonne sanitaire, through the semi-fascist Polish state, the emigrant organizations like the Promethean League and the Intermarium, and by inciting Muslim nationalities along the southern rim of the Soviet Union: the Caucasus, the Caspian, and the Central Asia, as it was proposed in Fitz Maclean's memorandum of 1939. It is noteworthy that Canaris and Oberländer in their proposals to Hitler for bolder use of ethnic struggle against the Soviets followed not only Haushofer's thinking but that of the British imperialist Halford Mackinder, who influenced both Haushofer and MI6 ideologists, including the “hawkish hawk” Fitz Maclean from the Northern Desk of the Whitehall.

Mackinder was the early prophet of North Atlantic ultra-umperialism that took the form of Nato after the WWII. All these characters, big and small: Hitler, Canaris, Oberländer, Ermarth and Haushofer; Churchill, Menzies, Maclean, and Mackinder; Trumen, Donovan and the Dulles brothers – were of the same mind in regard to the first socialist state and Russia. The Soviet Union provoked their class-conscious hatred, Russia – was to be crushed because, as the “geographical pivot of history,” she stood on the way to the world lordship either by British, German or US empires. You are right--nothing has changed since then. The enormous Western machinery of the Cold War remains intact and continues the cause of Hitler, Churchill, and Truman. Sooner or later the Russians will face another genocidal attack by the West who will have the same allies in the Russophobic elites of Eastern Europe as Hitler did in 1941.

Ermarth clearly saw this commonality of interests regarding communism and the Soviet Union and constructed his messages to US elites accordingly. In the midst of WWII, he repeatedly suggested that the Allies should join the Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union as the precondition for getting rid of Hitler and he found sympathetic listeners in the leadership of the OSS. Otherwise, they would not have protected him from Hoover.

NB. Hm... Fritz's Vater was refreshingly politically INcorrect. I guess this is another point of distinction between Nazis and post-Nazis. So in some crucial way the radical distinction between Nazism and “liberal democracies” is deceptive, isn't it?

VS. It is deceptive insofar as this distinction helps to conceal the social-economic continuity and historical common front against communism, the Soviet Union and Russia between the relatively relaxed internal regimes of the old maritime imperialism (Anglo-Saxon and French) and the openly terrorist and genocidal regimes of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and Imperial Japan who were latecomers in imperialism and did not have the colonial markets to mitigate the economic crisis and control the internal class struggle. This distinction between them is not to be taken lightly but neither is their continuity. Today there exist no Nazi state to threaten Russia's existence. The threat comes entirely from “liberal democracies,” from Fascism Light U.S. style and their cliques of imperialists, with the Intelligence Cabal as their fighting vanguard. This is why the “democratic” lineage of FarWest is of special interest to us.

FarWest's ideological line, no doubt advised by Ermarth and his friends in Washington think tanks, is to separate the “good” Nazis like Canaris, Oberländer, and the Abwehr, with its “ethnic units,” from the “bad” Nazis like Hitler, Himmler, and the SS and to associate the former with “liberal democracies” and “resistance to Hitler,” thus rehabilitating the Nazi collaborators in the Soviet Union and their political progeny today. This is an old Nazi ruse, which was aptly called by someone “the SS alibi.” Filin, Saidov, and Surikov use this mantra to whitewash their post-Nazi cause.

NB. I want to go back to Ermarth's family which seems to be deeply rooted in Germany's imperialist and Nazi past. You mentioned Sittler as a part of this past. What do you have in mind?

