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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)    

Many of these questions I have been asked at some point or another.

Questions answered:

1. I cannot print your webpages. The text and pictures go off the page.
2. The text around the pictures is not outlined correctly.
3. Impressive use of sources, but are you aware they are not cited correctly?
4. What country are you from?
5. What has been your motivation for building this site? And how long did it take?
6. Why have you been introducing "silly" topics recently?
7. Are you religious?
8. What are your political views?
9. What is your opinion on Edward Snowden?
10. What is your opinion on Wikileaks?
11. So, who are "they"? Any names?
12. Can you summarize what you think is credible when it comes to conspiracies?
13. Can you summarize what you think is nonsense when it comes to conspiracies?
14. What came first? Wikipedia or ISGP?
15. What writers do you support?
16. What's your relation to Executive Intelligence Review?
17. Where has the criticism on the Disclosure Project gone?
18. Has anything strange happened?


I cannot print your webpages. The text and pictures go off the page.

Sorry, not a professional webpage designer. Try out a different browser (some have more elaborate print options), print the page sideways, or copy the contents to Word.


The text around the pictures is not outlined correctly.

Noticed this more and more in recent years while accessing the site on different computers. Apparently not even the most basic fonts are rendered the same on each and every monitor, with possibly modern browsers also having something to do with it, because for some reason, at the moment of this writing, I have it on the same laptop I've been using for years. I'll see what I can do in the near future.


Impressive use of sources, but are you aware they are not cited correctly?

Absolutely, but the fact is: I like date first, then author, then title, then page number, followed by a full citation of any relevant text. Political scientists can focus on how to cite; I'll focus on the politics.


What country are you from?

The Netherlands. You know, that horribly liberal country directly to the east of England, across the channel. No, it's not a province of Germany, as one American once asked me.



What has been your motivation for building this site? And how long did it take?

Initially ISGP was put together out of simple curiosity on how the world works, but soon the primary motivation became to make a difference. The information provided has always been rather unique, for many years making it impossible to just turn around and walk away. As far as I can see, there's not another site or book out there that even comes close to the information provided by ISGP.

Time it took? Too much time. Way to much. I would have quit in a second if anybody else was doing the work of ISGP, but I haven't been that lucky.


Why have you been introducing "silly" topics recently?

For starters, they're fun. It's also where my real interest has always been and when one documents well--which very seldom happens--these type of topics cease being silly. I personally feel this site really needs to balance out some of the hyper-negative material with something a little bit more fun, which might just as well be part of the solution one day. Also, ISGP provides a very solid fundament for anyone to dive into these lighter subjects without getting completely lost is a maze of disinformation put out day and night by million dollar shows as Coast to Coast AM. It certainly provides some healthy perspective on these subjects.


Are you religious?

So many are in this business. Or pretend to be. But in my case, no. Not an atheist either. I'd like to say I believe in intelligent design, but that seems to indicate I do not believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. What's funny is that the more I study evolution--the formation of the universe, galaxies, stars, solar systems, planets, and finally, life--the more I have to conclude that physical evolution is incredibly, unbelievably, breathtakingly, mindblowingly intelligent. The theory of evolution is not even the slightest bit incompatible with the existence of an infinitely creative God (force)--or whatever one chooses to call it. Still believe we should find absolute, irrifutable proof before claiming such a thing as fact. But nothing wrong with having a little faith either. After all, if we would know everything, what would be the purpose of the game at that point?


So what does that make me? I don't know. A spiritual darwinist?


What are your political views?

Don't care about day-to-day politics. Never will. There's no honesty to be found here. At various times I've belonged to the "green-right", the "imperial humanists" and "socialist realpolitikers", all categories that didn't seem to be represented in politics. Some ideas of mine are written down in the "solutions" section. My political ideas evolve all the time, usually towards more peaceful policies. Not always sure how practical they are.

