Time Magazine
Aug. 14, 1995

... And it wasn't just any parking lot. It was at a Sun Valley, Idaho, resort last month, where investment banker Herb Allen annually gathers the Men Who Own the Media and other titans of industry to play golf and go river rafting and rearrange the planets.

Eisner was getting ready to leave when he ran into Buffett, exchanged some pleasantries and then popped the question. "Do you think ABC is still for sale?" he asked Buffett, who ought to know, since he owns 13% of the company. As it happened, Buffett was on his way to meet ABC chairman Tom Murphy for a friendly game of golf. Just to keep things interesting, the foursome would be rounded out by the richest man in America, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, and Gates' wife. By the end of the day, Murphy had lost $2 to Buffett and $3 to Gates, and he had agreed to call Eisner the next week to plan the wedding...