One family -- one cause. From the left: 1. Fritz Ermarth (1909-1948) -- investigated by the FBI as a Nazi agent in the United States (1933 - 45), deemed dangerous enough to be interned after the war. Under the cover of political scientist, Ermarth called for a redivision of the world between Western and Japanese imperialists at the expense of the Soviet Union and China. 2. His legal son, Fritz W. Ermarth of Nixon Foundation and SAIC, former high-ranking officer of the CIA, NSC, and NIC. Chief liaison between FarWest and fascist elements in U.S. intelligence and military, one of the most important warriors in the secret war against the Soviet Union and Russia. 3. Edward Vieht Sittler (1915 - 1974), Ermarth
One family -- one cause. From the left: 1. Fritz Ermarth (1909-1948) -- investigated by the FBI as a Nazi agent in the United States (1933 - 45), deemed dangerous enough to be interned after the war. Under the cover of political scientist, Ermarth called for a redivision of the world between Western and Japanese imperialists at the expense of the Soviet Union and China. 2. His legal son, Fritz W. Ermarth of Nixon Foundation and SAIC, former high-ranking officer of the CIA, NSC, and NIC. Chief liaison between FarWest and fascist elements in U.S. intelligence and military, one of the most important warriors in the secret war against the Soviet Union and Russia. 3. Edward Vieht Sittler (1915 - 1974), Ermarth's maternal uncle, committed Nazi, member of NSDAP and Gestapo informer, officer of the "U.S.A. Zone" of Reich Broadcasting Corporation in Berlin.

VS. Fritz's maternal uncle, Edward Viech Sittler, was the ideologically committed Nazi and a member of NSDAP. He gave up his U.S. citizenship and worked for Goebbels on the radio boadcasting propaganda to the United States. xvii  Edward was a younger brother of Margaret Sittler who married Ermarth in 1935. Sittlers were of German descent, Lutherans, proud of their German identity and Kultur and so on. In 1930-31, after she had graduated from the Wittenberg University, Margaret lived Germany. We assume that there she met Fritz and probably around that time was recruited by German intelligence. It is hard to imagine that she was unaware about the activities of her husband that included long and costly international travels and even private publishing—all of it on the modest income of a university instructor. Edward Sittler's decision to go to Germany in 1937 and his attraction to Nazism were most likely influenced by Margaret and Fritz. Sittler's case became well-known because of the well-publicized trial of the “radio traitors” in 1946-47, where he appeared as a witness, and his unsuccessful attempts to re-establish his U.S. citizenship.

NB. Why was he a witness rather than a defendant like other “radio traitors”?

VS. I guess technically Sittler was not a traitor, because he had given up his citizenship before he started working for the enemy of the United States.

NB. Still they did not re-establish his citizenship...

VS. He was such a hardened Nazi that continued to stick to some of his Nazi views even under questioning by the court. Apparently, he counted that in the atmosphere of rampant anticommunism and Russophobia the courts and the public would buy his argument that communism and Russia were bigger evil than Nazi Germany and that he was right to join the Nazis to“defend Europe” against the "Judeo-Bolsheviks". Interestingly enough, when pressed about his knowledge about the extermination of Jews, Sittler acknowledged that he was told about this by his superior and that he informed on this man “to see if he was a Communist agent.”

 Reverend Joseph Sittler, prominent Lutheran theologian, who during WWII was a professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School. Sittler taught about "the expanding grace of God" while his closest relatives taught hatred and genocide.
Reverend Joseph Sittler, prominent Lutheran theologian, who during WWII was a professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School. Sittler taught about "the expanding grace of God" while his closest relatives taught hatred and genocide.

This is pure Fritz Ermarth Sr., who on June 22, 1941 beamed with joy because, in his words, Churchill was such a committed anticommunist that he had no choice now but join Hitler against the Soviet Union. xviii  Yet to me, the most blood-curling statement came from the eldest of the Sittlers brothers, Joseph. He was a prominent Lutheran scholar, preacher, and a professor of theology at the University of Chicago Divinity Chicago Universtity. After Ermarth had to leave the Oklahoma State under the suspicion of being a Nazi agent, Sittler apparently helped him to find employment in the Universiity of Chicago. Sittler's favorite topic was "the expanding grace of God." Apparently it "expanded" in a rather selective way by including the Nazis but not their victims. At a hearing in 1960, the Reverend testified to his brother's “idealistic motivation while calling his activities in Germany 'hasty' and 'unwise'.” That was in 1960, when even Lutheran preachers, proud of German Kultur, could not plead ignorance of the Nazi genocide in the Soviet Union! I mean what kind of monstrous God these people believe in if they can call the actions of a Nazi propagandist and Gestapo informer "idealistically" motivated, though “hasty and unwise”! 25 million Soviet people were murdered because of the “hasty and unwise actions”of the likes of Sittlers and Ermarths! And now their children hunger for more of our blood.