As much as I dislike ordinary politics, studying geopolitical strategy and history has never been a problem. In fact, for some strange reason it's the only thing I can literally do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And that's why ISGP has become what it is. Wouldn't do any of this studying though, if it didn't have the purpose of bringing out important information. I'd say for most it's better to focus on the beautiful things in life.


What is your opinion on Edward Snowden?

I support his disclosures, simply because he exposed programs that were against the law. The fact that former CIA director James Woolsey and his cronies have literally announced they want to string him up by his neck, just shows you right there what pro-fascist psychopaths are running around in the top levels of government. For those that don't know, Snowden exposed:

  1. the NSA keeping the Senate Intelligence Committee and its congressional counterpart not properly informed;
  2. the tapping of friendly foreign leaders by the NSA's Office of Tailored Access Operations (TAO);
  3. industrial espionage on friendly European nations;
  4. the spying on Wikileaks and Pirate Bay visitors;
  5. JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group) activities of GCHQ, which involved the use of message boards and websites to undermine corporations and individuals considered undesirable;
  6. large scale (domestic) datamining programs of PRISM and Boundless Informant;
  7. NSA and GCHQ infiltration of banks and western multinationals through encryption breaking (respectively Bullrun and Edgehill);
  8. the planting of hardware and software backdoors (Bullrun and Edgehill);
  9. the issuing of secret FISA warrants to force banks and corporations to hand over their data (PRISM).

In my opinion, Snowden should walk free, because he will never get a fair trial. The thing is, the NSA isn't the first intelligence agency to overstep its mandates. It should just focus on gathering foreign intelligence. If the NSA needs information on U.S. citizens, go to the Justice Department for permission and cooperate with the FBI. Also, explain each and every one of your programs in writing to congressional and senatorial intelligence committees, so in due time, often after many decades, things can be handed over to the public for historical research.


In the opinion of ISGP, old boy networks are the real problem. Managers at Snowden's employer, Booz Allen Hamilton; Carlyle, its majority shareholder; the secretary of defense, various NSA directors, key members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and sometimes also members of the House Intelligence Committee, all know each other through a network of private think tanks, NGOs, and social clubs. Just look up some of the following names in ISGP's influence index and index of institutes: James Woolsey, Dov Zakheim, Frank Carlucci, David Rubenstein, Philip Odeen, Senator Bob Graham, Jay Rockefeller, Dianne Feinstein, Gen. Michael Hayden, Adm. Mike McConnell, Porter Goss, Jane Harman, and others. As I said, they all know each other and often are the best of friends. And this is why is it very hard to change anything, even with disclosures as the one made by Snowden.
In any case, I hope he gets to return to the U.S. and marry his girlfriend.

Update: What is a very worrying trend is that Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, the two journalists who primarily worked with Snowden and have received most of his files, have become founding editors of The Intercept, a magazine tasked with exposing the Snowden documents. In October 2013, soon after the Snowden affair, Greenwald left the Guardian with the announcement he was going to pursue a "once-in-a-career dream journalistic opportunity that no journalist could possibly decline." That was Intercept magazine. And he brought Poitras with him. Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar put up the necessary millions for that magazine to come into existence.

While Ebay sounds innocent enough, the Omidyar Network has business ties with Booz Allen Hamilton, Snowden's last employer. Booz Allen provided him with the NSA job that gave him access to so much of the system. Both Omidyar and Booz Allen Hamilton are major investors in Globant. Key Booz Allen director Philip Odeen has been appointed to the board of Globant, with an Omidyar partner sitting on the advisory board. Is this a coincidence? Omidyar is a "nouveau riche" sitting on top of a huge pile of money: billions, to be exact. He and his wife have been pouring that money in an ever increasing amount of NGOs, most of them (still) minor: The Elders (of Nelson Mandela), the Santa Fe Institute, the Berggruen Institute on Governance, and Global Philanthropy Forum, but this definitely shows that the Omidyars are working hard to become part of the "in" crowd.

