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    2010 confidential list of the WWF's 1001 Club
A present-day insight into the aristocracy of the world

Author: JR | Date: September 6, 2010

You people are in luck. Yesterday I received a brand-new and confidential 2010 membership list of the 1001 Club from Peter Carr, a British author who is working on a

The problem with royals... they all love to hunt animals for fun. Take some of the Spanish 1001 Club royals: the Duchess of Alba likes to attend the bullfights of her ex-son-in-law, a member of a generational bullfight family. But another 1001-affiliated member is even worse. In 2004 King Juan Carlos, founding patron of WWF-Spain, killed nine bears, including a pregnant female, in Romania at the same time a WWF event (!) was ongoing to show how humans and bear populations had learned to co-exist in peace. Carlos' entourage also killed a number of wolves and boars and wounded two additional bears who probably died later on.
  book about the World Wide Fund for Nature and Operation Lock. The list was a "thank you", basically for showing Carr how superficial all the Dutch biographies of Prince Bernhard are - with the books of Philip Droge being about the only exception.

Not as spectacular maybe as the Pilgrims Society and certainly not as Le Cercle, the 2010 list of the 1001 Club still is a welcome addition. Until 2008 there were no lists in the public domain. ISGP put the first ones up in September of that year: one list from 1978 and another from 1987 - at this point respectively 32 years old and 23 years old. It turns out that those lists still are very valid today, because membership is generally for life and is often passed on to family members of a younger generation.

The interesting thing with the 1001 Club members is that in general you really don't know who these people are - even though they represent a large chunk of the aristocracy of the world - but when you start looking up the names you soon find plenty of controversy in a variety of ways. Sometimes it's money laundering; other times it's about child abuse, illegal arms trade, or involvement in assassinations; but even more often a 1001 member just doesn't care about wildlife at all - except for hunting it. And then there are cases like Dr. Alfred Herrhausen, a former director of Deutsche Bank who wasn't
mentioned by ISGP before: He was blown up in his armored Mercedes at the end of the Cold War by a very sophisticated road-side bomb. No one knows who has done it until this day.

A photocopy of the 2010 membership list will not be published, at least not for quite
some time. Carr will do this in his book, that is likely to be published this or next year. I've lifted out some of the more interesting names for ISGP and used them to update the 1001 Club article. To offer some evidence that I actually do have the 2010 list, a photocopy of the first names on this list has added to the right. You can recognize several names that were already present on the lists from the 1970s and 1980s.

The names that have been added to the 1001 Club article and membership list (with more extensive biographies) are:
Photocopy excerpt 2010 list.
  • For Beyond Dutroux: Marie Lippens and Denis Solvay. Marie Lippens is a sister of the notorious Leopold Lippens (still a member of the 1001) and Maurice Lippens (Bilderberg; Trilateral Commission; Fortis; Societe Generale). Denis Solvay is one of the owners of the notorious Chateau des Amerois (for the wrong reasons). ISGP actually doesn't have anything reliable on Chateau des Amerois specifically, except for the fact that the Solvay family owns it and that this family has been tied indirectly to about half a dozen child abuse accusations. That's actually just as much as the Lippens family has managed to gather, although in those cases these are direct accusations. See Beyond Dutroux.
  • For the Vatican-Paneuropa Network: Five new members of the Thyssen-Bornemisza family can be found in the 1001 Club list, just as Francesca von Habsburg who was born as a Thyssen-Bornemisza. Francesca's father-in-law is Otto von Habsburg, who has been discussed extensively because of his Cercle and Paneuropa involvement. Some of Otto's associates and associated institutes also feature in Beyond Dutroux.
  • The Duchess of Alba: Actually part of the Vatican-Paneuropa family network, but mentioned seperately because of her love for bull fighting. Doesn't that make her an ideal 1001 Club member?
  • For the Dutch: Politician Ruud Lubbers, apparently his brother Paul Lubbers, and Hans Melchers. Ruud used to be prime minister of the Netherlands for 12 years. After that he became very involved with the globalist movement. He has a minor sexual harassment accusation against his person at the time he was head of the United Nations Refugee Agency and is generally seen as being sponsored by Opus Dei. Hans Melchers, whom for some reason I already suspected of being a 1001 Club member, was a friend of Prince Bernhard. And as a friend of Prince Bernhard he of course has to have his own hunting farm in Africa. Melchers' chemical company Melchemie has been tied to Iraqgate in the 1980s. His later life has been characterized by at least one strange death (his former wife), a number of kidnappings (of the children of his former wife and of his daughter), and speculations of involvement in the drug trade and ties to the Belgian Axel Vervoordt (see Beyond Dutroux). Melchers vehemently denies all these accusations and has his own fund to counter all these rumors. It's proven though that Melchemie illegally delivered a chemical substance to Iraq that is essential in the creation Mustard Gas.

And for the rest, David Rockefeller and Godfrey Rockefeller are still members of the 1001, since 1971 and 1973 respectively. But for more names you'll have to wait until the book of Peter Carr is published.

Author: JR
Peter Carr's website.

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