NB. You said that Fritz W. Ermarth was seen with Oberländer on a number of occasions, for instance, at conventions of the World Anticommunist League. Did his father and Oberländer know each other. After all, if they both worked for the Abwehr they could meet.

VS. They most certainly did. We know this for sure if only because Oberländer corresponded with Ermarth Sr. when he was a political commentator and later the director of Radio Stuttgart in 1946-47. The “well-known Third Reich publicist” whom Ermarth wanted to appoint a head of the radio station in Heidelberg might have been Oberländer. But they could meet much earlier, soon after Oberländer's trip to North America, where he apparently did organization and recruitment work among ethnic Germans. Incidentally, he could meet Margaret first. She was an admirer of German Kultur and her MA was on German emigration to the United States. That was a good cover for volunteer intelligence work and trips to Hamburg—a departure port for German emigration to America, the site of the Abwehr Academy, and the Abwehr's Hamburgstelle that targeted Western Europe and the United States. But it is some evidence of war-time contacts between Ermarth and Oberländer that is of most interest.

The Kammler Connection

NB. From the reports you've been sending us in Moscow, I know that some of these contacts were somehow related to Hans Kammler, the SS General, designer of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp complex, and the head of the V-2 and other high-tech weapons projects in the last year of the Third Reich. Can you talk briefly about this?

VS. Kammler negotiated with the Americans, we believe, with Himmler's knowledge. They must have come to an agreement sometime in August-November 1944. By the end of the summer 1944 the SS was in control of all military-scientific projects in Nazi Germany that might have had any bargaining value. This was one part of the “dowry” Himmler and Kammler had to offer. Another part was Nazi intelligence networks. They all came under the SS command after the dissolution of Abwehr in the summer of 1944. What it meant was that Himmler had gotten, at least nominally, the Abwehr's channels of communication with the West, as well as Canaris's “ethnic” networks in the Soviet Union, cultivated by political intelligence specialists like Oberländer. Basically, the SS had everything the Americans needed so badly for the approaching war against the Soviets – the experienced fighting underground in the USSR and the Nazi rocket and nuclear research. So it comes as no surprise that in September of 1944--several days after he gave orders to his V-2 rocket groups to attack London and Antwerp--Kammler made a request to the Luftwaffe for four flights by Oberländer to Peenemünde, the site of the V-2 production.

Helmut Gröttrup (1916 – 1981) -- a German electrical engineer and assistant of Wernher von Braun in the V-2 rocket-project. According to our confidential sources, in November 1944 Gröttrup was told that Hans Kammler and the Americans had reached an agreement to move Wernher von Braun
Helmut Gröttrup (1916 – 1981) -- a German electrical engineer and assistant of Wernher von Braun in the V-2 rocket-project. According to our confidential sources, in November 1944 Gröttrup was told that Hans Kammler and the Americans had reached an agreement to move Wernher von Braun's group of scientists to the United States.

NB. And what this had to do with Ermarth?

VS. One of Kammler's requests for a flight to Peenemunde was for “the project of Captain Walter Lambert” who was to be accompanied by Oberländer. From Peenemunde the plane was to fly them to Tirol, where in April 1945 Patton's intelligence people would pick up von Braun and his V-2 group, and finally to the port city of Triest – another point of the possible transfer of the SS goodies to the Americans.

We are certain that Walter Lambert and Frederick Ermarth Sr. was the same person. By that time in the game Ermarth had become a double agent who acted as a liaison between certain elements in the U.S. intelligence-industrial complex and the Abwehr. This channel was eventually overtaken by Himmler's people, and Kammler used it to negotiate with the Americans. We also believe that Kammler did not die but was whisked to the States, his identity was changed and eventually he went to South Africa or some country in the Middle East.

NB. Why then Oberländer?

VS. They knew each other most likely since the end of the 1920s - early 1930s when Ermarth entered the circle of Karl Haushofer or since 1940 at the latest, when Ermarth undertook his second travel around the world. One of his destinations was Moscow. While he was there Canaris sent Oberländer by plane to bring “Ober-Lieutenant Walter Lambert” to Berlin and return him back to Moscow. This flight was also cleared with General Golikov, the head of the Soviet military intelligence. Since we know for sure that no person under the name of Lambert had entered the Soviet Union during that period and that Ermarth did, we find it a strong though circumstantial evidence.