As for Odeen, earlier ISGP identified him as the no. 1 "Defense Science & Technology" executive in the U.S. with deep ties to men as James Woolsey and Frank Carlucci, both CIA elites involved with Booz Allen, not to mention everything secret and illegal. Nothing is certain, but one sure gets the impression that someone is trying to control the flow of newly-released information. There are massive conflicts of interest here, with newspapers around the world ignoring them.


What is your opinion on Wikileaks?

I've found some of the released Wikileaks documents very useful, in my case a number of cables about Uzbekistan dictator Islam Karimov and about prominent Russians allied with the Solntsevskaya mafia. Even noticed Wikileaks spread "my" Dutroux X-Dossiers summary file at one point.

I haven't seen any releases that I would label as criminal. Wikileaks simply exposes corruption, war crimes, and things along those lines. The accusations against Julian Assange largely seem fabricated, which is a sad state of affairs in what is supposed to be a democracy.

Then again, I sincerely doubt Assange wasn't part of some kind of spook network before coming out with Wikileaks. Only recently I read the following statement of him, which didn't exactly help in alleviating my doubts: "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud." (July 19, 2010, Belfast Telegraph, 'Wanted by the CIA: Julian Assange')

So, who are "they"? Any names?

Sure, this site has got nothing but names. ISGP specifically created its influence index for that, which came into existence in a surprisingly scientific manner after 10 years of research. Combine this with ISGP's four-establishment model of western politics and anyone has all the keys to figure out who has been behind the major conspiracies of the past century, whether tied to the U.S., Europe, or Israel. Russia has been addressed separately. Russian politics is far less organized, there is much less freedom, and therefore is harder to understand.


Names? Well, all the evidence points to Ted Shackley's team having ran the John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963. Richard Helms, a good friend men of like Dulles brothers, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Shultz and Zbigniew Brzezinski, was Shackley's boss and life-long mentor. From the Kennedy event on, this same network of Shackley can be tied to RFK, arms-for-drugs, pedophile entrapment, mind control experiments (cults), Gladio false flag terrorism, Latin American death squads, Iran Contra, the BCCI, 9/11 - you name it. Year after year, ISGP has always bumped into the same group of suspects, most of whom can be found at the American Security Council, the Center for Security Policy, Le Cercle, the lower level WACL, the AFIO and the OSS Society. Some of the dirtier hands-on business of the Cold War and beyond seems to have been overseen and carried out by men as Ray Cline, William Colby, Frank Carlucci, George H. W. Bush, Robert Gates, William Casey, General Richard Stilwell, General John Singlaub, General Daniel Graham, and General Vernon Walters. This, of course, is in addition to Richard Helms and his friends, who generally held higher office.

There are other important players, but I would have to refer the reader to ISGP's influence index for that.

Can you summarize what you think is credible when it comes to conspiracies?

I think there's more than enough evidence pointing in the following directions:

  • Large scale historical drug and arms trafficking to fund covert operations, both by the CIA and communist elements. The training of the Cali and Medellin cocaine cartels by Mossad general Yair Klein and British MI6/SAS soldiers are a good example of this. Favorite CIA assets in the Asian opium/heroin trade have been Burmese warlord Khun Sa and General Vang Pao, the Saudi intelligence-ISI-Mudjahedin-BCCI connection of the 1980s, with latter-day suspects being Turkish prime minister Tansu Ciller, Afghan warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum, Afghan president's brother Ahmed Wali Karzai, and the Halliburton-Far West (Russian GRU) partnership. And let's not forget the Russian Alfa Group, with its deep ties to Israel, the CFR, and the Solntsevskaya mafia.
  • Regular collaboration between mafia and gangs, intelligence agencies, diplomats and military and government officials.
  • Sexual and pedophile entrapment operations by the CIA, starting out under Allen Dulles as an aspect of Cold War psychological warfare programs (at least, that was the excuse). In the 1960s and 1970s it appears a lot of the "research" went into creating, manipulating and/or using cults. I personally suspect the modern day conspiracy movement is an extension of cult manipulation, with the Cayce Association and Disclosure Project being prime examples.
  • That also the KGB/FSB carried out sexual entrapment operations, as the case of Yuri Skuratov clearly shows. Can't vouch for pedophile entrapment in their case, but the large scale and horrible Russian pedophile snuff ring exposed in 2000 by the Torre Annunziata prosecutor's office, clearly didn't make the slighest dent in the Russian press--and was almost immediately forgotten in the western press also.
  • False flag terrorist operations as a standard modus operandi for governments throughout history. A government always wants to be argue to its own population that it was not the one who began the conflict.
  • That the Russian government, with Vladimir Putin at the helm, was behind the 1999 Russian apartment bombing, without which he would not have gained the popularity necessary to be elected president.
  • That the cruise ferry Estonia was sunk with the help of explosives and that clandestine Russian arms shipments had a lot to do with its sinking.
  • CIA-mafia-Cuban exiles involvement in the JFK and RFK assassinations, most notably Ted Shackley and his team.
  • Nepotistic old boy networks.
  • The powerful and disastrous influence of the Israel Lobby in the U.S. and its key role in bringing about the $3 trillion Iraq invasion of 2003.
  • That the Israelis attacked the U.S.S. Liberty spy ship on purpose.
  • That the Israelis have been obtained a considerable arsenal of nuclear weapons.
  • That the international Zionist network has deep ties to the Jewish elements of the Russian and American mafias, and that in general the Zionist network is stacked with extremely criminal figures.
  • Voter fraud, even in the United States, at least during the election of George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. And that the controversial Diebold company has extremely deep historic ties to the CIA and U.S. national security establishment.
  • ISGP's four-establishment model.
  • Short and long term economic growth problems due to a peak in the world's remaining conventional oil and gas supplies. However, more expensive shale oil for now has saved the world from the oil peak.
  • That Osama bin Laden ran the 9/11 operation, but that U.S. elites cooperated with the Saudis, Pakistani ISI, and Russian GRU firm Far West to make sure the attacks happened.
  • That it is impossible to explain the molten pools of steel, the temperatures of "more than 2,800 °F (1540 °C)" that took months to cool down, and the heavy local sulfidation attacks on certain steel beams, without bringing huge amounts of thermate into the equation.
  • That it's impossible to brush off the fact that everyone that day thought that bombs were located inside the WTC buildings, with both collapses being preceded by loud explosions. This was the case until mayor Giuliani denied it.
  • That Alex Jones is a Christian conservative activist/operative who refuses to talk about groups as Le Cercle, the American Security Council, the John Birch Society, the Heritage Foundation and the Council for National Policy. I actually experienced this personally.
  • That Rense is an incarnation of the pro-Nazi Liberty Lobby - which goes a long way to explain his continuous support for the holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review.
  • That Coast to Coast AM is ran by intelligence from A to Z and that George Noory is a John Bircher.
  • That the same elite new age connections are true for the Disclosure Project. Steven Greer and lawyer Daniel Sheehan have extensive connections to Laurance Rockefeller, Maurice Strong and other members of the liberal establishment.

Can you summarize what you think is nonsense when it comes to conspiracies?

Sure, I think the following is absolute nonsense:

  • Fake Moon landings.
  • Chemtrails.
  • Illuminati and bloodline theories.
  • New World Order talk.
  • Satanic conspiracies (although some ritual abuse comes close).
  • Nibiru or Planet X.
  • Annunaki and Reptilians.
  • The existence of a large scale ancient civilization before 3,500 B.C.
  • The Great Pyramid or Sphinx being older than roughly 2.600 B.C.
  • Any South American ruins being older than 1,500 B.C.
  • Atlantis (a story invented by Egyptian priests and revived by the Cayce cult).
  • Templar bloodlines.
  • Freemasonry having any political significance in the present day.
  • That bankers as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers rule the world by themselves.
  • Holocaust denial:
    • This is so prominent in the conspiracy community because of the Liberty Lobby and its legacy: the Spotlight, the Institute for Historical Review and American Free Press. Ignore the many discussions about concentration camp Auschwitz. Instead, read about Babi Yar and the eastern European extermination camps of the Nazis and the Ustasa.
  • John Coleman's Committee of 300.
  • Pod and no-plane-at-Pentagon theories of 9/11.
  • The Cathy O'Brien and David Icke's Queen Mother stories.
  • Everything that has come out of Ted Gunderson's mouth.
  • In other words, the kind of stuff that completely dominates the internet and "alternative" books and has been put out for years by the huge Art Bell/Coast to Coast AM show.

What came first? Wikipedia or ISGP?

Often people forget the absolutely gigantic resources we have available in the modern world. If a particular group has been mentioned briefly in three books and four newspaper articles worldwide in the past 50 years, there's a good change today that all these sources are listed in a Wikipedia entry on this group - giving off the impression that there never was any secret in the first place. Fact is, in order for a particular group to be known, it generally has to be discussed thousands of times in newspapers, the media, and preferably, in school books. For example, Bilderberg has been mentioned many hundreds of times in English language newspapers from the 1970s to the late 1990s, but at least in Europe nobody had heard of it until broadband internet came along. And even it this case we only know about it because of McCarthyite John Birch-type propaganda that stimulated discussion. Compare this to information on Le Cercle or the 1001 Club, which have literally been discussed 1,000 times less than Bilderberg--yet today they still have Wikipedia entries with some basic information.

The fact is, when ISGP first wrote about Le Cercle, the 1001 Club and the Pilgrims Society, entries on Wikipedia about these societies did not exist. In each case these were added weeks after the ISGP articles had been uploaded and widely read. Virtually no other information existed on these groups at the time.

Wikipedia's Sun Valley/Allen & Co. entry was created years after ISGP had identified 100 plus visitors and wrote an article about the group.

Wikipedia's JASON Group article did exist, but was far from complete. At least half of the members were taken from ISGP. In a later stage references to ISGP were removed, giving the impression that the JASON Group has always been straightforward about its membership. Looking at the way the JASONs treated me after ISGP's article on the group, should tell anyone that the JASONs were forced out into the open due to the internet.

Details about the Bohemian Grove camps and the visitors also came from ISGP. Although membership lists have leaked in recent years, back in 2005/2006 none were in the public domain and names were scattered all over the place.

ISGP has been responsible for other information on Wikipedia. Often this information was removed, but it appears that Wikipedia suffers from relatively little censorship if the sources are good--which I applaud it for.

Anno 2014: Wikipedia still doesn't have a page on the American Security Council; only the American Security Council Foundation. Almost no members are mentioned, while ISGP already in 2012 published a fully-sourced extensive membership list with a just as extensive article about the history of both groups. Let's see how much longer it takes before the Wikipedia article is expanded.


Are you supported by other researchers?

From conspiracy circles? Little to nothing. There was quite a bit of initial support from the "gurus" that - sadly - form the New York Times and Washington Post of the conspiracy community, Alex Jones and Jeff Rense - respectively progenies of the McCarthyite John Birch Society and the pro-Nazi Liberty Lobby (both with deep ties to the conservative establishment). Their support, however, completely disappeared when my articles became more in depth and they apparently realized I was an independent person. There's just absolutely no way that they would not have been interested in the later published material, which Jones also demonstrated when he incorporated an oversight created by ISGP in one of his films.

I did receive support from a limited number of professional investigators and journalists who provided me with crucial documents. Other material was provided by ordinary persons without websites or any kind of name for themselves.

