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American Security Council
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Le Cercle
1001 Club
Pilgrims Society
Bohemian Grove
Unacknowledged SAPs
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d 9/11: part 1
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Peak Oil
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Joris Demmink/ Westerflier cult


"Still reeling from how much excellent work you have managed to bring under one roof."

  ~ Harvard history professor (more feedback)

  • Peak oilThe numbers
  • American Security CouncilDeath squads, drugs, coups and ultra-right politics
  • 1001 ClubBankers and raw minerals CEOs striving for a sustainable future
  • AtlantisThe sunken continent that never was
  • Global power structures1,200 NGOs and 400 key people in them
  • Historic timelinesThe universe, the earth, and human cultures around the world
  • ISGP's 4 establishment modelEssential in understanding western politics
  • Beyond the Dutroux AffairThe reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks
  • ISGP's suspicious deaths list400 cases that need additional investigation
  • The UFO phenomenonWhat old press reports say
  • ''Beyond Dutroux'' ties to FranceChild abuse networks reportedly exploited by ''notables''
  • AFIO and OSS SocietyThe old boys of the CIA and special ops community
  • Crop circle formationsDefinitely mysterious
  • The JASON GroupNational security science
  • JFKWho did it and why
  • Politics in RussiaVarious power cliques identified
  • Le CercleKnights of Malta and Opus Dei power center
  • The Pilgrims SocietyOver a century of elite Anglo-American relations
  • ''La Nebuleuse''Supranational criminal ''black network''
  • ''Republicans'' vs ''Democrats''Why the system is rigged
  • Fingerprints of Graham HancockGiza plateau no older than 2,580 B.C.
  • Art Bell and Coast to Coast AMCult of national security trolls
  • The Netherlands in perspectiveThe supranational politics of the Demmink Affair

"I just discovered your site which is fascinating, and we ought to talk one day. It so happens that I have personally met some of the people you mention on your site, or their close collaborators. ... My father was known in history as probably the biggest supporter of world government ... You may not agree that what I do is a solution, but I enjoin you to ... look for one."

Think tank president who cooperates with CIA/State Department front groups Freedom House, the National Endowment for Democracy, the International Rescue Committee, George Soros' Open Society Institute and various other groups in eastern Europe, Central Asia and South America.





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