NB. And what do you think Lambert's “project” was all about?

VS. We can only guess that Ermarth, among hundreds of others, was planted in the United States by the German Intelligence Service as an agent of influence who, under the cover of “German Resistance,” would establish a back channel for a German-American dialogue between the conservative elites. The German objectives in this dialogue changed with the evolving situation in the East, from preventing the United States from entering the war to forming a common front with the Allies against the Soviet Union to making desperate deals in the face of the Soviet Army approaching Berlin. These deals included the transfer of Nazi military technologies, scientific, and intelligence cadres to the United States in exchange for saving the lives of the top SS people. Perhaps, originally, Ermarth-Lambert's "project" was broader than US-German dialog between the likes of the Dulles brothers and the Old Order elements like von Papen and Canaris. We know that Ermarth cultivated relations with pro-German and pro-Japanese elites around the world, in part, using for this Haushofer's connection. With the approaching war in Europe, the United States were convenient base from where he was able to travel to India and the Middle East. One of his flights with Oberländer in 1943 included the area near Bordeaux, France where Germans had later relocated the Free India Waffen SS Legion. It's political commander was the anti-British leader Subhas Chandra Bose. Ermarth most certaily met with him in India during his world tour of 1938. In the 30s Bose was a correspondent for Haushofer's influential publication Zeitschrift fur Geopolitik. The Legion itself was stationed at that time in Holland, but it seems that its small but well-trained commando group was located in the vicinities of Bordeaux. Oberländer and Lambert-Ermarth flew there on the orders of Canaris, who might have planned some diversionary operation "East of the Canal."

Feeling Out the Intelligence Cabal

NB. I want to return to my role of devil's advocate and ask this question. Why would anyone--let alone such experienced spooks as Surikov, Filin, and Saidov--who supposedly are plotting to “remove” a U.S. president or rather inciting their U.S. partners to do so--why would they be talking about this in public? Doesn't the very fact that they openly and even graphically practice anti-Obama hate speech and proclaim his toppling as desirable and even assured makes their participation in the plot improbable?

VS. This logic would perhaps apply to common criminals masterminding a common crime. But common criminals do not "remove" US presidents. The criminals who are "too big to fail" do. Surikov is a master of black psyops and informational blackmail. He proved this by his 1999 "conspiracy in Nice" fake. This is a good example of their technology. In your article on this fake, you quoted Filin bragging that Surikov deserved the Oscar prize because he had planted the fake in a Moscow newspaper right before Basaev's raid into Daghestan. xix  This gave them (at least in their imagination) the ability to blackmail all the parties who could have been plausibly involved in international terrorism: Berezovsky and the Kremlin (represented in the fake by Alexander Voloshin, Berezovsky's appointee as chief of Yeltsin's administration); or Basaev and the Saudis (narkotraffickers and money-launderers Davidovich and Kosman in Khashoggi's villa); or even the Turks (the six Abkhazians with Turkish passports), the CIA (by association with the MIT), and the British (the English yacht that brings Basaev to the port of Beaulieu). Keep in mind that all of the above were partners or associates of FarWest at one time or another before 1999. Saidov and Nukhaev financed Basaev and Hattab together with Turki and Khashoggi.

I see similar motif for informational blackmail in Surikov's prophecies of Obama's inevitable "removal" and his hints as to what elements may be involved. But this is not their only motif for publicity. They need it also for putting out feelers to all parties who hate and fear Obama enough to desire his "removal" and be serious about making it happen. We may see here a preliminary stage in achieving an internal consensus on "what to do with Obama" within the Intelligence Cabal, in sorting out and elucidating positions between its parts. Look at Surikov's noises as a “trial balloon.” The organizational stage of conspiracy, if it comes to this at all and when it comes, will develop under a very different regime of secrecy and deniability.

Anton Surikov: Joseph Biden will become the President of the United States within a year. <http://far-west.livejournal.com/254286.html#cutid1 >. Biden has ? long history of communication with FarWest partners and recently met with Filin, Saidov and Surikov in Washington.
Anton Surikov: Joseph Biden will become the President of the United States within a year. <http://far-west.livejournal.com/254286.html#cutid1 >. Biden has ? long history of communication with FarWest partners and recently met with Filin, Saidov and Surikov in Washington.