Reader feedback has always been near 100 percent positive without any skeptics trying to debunk the articles. Sure, when you write about 9/11 there are regular exceptions to that rule: you're bound to get 5 page emails from "architects" and "physicists" willing to debate you on every single statement you ever made on the subject - but maybe that's just how national security works.


What writers do you support?

Hmmm, let me think. George Seldes' 1943 book Facts and Fascism should be required reading for every high school student internationally. Seldes also came up with one of the cleverest and most telling book titles ever: Tell the Truth and Run. He showed how journalism ought to be: to the point, hard hitting and instead of being "objective", with enormous bias towards rational, moral thinking.


Other more modern ones? A few, I think. Daniel Hopsicker, Dr. Peter Dale Scott, Dr. Giles Scott-Smith, Rodney Stich, Joseph Trento, David Teacher, Scott Anderson & Jon Lee Anderson, Thomas Bodenheimer & ‎Robert Gould, Russ Bellant, and Neil Vanderbilt, come to mind as authors whose works I have found really insightful. Not at all claiming that all of them are completely independent, but their works definitely contained new revelations to me.

On top of that, I really love the older lyrics written by James Hetfield. Does that count?


What is your relation to Executive Intelligence Review?

I'm not a member, nor will I ever be. They were very interested in my Cercle work and therefore I used to keep in contact with one of the members to whom I've regularly passed information in return for small favors (primarily the translation of French-language texts). The contact lasted from 2006 to 2008 or so.


Where has the criticism on the Disclosure Project gone?

Copied it all to a separate page. Much of this is discussed in additional context in ISGP's 2014 article Coast to Coast AM: Cult of National Security Trolls.


Has anything strange happened?

A few interesting things did happen, mainly early on.

Event 1: In 2005, I did an article on the JASONs. For some reason I ended up on the mailing list of one of the JASON members in the weeks after that. Together with dozens of JASONs I got an email with all kinds of details on nuclear power plants and how they could be protected from enemy attacks. These blueprints - or whatever they were - were extremely complex with so many scientific terms in them that I couldn't understand them at all. It might well have been the most hard-to-understand material I've ever come across. Anyway, I closed the email within two or three minutes, letting it sit there in my inbox. I thought about notifying the JASON who had put me on his mailing list, but at the time I considered the possibility that the JASONs were involved in other, shall we say, more "exotic" engineering projects - so I kept quiet. I never had the slightest intention of distributing or uploading the information in the email. All I did was wait and see if they would send me something else.

A week or ten days later something interesting did indeed come my way. I opened my email program and found that my inbox was completely empty. Although I immediately suspected this had something to do with the JASON mail, I did check my deleted items and other folders. Everything was still exactly the same in these other folders, so the missing emails in my inbox, including the JASON email, had mysteriously skipped the deleted items folder.

Although I'm still not 100% sure that I didn't do anything wrong, I knew this had never happened before and basically made a bet with myself that this would never occur again. And, of course, it hasn't. My guess: a JASON or someone at the DOD or NSA corrected the mistake. Although, it probably wasn't a mistake at all. Most likely it was intimidation or an excuse to tap my email, phone, etc.

Event 2: Sometime in the first half of 2006 all of a sudden it had become impossible for me to order any books from Great Britain. Actually, to be more precise, I could order them, but they would never arrive. In a brief period I ordered three different books from three different book stores: none of them ever arrived. The book stores in question all assured me they had shipped the book I ordered and in one case they sent me a scan of their post office receipt. This book store also returned my money.

Now, I had ordered numerous books before that time, both from the US and Britain, and I've never had any problems with delivery. What's the chance that three books from three different book stores all get lost at about the same time? (Actually, I don't know. But I bet the odds are not very high.)

I reordered the books from the US and, as usual, there weren't any problems. I also recently again tried to order books from Britain, and it seems the delivery problems are over. I still wonder where those three books are that I ordered.