NB. Let's wrap it up. The threats against Obama from Russia, Ukraine, and Dubai (the head office of Far West LLC) deserve to be taken note of, because they come from the individuals who 1) have capabilities to plan, organize, and carry out political assassinations and who did this in the past, 2) have serious reasons to hate Obama and wish his "removal" by whatever means, 3) are associated with powerful national security elements in the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia and some other countries who feel threatened by Obama's presidency. Moreover, it appears that Vice-President Biden, who under the US Constitution will succeed President Obama if the latter can no longer carry out his duties, has established personal relations with the CEOs of the private intelligence company FarWest LLC and last August met with Filin, Rasheed, Surikov, and Saidov in his VP Office in Washington.

“Enemies of America”

NB. Let me quote Surikov's byline to the graphics below that I just found.

“Anton Surikov: Like Obama, CIA Director Panetta is the enemy of America. CIA officers and former officers have the same feelings about Panetta as the officers and former officers of the KGB did towards Vadim Bakatin after had handed the Americans blueprints to their new Embassy bugging.”

I wonder who are those “CIA officers and former officers” who tell Surikov that their Director and the President of the United States are “enemies of America”?

VS. The names of Fiona Hill, Fritz Ermarth, Robert Gates, and James Woolsey come first to my mind. We have unverified information that Dr. Hill, CIA's National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia, has been meeting with Surikov, Filin, and Saidov in Washington. Ermarth is their long-time political and business partner and, of course, their main channel to the Intelligence Cabal in the United States, including Ermarth's close associates -- former directors of the CIA Robert Gates and James Woolsey. The political views, associations, and past record of these individuals strongly suggest less than friendly feelings to the President who wishes to normalize U.S.-Russian relations and the DCI who supports this policy.

Acting and former officers of the CIA who may believe that President Obama and Director Panetta are “enemies of America.”
Acting and former officers of the CIA who may believe that President Obama and Director Panetta are “enemies of America.”


NB. Today I read a story quite unremarkable these days in the United States. In the small town of Vassalboro, Maine, a few topless waitress jobs in a coffee house drew 150 applicants. Women in this small town are so desperate for jobs that they are reduced to undressing for their neighbors’ amusement.

Some historical irony, eh? People like Ermarth and Gates contributed mightily in the destruction of the Soviet Union, a state and society which, however flawed (not in small degree because of its subversion by these people and their likes), showed mankind a progressive way out of the dead end of monopoly capitalism. Gates even had his one-man parade in the Red Square to celebrate the victory of imperialism over the first workers' state. And now, look and behold! just when they finally were about to rest on their laurels and in corporate boardrooms at the "end of history" they did so much to bring about, at this very moment they suddenly face the coming end of their own world.

VS. Good point! The end of their history is certainly at hand. You know, perhaps there is some "divine justice," after all, in the cosmic order of things, or a dialectical reversal in every victory of reaction over our struggle for a more human society. To destroy the Soviet people, they have destroyed their own country both in economic and human sense. As we Russians say: "Do not dig a hole for somebody else; you yourself will fall into it." But I disagree that people like Ermarth and Gates would be resting on their laurels before they find the "final solution to the Russian Question." They have not been resting, as far as I know. Instead, they have been restive... and full of hatred and revenge, especially, after Russia had kicked their Georgian puppet out of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Moreover, the catastrophic situation in US economy, the coming collapse of the dollar, and the inevitable and precipitous decline of its ability to "project power," combined with the rise of China and Russia's stubborn refusal to exit world history, are likely to make the Intelligence Cabal even more reckless and dangerous for the entire world. When the "Bailout Bubble" bursts and the Potemkin villages on the Potomac collapse, they will be tempted to find a way out by provoking wars and their "removing" Obama might serve as the pretext for introducing emergency regime and mobilizing the American society for these wars. The possible role of FarWest and their US, British, and Saudi partners in such a scenario should not be underestimated by the people of good will, including those in Western intelligence agencies.

August - November 2009.

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