Event 3: In about the same period--give or take a few months--that I had these shipping problems from England, something else happened that was very interesting. One day I picked up the phone to call someone. I dialed the number, but instead of hearing the person I wanted to speak with, I ended up talking to a room with humming noises in the background, like a bunch of servers were running there. After maybe 10 seconds either I hung up or the connection was broken--can't remember anymore--and I redialed the number of the person I wanted to speak with. This time I was successful. The person I called hadn't heard anything the first time.

In the book 'Enemies of the State' (a book that recently actually did arrive from Britain), written in 1993 by the British author Gary Murray, we find stories of anti-nuclear energy activists being intimidated by British intelligence. On page 220 we can read about experiences of a person whose phone was tapped. One experience was very similar to my own, except for the fact that I did not hear anyone on the other side:

"She [a victim of serious harassment] also had the fairly common, and unnerving, experience of dialing a number and hearing not a ringing tone but people moving about in a room."

Has my phone been tapped? I don't know for sure. As a Dutch documentary showed a few years ago, the number of phone taps per person in the Netherlands is higher than anywhere in the world.

Event 4: As for more recent experiences, the fact that the ISGP domain was taken down for a week in early 2010 was probably another one of these strange episodes. At Eurid they said my living address wasn't correct anymore and I needed to provide documentation as to my current address. The strange things about this episode were:

  1. That in Brussels they couldn't have known (as far as I know) that I was living at a different address, because social services and city hall where I live hadn't changed the address in their own database at that point. I regularly called city hall on this issue, because I needed a parking permit. Each time they asked for more information and additional steps had to be taken before they could process the information in their database. As far as they could see (and there supposedly are no others), I had never moved. But somehow Eurid in Brussels knew...
  2. The persons hosting my site (whom I knew personally) and the company who in turn provided their hosting space and bandwidth, all thought it was unheard of what Eurid was doing. In their experience it (almost?) never happens that a domain is taken down over minor issues like this, and only after one notification.
  3. It also took quite a bit effort to get the domain back up again. Multiple scanned documents had to be sent to Brussels that proved where I was living. It took days for them to respond and they didn't answer the question how they could see I had moved when local administrations in the Netherlands couldn't. It's not a company, that's for sure. With those customer service standards they'd be out of business in no time.

Event 5: Something else happened in 2013 that I haven't been able to explain. That was the disappearance of an article of Hebdo, a Swiss magazine. This is the article in question: September 27, 2001, No. 39, L'Hebdo, 'Islamic Financial Networks: Three Swiss Leads' ('Réseaux financiers islamistes: Les trois pistes suisses'): "Moreover, "Le Monde" on September 26 has revealed that Yeslam [bin Laden] funded flight training of a Cannes policeman. Disturbing coincidence: at the same school in Florida some of the September 11 suicide bombers were also trained." Immediately after finding the article and translating the relevant sections in January 2013, the article disappeared from the Hebdo site. Can't find it via ""; can't find it by searching on the Hebdo site; also can't find it by going to the front page of the no. 39 edition. Every single article is listed, completely accessible, but there's no trace whatsoever of this specific article anymore. And it was there just a few weeks before, when I was the first to grab the article and actually translate it word for word (found it after Daniel Hopsicker outlined the article in his 9/11 book). Ironically, Hebdo no. 40 still makes a reference to the article: "Anne-Catherine Menétrey-Savary, Saint-Saphorin Aller plus loin «Réseaux financiers islamistes, les trois pistes suisses» - L'Hebdo N° 39" Luckily, the original Le Monde article is still there. You won't find it via Google, except one link, the translated version by ISGP, but it can still be accessed. I asked Hebdo, but never received a reply. Still think it's very strange. Why would this article get deleted and literally wiped from existence at that exact moment that it happened? It contained pretty unique information. Wouldn't be surprised either if in time the article all of a sudden finds its way back to the internet, especially after me describing this. If the CIA/NSA is smart they also block Webarchive of the relevant pages with robots.txt.

Oh well, you get used to these things.

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